Michael’s makins ~ shabby white fence board tables

Just took this new batch of three shabby white fence board tables that Michael made to my booth st Stars.

This first one is a low coffee table, or a bench.

Price is $59.95.

He also made these two, similarly styled  (but not quite matched to the coffee table) end tables or night stands.

The apron is on all four sides of the end tables; but just on the long sides of the coffee table.

The end tables are $32.95 each.

And while we’re talking about white fence boards . . . I’ve also got this white picket bird house peg shelf.  It hangs on the wall and has two ‘clothespin’ pegs for hanging things from.   $59.95.

The vendor who was on the wall behind my booth, and had put up the ‘extension wall’ of chicken wire that showed through on my side of the space that I HATED . . . moved to a bigger space and took his monstrosity down.  I had TRIED to hide it a bit by placing a picket fence section on my side.  Now that I don’t need it for that anymore, it’s for sale:  $19.95.

And it’s just about the perfect size to use as a headboard for a twin bed!