Primitive table do-over to shabby Paris chic style bistro table

This table has been around for YEARS. It’s one of the very first things I made when we opened our store. We bought the metal base at a yard sale; painted it black. Michael scrounged the plywood top and attached it.

Back then, ‘ black and mustard’ were my go to colors, but I was just learning to use latex paints (as opposed to acrylic craft paints) and the table just never was ‘quite right’.

It looked ‘splotchy’ instead of aged to me. I had always intended to just take it home and repaint the top. But it was such a PERFECT size and shape table for creating a focal point display on, I ended up just throwing a table-cloth on top and using it until we closed the store a few months ago. Now I HAD to do something with it!

So I gave it a good sanding, and repainted it a nice creamy soft beige. Then gave it some oomph with a fleur-de-lis foam stamp. I use a SPONGE to apply paint to my stamp. It’s quicker and easier than using a paint brush. And an old grocery coupon book makes a perfect paint palette!

I can usually get 3 imprints from each loading. Of course, I am going for a faded look and will be sanding off some of the ‘heavier’ prints. (First print is usually the darkest, then lighter and lighter. By sanding over them all at the end though, I even it out a bit.)

I always use a hand-held orbital sander, but you could sand by hand if necessary. If hand sanding, I recommend a COARSE sanding block.

After ‘evening out’ my stamped print, I decided I wanted to distress the entire table a bit, so I sanded some more all over.

That line on the left of the table is a shadow.

A couple of coats os satin varnish for protection and we’ve gone from ‘mustard BLAH’ to OOoo00oo~ la~ LA!  (sorry about the flash glare!)

This little beauty is just waiting for our bigger space to become available at Stars.  (hopefully within a month!)  And I just finished three more smaller round tables to complement it.

Another bistro table and chairs set

The first bistro table and chairs set in our booth at Stars Antique mall sold in a week!  One of those “yahoo!” ~ “uh-oh” kind of times because I didn’t have anything ready to replace it!  I had JUST spent several hours rearranging the space to accommodate a table and chairs and was not in the mood to fully rearrange it again.  What do we have that I can quickly fix up (IN ONE DAY!) to make another bistro set from?!?!?

We have several barstools and plywood tops for tables.  Those are pretty quick to put together and paint.  But all the chairs needed a lot of work.  All we had that would be ‘quick was a pair of these gar stools with white metal bases for the chairs:

The PROBLEM was the table and the stools were the same height!  So we had to devise something to raise the table.   Michael suggested a ‘box’ to mount to the top of the wood stool we were using for the table base.  Sounded fine to me.  I figured you wouldn’t be able to see it anyhow.  I went to work painting the tops of the two stools.

I just happened to wander back into the workshop as Michael was positioning the table top on top of the stool base with the ‘box riser’.  “No, no, NO!  That’s not going to work!” exclaimed the designer.  (moi!)  “Sure it will,” said the builder; “I’ll attach this here and that there and it will hold plenty tight.”

“But it looks WRONG!”  bemoaned the designer, who had thought the wood box would not be visible, but had discovered that it GLARED it’s presence!  “We’ve GOT to have it round all the way up for it to look right!”  she added.  “And you want to have this done WHEN?????” asked the builder.  Today, of course, so it can be delivered tomorrow!  Think . . . think . . . think QUICK, what do we have that we can use to make that square riser ROUND?  How about some metal flashing?!?!?

I was SOOOOO focused on getting this thing done that i didn’t take a picture of what THE BOX looked like on it’s own.  But seeing how much the metal flashing is visible in this photo, you can imagine what it looked like to have a square there instead of a round.  Michael just used some super tacky glue to ‘place’ the flashing, them nailed it to the wood seat of the bar stool base!  TA~DA!!

I LOVE how the flashing looks!  Might even have to use this method again ON PURPOSE!

I painted the table and seats ‘opposing’ colors and pattern. 

Here it is set up in our space at Stars:

Another successful trash to treasure mission!



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