Sea Glass wreaths

I’m on a serious mission to pare down the amount of craft supplies I have.  MUCH of it I brought with me when I moved out here just over 10 years ago.  And some of it has not been touched since it was packed and moved.  I MAY be a borderline HOARDER!!!  ack!!  Lest I actually DO turn into a bona-fide hoarder; I am sorting through boxes of stuff and ‘using it or tossing it’.  (tossing it into a box to donate to a thrift store that is!)

One of my recent conquests was the two drawers full of sea glass I had.

P1130775This all white wreath is a combination of frosted and clear glass and it is HEAVY.  In my attempt to use up as much of my glass stash as I possibly could; I added layer after layer  . . . . over the course of a week to create this one.  (which I am keeping for myself)

P1130776The beauty of the shimmer of the glass is completely lost in these pictures.  It’s gorgeous in person.


You can see a bit of the shimmer in this side view photo.  Yep, almost two inches thick!


And while it’s not really ‘necessary’ to add a layer of glass on the back side of the wreaths (because it won’t really show once it’s hung) I decided to do so just to use up as much glass as I could!


There’s a little more of the shimmer!

P1130780I didn’t think I’d like all white, but it really is my favorite of the bunch!

P1130784Large tan and aqua, and small white and blue.  (now I wish I hadn’t added the blue to this white one!  But I made it before the bigger all  white one and realized how much I liked it!

P1130788This one has several layers also.  I started with tow cardboard circles glued together.  (tacky glue for ALL the gluing on these)  Then I covered the cardboard with some paper to match the color of the wreath.  Once that was dry, I started adding the glass pieces. a layer at a time.

P1130789The DRYING is what takes the most time on these.  My secret speed drying method is to put them in the oven!  First turn the oven on to the LOWEST setting.  Once it reaches temp (and the light goes off) TURN IT OFF, and put your wreath in directly on a rack.

P1130786I was working on several of these at a time, so I heated the oven up each time I added another wreath.  Be VERY CAREFUL to not leave the oven ON!

P1130790Backside of the tan and aqua wreath.

P1130785The white and blue wreath. (and that dang dust spot that is INSIDE my camera!)


This green ans aqua is a really pretty one, and mostly clear glass (as opposed to the frosted)

P1130793Again, LOTS of layers of glass; all glued on with tacky glue.

P1130797I used green paper to cover the cardboard on this one.


P1130806BLUE!!  I only had enough blue glass to make one wreath.

P1130803Dark blue frosted glass, and clear and frosted aqua.

P1130804I even ran out of tiny pieces to fill in the inner edges; where you can see a bit of the tan cardboard between the front and back layers.  I SHOULD have used blue paper!

P1130811Had to improvise on the backside and fill in with white.  Like I said though, you don’t SEE the back once it’s hung.  Just a little bit of the side edges if yo are looking from a side view.

P1130809Clear green and white.

P1130812Making them is kind of like doing a jig saw puzzle.  You just have to play around with different pieces until you find one that fits the spot!

P1130815Backside.  Several of these clear glass pieces were HUGE.  Too huge to use on the wreath.  I tried breaking them with a hammer and they wouldn’t budge!  Guess I’ll be donating the leftover big green pieces.

P1130816This one ended up very deep too.

P1130819Don’t ask me WHY I bought the dark brown glass?!?!?

P1130821But I had it so I decided to use it, and then embellished with some small tan frosted pieces.


P1130818A lot of the brown pieces were too big to use also.

And that is how you use up two big drawers full of sea glass!

Haven’t yet decided where to put these yet.  I have 4 or 5 smaller ones at Stars already, and etsy has HUNDREDS of sea glass wreaths already listed.