Long time, no blogging . . . catch up post; a little bit of everything!

Hallelujah! It is FINALLY cooling down. And even just started to RAIN (just as Michael and I were preparing to start on some ‘outside’ projects). But I shan’t complain. I’ll leave him in the workshop by himself, and I’ll catch up on internet stuff.


I’ll take THIS weather over THAT weather ANY DAY!!!


It was a VERY busy day at the store yesterday with the estate sale. BUT, I had a LOT of stuff and there is still a ‘good amount’ (probably sold 1/4 of what we had) left. All the leftovers have been moved into the shop and will be available at 20% off.

Here are a few pictures of the sale all set up. I barely had time to snap them as it got busy right off the bat. Michael brought the truck and trailer and helped my unload and set up. He had gone to the bathroom before leaving and in the two minutes he was in there, the store FILLED with customers! He came out, and before he rounded the corner where he could see into the store, I whispered to him “Get out while you can!” WHAT??? I repeated and pointed into the store. He gave me a quick kiss and hightailed it outta there!





All the ‘big stuff’ sold. Both trunks, the wicker set, the little cabinet and table. I still have lots of dolls, pillows, stitcheries, and assorted wood smalls. Il” TRY to get by the store in the next couple of days and take a picture of the table of what’s left. We have a 6′ table PACKED full and three bins underneath that we have no more room to put out


7.28.09 pantry037

So, now my living room is pretty BARE!


As you can see from these two pictures of the entertainment center and shelf above it!

I’m going with lots of ‘neutrals’ this time. A simpler country look. But before I get going too much on the ‘decor’, we’ve got to get some FURNISHINGS in there! The two trunks we sold at the estate sale had been our coffee table and an end table. The wicker love seat and two chairs, our only additional seating, and the wicker table was our other end table!

Hoping to get the coffee table built today. Michael is making it ‘similar’ to this bucket bench he made (and sold) previously:


He gathered up some old white fence boards already. He used 2×4’s for the legs on the one shown, but thinks 4×4’s will be sturdier for our coffee table. Once he gets all the pieces cut to size, I’ll ‘drybrush’ on some light ‘sand’ color paint (I don’t want it so starkly white) and them he’ll assemble it. I’ll add a pillow or two for propping feet upon (we HAVE to put our feet up on the coffee table!!!) and we’ll be done!


Not much time to hot garage or estate sales the last couple of weeks, with doing the Farmers Market and readying the estate sale. I did make it into Goodwill and found a few treasures. I’m ‘on a mission’ to go to GW EVERY week and track the ‘color of the week sale tickets, so I’ll know which color is coming up next. (IF they actually have an ‘order’ they do it in!). I’ve been trying to only buy things that are half off, especially of they the original price is over $3.00.

So, here’s what I found last week:


I have always LOVED this style of wicker chair! “I thought we were getting RID of all the wicker?!?!” Michael lamented. All the OLD wicker, I replied. This is totally different! The green is a tad faded on the backing. I’ll probably dry brush paint over the wicker parts with some antique white, and leave the legs ‘as is’; and add a nice cushion seat.


How cool is this VERY old folding chair!?!?! Even the legs fold in (it’s sitting on top of a small tale in the pic) Perfect to take to Farmers Market to sit on.


A white feather wreath!!!! Never in a million years did I think I’d actually find a white feather wreath that I could actually afford to buy! It was my lucky day for sure!


A neat copperish colored wire basket. It’s in the store filled with glittered fall fruits.


An old wire Christmas card holder that I plan to use to display TAGS on.

I better go see how Michael is coming along on the coffee table and get my paintin’ arm ready to go!

Bucket bench made from old fence boards

Well, I don’t have very many buckets left in the store to display on this bucket bench we made from old white fence sections, but it works well for displaying lots of other stuff on!

 It’s quite simple in construction.  Michael cut to ‘3 board’ sections of the fence (one for the top an one for the bottom shelf)  On the bottom shelf he cut off the top and bottom of the fence boards where they meet the 2×4 cross support.

Then he cut legs out of 2×4’s, which I painted white to match the fencing (which we used ‘as found’) and attached the legs to the 2×4’s on the ‘shelves)   We decided it needed a ‘little something more’ so we added one more fence-board across the front of the bottom as an apron.

A very fast and simple project!