Beach cottage decor just stocked at Stars

I usually stock my ‘beachy’ stuff at the beginning of summer.  A bit late this year with my move and all.

P1210669Better late than never. I guess!

P1210645I filled this glass conservatory with assorted glass bottles topped with shells and starfish; and placed a sea-glass wreath over the top.

P1210646I made several of these wreaths in various colors a few years ago when I found a great buy on the sea-glass.  The BIG ones like this are $35.00; take about a week to make.

P1210647Closer look at the bottles in the conservatory.

P1210648There is a specific name for this kind of ‘shell collage’ that I made on a candle pedestal, but it’s escaping me right now.  The little three section frame, I added turquoise paper and glued shells and starfish on.

P1210650I filled the big birdcage with shell topped bottles and some shells and starfish on tall candlesticks.

P1210651Closer look at the shells in the cage.

P1210649Some small apothecary jars filled with shells too.

P1210652The smaller sea-glass wreaths are $13.00 – $19.00

P1210666Vintage ceramic clam shell bowls.

P1210681These framed shells are on a sand paper backing.

P1210682A small framed shell and a photo of a shell.

P1210680Upcycled beach lantern.

P1210683Another sand paper backed shell collage; shell topped cloches, shell filled and topped jar and a jute wrapped candle jar with starfish.

P1210685Old rope and starfish wreath.

P1210686Starfish and grapevine wreath.

P1210687Burlap and jute wrapped wreath with shells.



Little bird wreath ~ can’t wait for spring!

So sweet and simple.  Barely over $2.00 in material costs.  A styro wreath and little ceramic bird from Dollar Tree.  Some burlap strips (bought burlap with a 40% off coupon)  A bit of tacky glue and some e6000.

I bought several different colors of the burlap to try.  On the first wreath I cut the strips ‘free hand’, hence the threads sticking out; which could easily be trimmed off, but I kind of liked the ‘organic’ look.  For a more tidy look on the second one I pulled ONE burlap thread out and then cut along that line.  PERFECTION.  If perfection is what you want.  I really like BOTH ways.  (save that thread of burlap for use later!  I used mine as hair for my grubby angels!)

Put some tacky glue on the end of your burlap ribbon apply it to the wreath and just start wrapping it around.  Start your ribbon at an angle, as opposed to straight around to get the best coverage.  Add more glue to the other end of your ribbon.  I think I used three burlap ribbons to cover my wreath.

I found the easiest way to get the bird to stay in place was to hang it on the wall before attaching the bird.  So I did my hanging bows next.  Jute twine on one and burlap ribbon on the other.  Both worked just fine.

Hang wreath on a wall.  Apply some e6000 to the bottom of the bird and set it in place on the wreath.  The wall gives it just enough support to not topple over.  Let glue set overnight.

Hang and enjoy!  A perfect replacement for your front door Valentine wreath if you aren’t quite ready to break out the Easter decor yet.  I’ll be hanging mine in my living room year round.  It goes perfectly with the ‘natural and neutral colors’ look I am working towards.

Looks like everyone is ‘feeling springy” over at Beyond the Picket Fence link party!!!

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