UPcycled jewelry boxes

ALWAYS remember the FIRST RULE for ‘picking’ old jewelry boxes  . . . . CLEAN innards!

P1130166No matter how great, and easily update-able the outside is; if the innards are dirty . . . pass it up!  There is NO way of cleaning that velvet fabric they line jewelry boxes with.

P1130167Clean. Buy.

P1130168Another good one.

P1130169What’s up with all the PINK innards lately?!?!?  At least they are clean.  I got two of this same box; both are jewelry boxes too.

P1130167A slightly ‘hard to work with’ top on this one.  At first I contemplated removing the faux stained glass insert.  But that was easier said than done.  It was GLUED in place, so I just had to cover it up.

P1140182I spray painted it off-white and filled the inset where the glass was with vintage buttons.

P1140184Then covered the backside of the glass insert (that still showed from the inside) with some pretty scrap book paper that coordinated with the pink fabric.

P1140183Cute as a button, no?  $19.00 in my booth at Stars.

P1120577This small one didn’t have much room to work with, so I kept it simple.

P1140185  Off-white spray paint, some scrapbook paper, a big reproduction key with a fluffy tulle bow. The mirror cleaned up just fine so I left it.  $12.00 in my booth at Stars.

P1140190I decided to make the ‘twin boxes’ nonidentical ones.  Spray painted this one a bright blue.

P1140189Adding a carved wood applique to the top before I painted it.

P1140192Because they have the wind up key for the music on the back, I left the backs unfinished.  Too time consuming to try to paint around it.  $24.00 at Stars.

P1140205Twin #2 got a soft seafoam green paint job.

P1140208And the word PARIS stenciled on the top.   $24.00 at Stars.

*** HELPFUL HINT *** BEFORE you use water based craft paints on TOP of spray painted items; apply a coat of your water based varnish to the surface area you will b adding the decorative paint element FIRST.  Other wise your design will SMEAR when you add your top coat of varnish.   ALTERNATIVELY you can use SPRAY varnish as your final coat on top of your design and skip the varnish base coat.

P1140676All of these are available for purchase in my both at Stars.





Little cupboard with painted topiary make-over


I’m not entirely sure what this was supposed to be used for. . . . Maybe the hole in the top was for a small clock at one time???

P1130198Nice little shelves inside though.  Little shelves always sell well, so I bought it.

P1130202The hole was easy enough to cover by gluing on a carved wood applique.  The topiary would need to be sanded off before repainting, since the design was ‘raised’ a bit.

P1130407My signature beach blue paint and a bit of sanding along the edges.

P1130408Is it done????  I feel like the door needs ‘something’????

P1130409I glued an old dictionary page on the inside of the door and decided to leave the front of the door PLAIN.

P1130448Available in my booth at Stars.


Recent projects

We’re having some DRY and sunny weather here in the Northwest; albeit a tad chilly still.  I’ve been bundling up and heading outside to get some painting projects done.

Little wicker tray.  Not sure what it’s intended use is.  It’s too small to be a ‘bed tray’.  Maybe for use on a buffet table to hold silverware and a stack of plates??

I gave it a quick DRY BRUSH paint job and took it to Stars.

Another painted little suitcase; has also gone to Stars.

Treasure box with carved cherubs embellishment.  In my booth at Stars.

This was a mirror, and I was intending to leave it as such.  But, I broke the mirror while attempting to remove it to paint the frame.  Plan B:  Glue some pretty scrapbook paper to the backing and attach a couple of repro skeleton keys.  Taken to Stars.

Here’s how I attached the keys: punched holes through and ran a sheer ribbon from behind to tie around the keys; ALSO glued them in place with some e6000 adhesive.

A little stool to reupholster.

BUT I had to take all the legs off to get to the fabric and remove it.  By the time all that was done, the round particle board base was pretty ‘chewed up’ .  I decided to toss it and start over with a new (and BIGGER!) piece of wood.  Basically just reusing the legs.  Yet to be completed.

Little thrifted tool carrier.  I added a carved wood applique and painted the whole thing black; sanded a little to bring out the detail in the applique.

Taken to Stars.

Vintage doll cradle.  Just needed a new board for the bottom; painted board white to match cradle.  Stashed away for the spring show.

Shabby grubby little step ladder, stashed away for show.

Not so shabby step ladder, to be shabbied up!

A little of my beachy blue paint, dry brushed on.  Perfect!  Stashed for show.

Little vanity table, still in progress.

Working on LOTS of signs.  For my etsy shop, Stars and the spring show.

What have YOU been working on lately???

Exploring new styles and stepping outside your ‘usual comfort zone’.

Do you ever see a new style or design or color combination in a magazine that totally INTRIGUES you?  You’re not necessarily drawn to it as much as you are surprised by the fact that it caught your eye and made you take a second look.  Hmmmmmm . . . .

For me right now that color is SILVER.  Carried over from all the mercury glass decor from last Christmas that I saw everywhere I guess.  Seem to be seeing a lot of what the designers are calling ‘old Hollywood’ style on the design shows on TV.  Sparkle and bling and MIRRORED furniture.

I had glued this gold charger plate to this candle pedestal to make a nice size little table.

And had updated this outdated country heart shelf to this:

By adding a backing, a piece over the heart cutout and a carved wood applique.

NOW, what color to paint them?!?!?

Also in my ‘to do’ pile that day was this big candle pedestal and sequined cylinder.

Hmmmm that’s not a bad fit.  Have to imagine it with light reflecting through all those sparkles.

I settled on suing this inverted sherbet dish to attach as a base.  I have NO IDEA why I bought this silvery piece recently?!?!?  It just caught my eye.  May very well have to save it until Christmas because I have NOTHING else that goes with it. 

I did see some silver glitter Easter eggs at the antique mall.  Intriguing idea, but not very Easter-ish to me.  But maybe SILVER is the new ‘IT’ color and maybe I should try a few silver things.

So I scrounged through my stash of old spray paint and found some silver and here you have it!  The candle holder will fit beautifully on the little table with maybe a couple of little frames.  But what can I put on the shelf that will ‘go with’ the silver?

I want to do enough silver things to create a ‘vignette’ without going overboard.  I figure I’ll try out the silver stuff at the antique mall, and if it doesn’t sell, I can always repaint the stuff!

Have you seen a lot of ‘decorating with silver’ lately too???  Does it intrigue you as much as it does me?  Are YOU going to try any silver stuff???