Organizing excess crafting supplies

During the five years we had our retail shop, my supply of crafting materials pretty much DOUBLED.  I kept some stuff at the store and some stuff at home, so that I always had ‘something to work on’ during down time. 

Once we closed the store and I had to bring all those extra craft supplies home . . . YIKES!  There was absolutely NO PLACE to store them.  The overflow has been piled in our living room ever since.   I’ve ‘been on the hunt’ for a nice BIG nine drawer dresser to fix up and put in the living room to store all the ‘small stuff in’.  FINALLY found one last week!

And here she is!!!  Big and UGLY.  But nice drawers that open and close easily; and were CLEAN. Clean drawers are paramount.

Very worn top, so not much sanding required there.  I sanded the entire thing and applied a coat of KILZ primer.

No drawer handles to deal with made the work go quicker.  But this wood was DRY!  It soaked up the paint like a SPONGE.  Took THREE coats of paint ON TOP of the coat of primer!

After doing ALL that painting my arms and back were hurting too much to do any distressing.  The jury is still out on whether or not I’ll lightly distress the edges later on.

The plain drawers needed a little ‘oomph’, so I added some carved wood embellishments.

This picture was taken using the flash.  The ‘ture color’ is not this white, nor as yellow as the non flash photos.  YOu can barely even see the carved embellishments on the top drawers in this photo!  I could not get a good picture either way because it’s against the window the light coming from behind messes it up.

While waiting to find the dresser, I made these storage boxes out of old show boxes with attached lids.  Just covered them, inside and out, with torn book pages. 

Still working on organizing the insides of the drawers.  The big drawers will hold SIX empty kleenex boxes as dividers.  (with my allergies we go through a LOT of kleenex!) 

Next up on the living room make-over is a settee made from an antique head and foot board.


Carved wood appliques to the rescue again!

I sure do LOVE these carved wood appliques!  So much so that we will soon be carrying them in our store, and possibly even sell them here via our blog (if there is enough demand.  Is there???)  I’ve ordered about a dozen different sizes/styles.

So, here is another sadly outdated country heart accessory, this time it’s a quilt rack.

It’s in perfectly good shape, just very outdated.

I just glued on one of my handy~dandy wood applique to cover up the heart . . .

And spray painted it black.  Now it’s totally chic!

(okay, actually I wanted it to be WHITE at first, but after two GOOD coats of white paint, the pine knots were still showing through.  So I gave it a coat of KILZ primer, then a couple coats of some CREAM paint.  And the knots STILL showed through!!  Thusly I finally succumbed to using the black.  Which I am entirely happy with; but just learn from my mistake that light color paints will NOT cover pine knots!)



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