Child size chairs

I CANNOT resist little chairs!  Tiny decorative ones to child size.  I WOULD collect them and have the decorative shelf that runs the length of two entire walls in our living room FILLED with them if I could!  Alas, I really AM trying to ‘pare done’ on the clutter at home.  although you’d NEVER guess that if you saw my craft room  . . .and the overflow thereof into the dining and living rooms!

So, I’ll just have to be content to ‘love them and let them go’ (to my booth at Stars!)   Found TWO of these little solid Maple cuties last week.

The seats were a bit worn, but the LEGS were in perfect shape.  I don’t know WHAT it is about child size chair legs and DOGS chewing them up, but the majority of little chairs like this that I come across have CHEWED UP LEGS.  (I’m assuming it is from a dog!)  

So I brought these 2 little cuties home and gave them a little TLC in the form of a good sanding; a coat of primer and then 2 coats of my ‘beachy blue’ paint!

I decided to NOT distress these two.  They are in my booth at Stars.

Michael is on vacation today and tomorrow, so I am excited to have him be able to come to Stars WITH me and bring a few BIG items that I can’t haul by myself; AND do a major re-vamping of BOTH of my booths this week.