To paint, or not to paint?

Found this cute pair of vintage wall plaques last week.

P1240684The cherubs on them are ADORABLE!  But that ‘pink’ background?!???

P1240687It’s just a very ‘off-pink . . . . kind of the ‘flesh’ crayon color from when I was a kid.

P1240686The sides are very think . . . and PINK.  They are kind of ‘bowl shaped, but with straight sides, and the cherubs are inside the bowl at the bottom.

P1240688Normally I’d just spray paint something like this with white or cream and just cover it entirely.  But I really like how the faces are painted.P1240689

I’m torn!!  I’m considering attempting to hand brush paint ‘just the pink part’; but I’m not sure white paint would look right either?!?!  And I hate ruining cool vintage stuff like this!

P1240684What do YOU think of them ‘as is’, in their original color?

PART 2: OUTDATED gaudy gold to UPDATED shabby chic

Here’s what I did with the rest of those cherubs:

One more using the DT plaques with the scroll top, but on this one I completely altered.

New scrapbook paper background, and word embellishments.

In my booth at Stars.

The last two had the most flat backs, so I used them on some altered heart shaped candy boxes.

This second box (the middle sized one) had some quilt-like designs on the top.  I only had 2 of the cherubs left, so I chose this one to alter withOUT a cherub.

And the smallest box with a cherub.

Rescued cherub plaques

Found this pair of BADLY refinished cherub plaques at the thrift store.  The fabric backing looked like it was originally avocado green velvet, that had been spray painted over with white.  The cherubs pulled off easily, as did the fabric.

I gave the cherubs a fresh coat of white spray paint; then some Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze.  Covered the back board with some sheet music, and painted the frame black.  Glued the board into the frame and the cherubs to the board.



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