Buttoned up Christmas stockings.

10.1.13 pics 001

Bought a bunch of plain white Christmas stockings on post season clearance last year.10.1.13 pics 002

My friend Carolyn donated an ample amount of vintage white buttons to my button collection, so I decided to decorate the stockings with old buttons and lace.10.1.13 pics 003

I still have a few that I haven’t embellished yet.  I’m kind of out of ideas!  Can’t decide if these are TOO plain???10.1.13 pics 004

So they need MORE buttons?  More lace?  Fine as they are??10.1.13 pics 005Because they ARE so white, I’m tempted to put them in a plastic sleeve before I put them out for sale in my booths; to protect them from getting dirty when they are handled.  

10.1.13 pics 006

But THEN I always wonder if they look ‘too commercially packaged’ when I do that?!?!10.1.13 pics 007What do YOU think?!?!