Upcycled glass bottle SNOW FOLK

Lots of assorted collected bottles.  Time for a project to use them!


I decided to make them into ‘snow folk’.

P1230906Assorted styrofoam balls, covered with a layer of paper because glitter does not stick to styro very well.  I painted on some ‘pink cheeks’ and covered the balls with white glitter.

P1230911I filled the wider mouth bottles with artificial snow.


For the bottles with really small holes that the snow wouldn’t fit into, I used white sand mixed with a little glitter for sparkle!


A batch of ‘carrot noses’; toothpicks cut in half and painted orange.

P1230919Poked a hole with a nail for the nose in the middle of the face then glued the glittered heads to the show filled bottles with tacky glue.

P1230920Put a dot of tacky glue into the nose hole and push the nose in place.


Time for eyes!

P1230923I used little black upholstery tacks for the eyes.  Poke a tiny hole with the same nail used for the noses, squirt in a dot of glue, the push the tacks in.

P1230926And here they all are!

P1230928I decided to make them ‘party hats’ out of old sheet music.  Cut circles into thirds and glue.  (circle size varies, as do the sizes of the styro balls used for the heads).  I made little ‘pom-poms’ for the tip of the hats.


The pom-poms are made from 1/4 of a chenille stem, rolled into a ball with just enough of the stem left to stick into the top of the hat.  (snip off the tip of the hat, add a dot of glue and push the pom-pom in)

P1230929Then I added a bit more glue from the underside to be sure the pom-poms were nice and secure.  Let the glue dry for 15 minutes or so, with the hats upside down.

P1230930 Put a generous line of glue around the inside rim of the hat and plop it on his head.  Press it down after a few minutes if it starts to loosen.

P1230936For the trim for the hats I used a while gold chenille stem.  Sized it to the hat that is already on the head, and twist the ends to make a circle.  Wrap the rest of the end around your circle.


Put a line of glue around the outside rim of the hat and slide the gold rim into place.


 Hold it in place for a few seconds to be sure it doesn’t slide up.

P1230940Lots of snow folk in hats!

P1230935I used a couple of gold chenille stems to wrap around the neck; embellished with a rusty jingle bell.

P1230937The smaller bottles just needed one chenille stem around the neck.

And here they all are!


Getting some CHRISTMAS crafts done!

10.13.13 botj malls projects 109It’s always difficult to ‘get in the mood’ for Christmas crafting this early.  Even MORE so this year as we are having an INCREDIBLY warm and sunny October!  I just want to work outside on my bigger projects all day when it’s this nice!  Alas, I must FORCE myself to work on indoor crafts.  These are what I’ve started on.

10.13.13 botj malls projects 106I bought the mini bird cages on clearance this past spring.  Intended to paint the red ones white or aqua, just never got around to it.  As I was packing away my spring craft supplies I thought MAYBE I could come up with something to do with these red bird cages for Christmas.

10.13.13 botj malls projects 108So then I dragged out my many boxes and bins of Christmas craft supplies and found these itty bitty spool snowmen I made last year, but never got around to actually doing anything with.  They are just 2″ tall, btw!

Here’s the post that shows how I made the snowmen last year.

12-5-12-finds-crafts-stars-0371I also used some of the tiny spools (and some larger ones!) to mount little bottle brush trees on last year.  Had a few unmounted trees left also.

10.13.13 botj malls projects 108I cut out some circles out of old cardboard to fit inside the cages and glued the trees and snowmen in place.  Once dry I applied a coat of glue and sprinkled on the snow.

10.13.13 botj malls projects 109And just slip the whole thing into the cage.  The snowman scene is actually REMOVABLE, so if you want to use the cage for other decorating projects after Christmas you can!

Gold glitter star paper rosette Christmas decor

Complete instructions over on my Dollar Diva Blog.

Freebie pattern

Well fellow crafters, summer is almost here and you KNOW what that means! Time to get started on your CHRISTMAS CRAFTS!

free pattern Winter Blessings Photo BLOG

Here is a cute (and FREE!) Christmas ornament pattern I found on another blog.  Be sure to click and get the pattern NOW ~ It’s only frtee for a short time.

click here for freebie

Free reindeer pattern

I wasn’t able to copy and paste a picture of the reindeer, but it is a very sweet, simple primitive style one.    You’ll have to scroll down the page a bit to see it.  Be sure to download and print it NOW if you want it.  The generous designers who post their patters for free, change them frequently; so if you wait, it may be gone!  These look simple enough that even “I” might try to make one!


 OUR WEBSITE : www.cscrafts.com/aj.html

OUR BLUJAY STORE :  http://www.blujay.com/folk_art_originals



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