Half off all Christmas!

Christmas is less than a week away!  WhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaTTT?!?!  How is it that even though Thanksgiving was early this year, basically giving us an extra WEEK between then and Christmas; that Christmas has still snuck up on me?!?!  I have not even started wrapping gift yet!  sigh.  And to further ZAP my Christmas spirit, I have to go to Costco tomorrow . . .  because I use their pharmacy for my prescriptions.  Ug!

P1370821So to give my Christmas spirit a little boost and add a bit more “JOY” to my life; I’ve decided to put all my remailing Christmas product on sale for HALF PRICE, in my booth at Stars.


Many other vendors are offering discounts on their Christmas product too.  Instead of settling for the ‘slim pickins’ left over in the big box stores, come shop at Stars for unique vintage and upcycled gifts that they will really LOVE!



Still a great selection of gifts, decor and gift boxes in both of my spaces.

Show off your favorite Christmas treasures by topping them with a glass cloche.

Unique and collectible gift boxes.

I found some ‘itty bitty glass baubles’; just the right size for decorating your bottle brush trees!

Cubbies filled with collectibles!

Hand crafted vintage sheet music and crepe paper rosette ornaments or package toppers; regular price $1.50 – $2.00 . . .  NOW HALF OFF!


to you all!!

Christmas Eve: 11AM to 4PM
Christmas Day: CLOSED
New Year’s Eve: 11AM to 6PM
New Year’s Day: OPEN! 11AM to 6PM

50% off in my booth at Stars this Saturday & Sunday only

All three Stars stores are having a BIG SALE this Saturday and Sunday; 11am – 6pm.  Each booth owner chooses what % off they want to offer; and I am offering


(This will NOT include ‘already discounted’ items with the ‘red sale tags’)


I spent 10 HOURS fluffing and stocking my booth this week, and it is JAM-PACKED for this sale!

P1170230Lots of unique hand crafted gift boxes and gift items.

P1170224Why not give something they can really USE??  Small furniture pieces make great gifts too.

P1170226Classic white dishes are always in style.

P1170170Collectible tureens (filled with sweets or a gift card?!?)


Cupcake stands.  Add a hand crafted ornament to the package instead of a bow.  Reduce and reuse!

P1170207Upcycled jewelry boxes.  Perfect for wrapping a piece of jewelry in!

P1170218Encrusted with vintage buttons.


Topped with a little nest and a bird.


Vintage finds; as found.


I always add a handful of my own hand cut and hand mixed paper shred to gift gift boxes.  This year I bagged up extra ‘sheet music’ paper shred.  It is hand folded and hand cut.  Save it to use again and again!

P1170169Of course there is plenty of Christmas decor too.   Unique and upcycled.


Classic gold.

P1170177Traditional Red!




Wall decor.


Decorated vintage ice skate instead of a wreath for your front door.


Paper rosette wreath ‘alternatives’ for indoor decor.


Peace on earth vintage atlas rosette wreath.


And ornaments.








Lots ans LOTS of ornaments!











One of a kind banners.


Glass apothecary jars, big and small!


Cloches and dessert stands make a great display for special treasures.


Stack up several desert stands to display cookies and candies on.


Decorative holiday pillows.


Plenty of turquoise/aqua gifts, decor and gift boxes of course!






Little birds with crowns, always a staple in my booth!








Decorated mach gift boxes.

P1170200Even a simple vintage bottle brush tree looks special under a glass cloche.



Vintage glittered gold stars, to top your tree or tie onto a BIG wrapped gift!

P1170213White Christmas scenes, dessert stands and owls (with crowns, of course!)


After dessert is done, just plop A Christmas scene atop your dessert stand for an instant centerpiece!


LOTS of signs in stock for Christmas  giving!


At 50% off this weekend, why not but one for yourself too!?!


Like I said, my booth is JAM-PACKED!!




Don’t forget to shop the OUTSIDE aisle too!  LOTS more product on the back side!

P1170229Vintage Madonna statues are a popular collectible.

P1170233This vintage French poodle is a decanter!  Very unique!


White and silver decor works for New Years too!


50% off sale, in my booth at Stars;  THIS Saturday and Sunday only

Restocked and rearranged my space at Stars

STILL taking in new items to both of my booths at Stars, but THIS will be the last re-stock until the end of the month.  I’ve got to start letting things ‘sell down’ in order to empty out my second booth by years end.

12.12.12 projects Stars 084This is the space that I will be eliminating.  Every week as I have been restocking, I’ve been gradually moving some stuff from this booth to the one other one that I am keeping.  That tall aqua hutch is going to be moved to the other space on Sunday, along with the rest of the ‘permanent display pieces’ I’ve already moved.

12.12.12 projects Stars 122I’ve made some MAJOR changes in the booth that I am keeping.  This is the back wall; where I have a ‘cut in half’ wood dining table attached to the wall here, the the other half attached to the wall on the left.

This is what it USED to look like; with a cut in half coffee and end table stacked on top of the cut in half dining table.  That set up worked fine ‘for a time’.  But as I’ve been downsizing back to just one booth, I found I needed more ‘shelf space’.  Keeping the cut in half dining table at the ‘foundation’ works great and puts the stuff on the shelves right at eye level.

12.12.12 projects Stars 120On the left back side, and on the other half of that dining table is this shelf . . .

12.12.12 projects Stars 121And this shelf.  Not entirely happy with this particular set up because there is a big ole GAP between the two shelves.  I tried leaving the gap on the right and left; but those were worse.  I have a third white shelf, but it’s too BIG to fit the space with the other two.  So, this part is a ‘work in progress’; that I’ll deal with after the first of the year.

12.12.12 projects Stars 091This is at the front of the booth.  The big aqua hutch from the other space will be being moved to the other side of the front of this space.  Hopefully that will leave enough ‘entry space’!

12.12.12 projects Stars 114This view is standing right AT the entry, so you don’t see the items at the very front of the booth, but can better see what it looks like clear to the back.  Because I only have 2 walls and hate to cover those up because I need the ‘hanging space’; I’ve started placing shelves perpendicular to the wall instead on against it,

12.12.12 projects Stars 113So this shelf backs up to the half table behind it.

12.12.12 projects Stars 106And this tall aqua shelf (actually 2 small shelves stacked) is perpendicular to the right side wall, a couple feet farther BACK than the bigger one on the right.  My booth is only 8 feet wide, so I have to be careful to leave enough room for shoppers to get to the stuff in the back!

12.12.12 projects Stars 107This shelf back up to the display on the front right hand side, and again is perpendicular to the wall.

12.12.12 projects Stars 132I have to get VERY creative with ‘cramming stuff in’ sometimes!  Here I’ve stacked two quarter round shelve atop a small bench and stacked another bench on top!  I try to not overload the furniture that is for sale with too many small things that have to be removed before it can be purchased.  Otherwise it just ends up on the floor when the shelves or benches are purchased!

12.12.12 projects Stars 131Table and bench stacked to raise this display to eye level.  NOT ideal display for selling the table or bench; but for now, the ‘small gifty stuff’ is what it selling best, so I want THAT stuff to be within easy reach.

12.12.12 projects Stars 108Just stocked a new batch of pretty nests; white glittered ones with red berry sprigs for a holiday look; and aqua glittered ones because that is what I do!

12.12.12 projects Stars 099

A new batch of glittered birds in aqua and turquoise, with crowns; and pretty gift boxes. (perfect little something to place a gift card in!)

12.12.12 projects Stars 105

12.12.12 projects Stars 129A new supply of the crowned snow owls too!

12.12.12 projects Stars 127

12.12.12 projects Stars 135The owls are tucked in ‘here and there’ throughout my booth!

12.12.12 projects Stars 138

ELEVEN shopping days til Christmas!

Counting down to Christmas!

Just over a week left before Christmas.  Do you have all your shopping done???  If you still need just a couple of little gifts, Sophie’s got lots of great ones, big and small to choose from.  Take a peek:

Something SWEET is always a hit at the holidays.  We’ve got these pretty holiday tins filled with chocolate drizzled caramel corn.  (and let me tell you, that stuff is YUMMY!!!)

And these pretty ceramic gift canisters filled with peppermint bark

Pretty holiday mugs filled with lots of different goodies!  Flavored coffees, teas, cocoas, chocolate covered pretzels, biscotti, chocolate covered stirring spoons, and even tiny teddy bears!   I’m happy to gift bag your purchase for free so you’re all set to give it!

A pretty little jar of hard candies makes a nice hostess gift.

Or a mini scrapbook kit or card making kit:

Jar candles always make a nice gift.  We have several that I have decorated with pretty holiday labels.

These little buttered rum jar candles are my current favorite!  Great little stocking stuffer,  co-worker or neighbor gift.  This is what I’ve been burning this week in the store and that little candle really fills the whole store with yumminess!

Only have a few of these left.  They were more popular little gifts than I anticipated!  (but something that you could easily put together yourself too)  In a pretty holiday cello bag I enclosed two packets of flavored cocoa and a chocolate covered pretzel rod.  Tied it up with curly ribbon and a snowflake ornament and added tags (printed them up on my computer) that say ‘warm wishes’. 

I think I’ve made a couple HUNDRED assorted tags with initials on them over the last few weeks!  (and most of them are priced at just one dollar!)  They make perfect little enclosures for a card or gift, or use as a package tie on!

Know someone who needs a little pampering this holiday season?  We’ve got cute little bath accessories perfect for stocking stuffers of a small gift exchange:

And some wonderful bigger gift baskets too!

Pretty stationary, note cards, list pads and journals make a nice gift:

And of course, ornaments are always a favorite gift and fun to decorate your packages with!