Wire cloche with pedestal base

Upcycled wire cloche with pedestal base.P1220090Here’s my latest upcycled wire cloche with pedestal base; in aqua.


Here are a couple others that I’ve done in the past.  The wire baskets come in black so previously I had made the whole thing black.  The bases on these are a vintage cherub candy dish; glued to a charger plate and spray painted.

I did one in white also.

Here are the components, before.  Plus any kind of finial to use as your knob on top.


It’s easier to attach your knob/finial if it has a screw in the base.  You just have to find a nut to fit the screw to hold it in place.

4.29.13 Curiosity SIGNS 030

I’ve also made wire cloches out of old lamp shad frames with the fabric removed.

But back to the present and the newest cloche and pedestal!


I used a thrifted big candle pedestal for the base.

P1220081Attached a round wood piece that I had on hand for the table part.

P1220092I decided that I wanted this one to be aqua.


The wood round needed a black basecoat first.  Glued it to the candle base, then painted both aqua and distressed.

P1220089I wanted to wire cloche to be aqua too, but I didn’t want to spray paint the base.  Plus,  the aqua spray paint doesn’t match my brush on paint.  So I decided to see if I could ‘dry brush paint’ the wire basket.  It worked great.

P1220091And now I have an aqua one to add to my repertoire!

Vintage salt shaker collection

P1160997All of a sudden I have an abundance of little old salt shakers!

P1160996Many of them had been stored in my ‘box of spare knobs’  because I like to use the short squatty one upside down as knobs on top of the cloches I make.


And BECAUSE I had set them aside to use as knobs; I had removed all the lids.


And now it’s time to play, “Let’s see if I can figure out which lid fits which salt shaker?!”

P1180816WHY, all of a sudden did I need them all paired back up with their lids you ask?   Blame it on Pinterest!  I had seen a cool display idea for them on Pinterest.  So, I decided to put them all back together and see if I had enough for the Pinterest project.

P1180817Quite a few, as you can see, and ALL different (except 2!)

P1180821Some of them are SO pretty, you almost think they could be vintage perfume bottles!

P1180823The tiniest ones are my personal favorites though!

P1180829I kinda wish ALL the lids were worn and tarnished like the one on the left.

P1180832Look!  It has FEET!!

P1180820And now,what to DO with them all???  First I had to figure out a way to attach price tags to them.  NOT easy, given how small they are.

saltshaker cloche 11.1

Here’s my inspiration picture from Pinterest.


 And here is my version.  I didn’t have a cloche BIG enough to fit them ALL under, so I  had to improvise.

P1190936The biggest cloche is resting atop a rusty tin and gold pedestal.

P1190938The largest shaker had to be put in it’s very own display; upcycled cloche and upcycled clear glass base.  I really wanted to put it with varying heights of other shakers but it’s base is SO wide, it just wouldn’t fit!

P1190939This is one of my very favorite cloches!  I actually had two of them, the other slightly bigger.  Can’t believe that only the bigger one sold???  They were so cute as a set!  I have no idea what the porcelain busts were originally used for; and they actually sat in my ‘junk box’ for quite a while before I figured out what to do with them.  I’d love to find more of them someday.   (anybody know what they are for?)

P1190940And the last little solo shaker!

P1190926These are all in my booth at Stars.  

Don’t forget the big EASTER EGG HUNT for grown-ups at all three Stars Malls tomorrow!

See the Stars Facebook page for details.

Another project using vintage individual salt shakers

I can usually find these little guys at thrift stores and rummage sales for a dollar.  


Sometimes for less, if the caps are missing!  (which is fine by me, as I don’t use the caps.  Need to think of a project TO use them though, as I’m accumulating quite a stash of them!  SUGGESTIONS WELCOME!)


Lots of different shapes and sizes of shaker lids; awaiting an inspiring idea.


Taller / wider ones are a bit too big for this project, but will work for larger cloches.

Whoa!  That does NOT look ‘centered’ in the photo, but I assure it is centered in reality.  These pretty little individual vintage salt shakers make perfect knobs for the tops of cloches!

P1160826I just put a little e6000 adhesive around the rim of the shaker and place it upside down in the center of an upside down vase or hurricane jar.

P1160828I had four of these medium sized ‘bell’ shaped vases to turn into cloches; so I decided to vary the shakers.  (I didn’t have four matching ones anyhow!)

P1160849A snippet of pretty ribbon tied around the neck of the shaker and no one would ever guess it wasn’t a crystal knob.

P1160851What can you DO with these cloches?? Put ANYTHING that will fit under them.  Everything looks more special ‘under glass’.

P1160852I don’t have many things here at home to put under them; so I just used a couple of the little tree topped shakers I recently showed you.  Will have lots more ‘examples’ of ways to use them once I take these to my booth.

Cloches are a STAPLE in my booth.

Speaking of gold . . .

Didn’t I JUST say that I didn’t really like gold and show you some gold frames that I was repainting?!?!?  I still don’t like gold, but occasionally I find gold items that I like, regardless of the color.

P1100958These cherub busts with a gold rim that I used as handles on some make-do cloches were such items.  As well as the vintage perfume bottle.


I came across this rusty tin lid that used to top a paper mache box (that got wet and ruined) whilst sorting through some boxes of old craft supplies.  Couldn’t think of anything to do with it ‘at the moment’, so it went in my ‘think about it pile’.  The rule is (my own personal rule for getting rid of stuff!) if I can’t come up with a way to use it before my next trip to the thrift store, that it has to go in the donate box.  The gold candle pillar was in the ‘TAIP” as well.  My first thought on the pillar was to paint it white,  I can ALWAYS use white pillars.  And in fact just recently painted several of them white and took them to Stars.

P1130058Here are a few pictures of what I DO with the white pillars in my display.  These items are all priced separately; the shoes, the cloche and the pillar.  If someone wants to buy all three and use them just as I have them displayed, Fine!  But more often than not, someone wants ‘just the cloche’ or ‘just the shoes’; and then they have to call me and I have to remember what items they are talking about and divide up the prices and they have to make new price tags for all three items and THEN half the time the customer doesn’t even BUY the item!!  Just TMW!  (too much WORK!) When it can be easily avoided with individual pricing in the first place!

P1130087With this one the nest is permanently attached.

P1120940Here I just sat the jars of glitter eggs atop a couple of the pillars.

P1120803In this little grouping I had placed a small white bird cage atop the pillar.

P1120820On the far right you can see a rusty tin candle lantern atop another one.

P1130141Back to the topic of GOLD stuff.  This wide gold candle stand ended up in the “TAIP” as well.  At the end of the day I was looking at the pile and kind of LIKED how the gold stuff looked together and LOVED how the gold stand looked with the rusty tin lid!

P1130138It just needed a little something more . . . .beaded trim!

P1130142I’m really liking this little pair of  ‘goldies’.  NOW I just have to figure out HOW to work them into my display at Stars!

P1130232I decided to group ALL of the gold stuff together!  I think I forgot to take a close up picture of the gold hurricane.  It was another ‘orphan’ that I came across in my sorting.  Was going to save it for Christmas and put some little bottle brush trees and snow in it.  But since I’m doing a gold group I may as well put ALL the gold stuff out.

P1130235Put it front the center in my booth.  That’s a HUGE wood lazy Susan with an upcycled table on top and the gold stuff grouped together on the table.

P1130231Put a trio of cloches between the legs of the table.

P1130265Tied a key to the handle of this one.  Little touched like this will make your items stand out from the rest.

P1130229As always . .  lots of LAYERS in my display!  Especially at the very FRONT.  The shoppers first impression is what will make them decide whether or not to go INTO your booth and explore further!

Another display shelf for Curiosities

Yippee!!!  I finally got rid of all the crates being used as shelves INSIDE by booth at Curiosities!  It really defines AND refines the space!

P1070362It’s impossible to get any further away to take a better photo of this inside wall.  The ‘just added’ shelf is the one on the right.  It was previously a display piece at Stars, and was painted grey.  A quick re-paint and it was ready to go.  I know it looks a ‘little off’ with the individual shelves not being the same distance apart, and being different heights.  It didn’t even occur to me to ‘make them match each other’!  But I also didn’t really PLAN to use them ‘side by side’.  As you know, I change up my booth arrangements quite often.  this’ll so for now.

P1070363I added lots more white Ironstone pieces, pitchers and creamers . . .

P1070369A new friend for the upcycled owl.

P1070378Lots more room ‘in general’ for displaying ‘smalls’ with the 2 newly added shelves.

P1070372A new BIG Eiffel Tower bottle to go with the smaller one I already had.

P1070375Room for these framed pieces on the shelves.

P1070373Starting to add little items under the cloches.

P1070365Arranged several similar black finials and 2 of the three wire cloches that I have in stock on TOP of the taller shelf.

P1070376I packaged up several of the repro skeleton keys that I use to embellish things with.  Travis said shoppers kept asking if they could  ‘take the key off’ to buy just the key.  “here’s your sign!”  LISTEN to your customers!  Many of my BEST ideas have evolved from customer requests!

P1070374Some smallish magnetic memo boards WITH magnets!

P1070384How FUN is this polka-dotted pitcher?!?!?  It really doesn’t ‘go with’ anything else I have in my booth, but I just loved it!  Hopefully someone else will fall in love with it!  Wouldn’t it be sweet filled with yellow daisies?

P1070351Brought in this smallish galvanized bucket.  Everyone loves buckets!  Especially ole beat up ones!

P1070361I rearranged the display at the BACK of the booth a bit.

P1070359That area is really the first thing shoppers notice once they walk past the entrance.  I hand’t realized that it looked ‘a little sloppy’ before, until I looked at my last batch of pictures!

P1070380Cream and white ceramic flower pots.

The new vintage clothing room at Curiosities will be opening soon!  I got to sneak a peek at the decorating progress yesterday and it is going to be FABULOUS!!!   It’s not just ‘old clothes on hangers’!  They are artfully and creatively displayed.  It will remind you of playing dress up in mom’s closet when you were a kid!  I’ll announce the date of the grand opening as soon as I know it!

Picnic weather???

Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeell . . .not QUITE here in the Pacific Northwest.  Not this week anyhow.  Maybe next week??  In Oregon, April showers bring May showers which usually bring JUNE  showers with scattered sunshine!  Ahhhhhhhhhhhh . .  . but when we DO get sunny days, they ARE glorious!  And we soak up every ounce of sunshine we can!

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 037So whether you save then for that future sunny day, collect them just because you like them, or like using them to store your craft supplies . . . . there’s just something special about picnic baskets!

I just stocked this batch of them in my booth at  CURIOSITIES in Beaverton. 

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 009The largest one (bottom of the stack) is a dark wood with a 3/4 hinged lid.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 014With the lid opening 3/4 of the way and not just half-way; you have a bigger opening for larger items.  It also has an elastic silverware holder on the inside of the lid.  $42.00 at Curiosities.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 040The second biggest one needed a little TLC in the form of dry brushed Ivory colored paint.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 011Painted inside and out, and the lid is hinged at the back so the whole thing opens up.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 013I ALMOST stenciled something on the lid; but ended up leaving it just shabby.  $39.00 at Curiosities.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 041Second from the top is the one with the ‘pie shelf’ that I posted recently.

5.13.13 mancave ETSY 028The shelf is designed to go OVER the pie, placed in the bottom first; then the rest of your picnic food can go on top and not smash your pie.  $32.00 at Curiosities.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 006I know!  This one isn’t really a picnic basket.  But it ‘fits the stack’ nicely.  $15.00 at Curiosities.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 022I gussied up these apothecary bottles and put them in the open basket.

5.21.13 finds signs projects 023I wrapped the bottle necks with some tea stained paper, then wrapped some nettle twine and tied on a couple of little keys.  $8.00 each at Curiosities.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 029Vintage cutting boards and wood bowls.  Cutting boards are $9.00.  Bowls are $15.00 and $17.00.  Available at Curiosities.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 036Vintage library card file; $43.00 at Curiosities.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 038It’s a ‘samll-ish’ size card file.  Perfect size to sit atop a desk.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 043Upcycled cylinder cloches with cat ‘knobs’.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 044Bird and duck topped cloches.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 023So many signs and so little room to hang them!  I’ve GOT to come up with a better display than leaning them against the wall!!  Have you seen any clever ways to display signs ‘in bulk’ ???  I’d love to hear your ideas!

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 048Changed up the back wall and hung more of my bigger signs etc there.  Looks a little less ‘cluttered’ this way.

5.27.13 CURIOSITY  baskets 049Changed up the signs on the side wall too.  Added some more white pitchers and soup tureens.

CURIOSITIES in open Tuesdays – Sundays; 10am – 6pm.

LOTS on new cloches

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 015Had these sitting on my work table for MONTHS!

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 016And had collected all the glass for them for months before that!

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 017I’m not sure exactly WHY, but I seem to have ‘a thing’ about taking new product to my booth at Stars in ‘big batches’.  I suppose a larger quantity of any item makes a better ‘statement’.    Whatever!  That is just how I do it.  No real reason.

12.26.12 Valentine crafts 027This time I have a lot of small/medium cloches.  No new BIG ones; but still have several of the big ones I took in previously still available.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 081I put some of the tallish ones over these little pink glitter owls.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 073Did a few like this, to fit atop these cupcake pedestals.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 096Some of the same shape and size as on the cupcake stands available to buy separately.  (fits quite nicely in the center of that silver rimmed salad plate, doesn’t it?)

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 083

A little bell cloche atop this tiny green ‘bliss’ bottle.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 090These are a few of the bigger ones that have been there for a while now.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 097

A bigger one with a small one under it, a smaller one on the left and a pretty apothecary jar on the right.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 098A trio on top a stack of old books.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 099Some more tall ones over glitter owls and some little ones.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 104Vintage ceramic doll hands for the handles on these two that are covering an owl salt and petter set.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 105A cluster of tulip shaped ones.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 136

A bigger on that has been in stock for a while atop one of the candle jars with keys.

1.9.13 stars projects ribbon 139Assorted owls and new ones.

SO, if you need a cloche of just about ANY SIZE, I probably have it.

ORRRRRRRRR.. . . if you’re an avowed DIYer and want to know all my secret for making my own cloches, you can buy the how to e-book in my etsy shop for $10.00.  Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand, back when I introduced the sale of this e-book here on my blog, I offered a $5.00 discount to my blog readers.  Click here    for info on getting the discount, and more pictures of the kinds of cloches I’ll show you how to make in the book.


Crafting away . . .

Been doing a LOT of my favorite kind of craftwork; combining old and upcycled with new.  Most of these things you may have already noticed in the last post with the pictures of  my space at Stars, because that is where most of it went.  But I’ll tell you HOW I did things here, and show you the ‘befores’.

This angel has a rather grim look on her face, but I LOVED her widespread wings!  And she was inexpensive enough to risk if her makeover didn’t turn out as I’d envisioned it would.

First I just spray painted her white.  (craft paints would have worked fine too.  We just had a short break in the rain so I WANTED to go outside!)  Pondered adding some ‘pixie dust’ varnish to her wings . . . .

Decided on a crown instead.  It distracts from her face enough that is doesn’t appear as grim; to me at least!

I had a bunch of these little tags leftover from last year’s ornament production (printed them on my computer and cut them out by hand)  Thought this “Gloria en Excelsis” one suited her.

And this is how she ended up.

This is a PLASTIC vase.  Was a tad dirty even after I scrubbed and bleached it, so I gave it a quick coat of white spray paint at the same time I was painting the previous angel.  Painting over vintage plastic stuff is a good way to make it LOOK more like ceramic too.    

First I stuffed the base (it went down to the very bottom!) with styro peanuts up to the bowl part.  Tossed in a grabful of my own hand made paper shred basket filler, and added some  frosted glass balls and one ornament (all thrifted!).  Then added a little tag to the ornament.  

Alas, the ornament broke in transit to Stars, even though I had wrapped it VERY carefully.  

But it still looked okay with just the frosted balls.    I may take a replacement on my next trip, if it hasn’t already sold!

Crochet thread and styro cone tree with paper punch ornaments.  There were a couple of spools of green crochet thread mixed in with a big bag of whites and creams that I bought at the thrift store recently.  Oftentimes I’ll just donate the colors I don’t want back to the thrift store on my next trip.

But I saw some cute string cone trees on Pinterest,  and I had these candle bases leftover from a previous project (bases from the electric windowsill candles that I only needed the candles on) so I decided to try one.  I just added a cone of paper to the top of my styro cone since it was flat and I wanted my tree pointed.

I blued a matching piece of green cardstock to the bottom of the cone, then I just started wrapping.  And wrapping and wrapping . . .  I actually used the WHOLE thing of green crochet thread!  The red ‘paper punches’ were confetti that came in a gift set from a friend last year.  I just ‘dotted’ tacky glue on the tree, about ten dots at a time, then stuck the dots to the glue. 

Kind of Dr. Seuss-ish, don’t you think?

Cloche made from an inverted candle holder; glued knob on with e6000 as a handle.

Tiny cloche made from a smaller candle holder with glass knob (formerly a spice jar top with the plastic tip removed!)  Tiny bottle brush tree in a tiny salt shaker under the cloche.

These little red feather bird ornaments with crowns are for sale in my etsy shop.  Adding quite a bit more Christmas gifts and decor over the next week.

Be back with more of my recent crafts in a couple of days.  Right now I’ve got to CLEAN house and BAKE goodies for OUR Thanksgiving dinner with my son and his girlfriend, tomorrow.

LOTS of new goodies just stocked at Stars . . . and even the NEW STOCK is 40% off!!!

Spent FIVE hours at Stars yesterday.  First had to tidy up both booths.  I could TELL I had sold a lot of stuff because of how disheveled my spaces looked.  (happy dance!)  WAS going to pull a few furniture pieces to make more room for smalls, but MOST of what I had planned to pull had sold!  Yippee!  So I did some rearranging, pulled some stuff from the back, to the front; and switched others from floor level to eye level.  Even IF you don’t have to make room for new inventory, you should move things around, back to front, low to high; EVERY time you visit your space.

  I put most of my new Christmas product at the front of my booth space.

Mostly ‘everyday’ product in the wall space; except for baskets of ornaments.

I put the hand made ornaments in wire baskets on top of this cubby shelf so they are right at ‘grabbing level’.  Ornaments really sell better NOT packaged.  But not packaging them leads to a lot of damage and breakage; so I did package the bigger more breakable ones.

More ornaments in this basket sitting atop two benches.  All of these big ornaments are priced at $4.95.  With the 40% discount they are just $3.00!!!  Perfect for a ‘little gift’ that’s ‘not to little’ for co-worker and neighbor gifts.

Some really darling vintage repro Christmas post cards and blank note cards.

Wreaths and wall decor.

This white cubby shelf was the perfect spot of all my Christmas ‘littles’.

Just in case you are wondering why I have time to post on Thanksgiving; it’s because my son is in Hawaii (seriously jealous!!!) with his girlfriend and her parents. So we are having our Thanksgiving on Sunday.

Little soap dishes are cute ornament displays during the holidays!

Filled this little shelf with Christmas too.   Mini table top trees on top in fun colors!


Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Happy Shopping!  Happy Holidays!

Recent finds

Haven’t been ‘out shopping’ too much lately, as I am really trying to FORCE MYSELF to use up what I have before I buy more.  Especially when it comes to craft supplies!!!  I can ALWAYS find some ‘cool new stuff that I love and MUST have’ IF I go to a craft supply store.  Still stopping into a thrift store or two for a quick look on the days I am out and about running errands or stocking at Stars; but only allowing myself to buy things that are HALF PRICE.   Here’s what I’ve found in recent thrift trips:

Little wood chest, which I will repaint.

Some wood finials and a little jester ornament (it was only 50 cents so I couldn’t resist!  No idea what I will DO with it!)

Ugly/cute vintage baby doll!  The blue fur body is kinda CREEPY, but he had a sweet face.  Will probably add a crown!

Crepe paper garland/ fringe for crafting.

Cheesy picture but cute frame  which I will paint white.

JUST because it was so dang cute (and cheap!) gift bag!

Vintage wicker picnic basket; will be dry brush painted white or aqua.

Assorted glassware that will be made into cloches.

Counter jar and tiny cloches.

Blue vases.  The one on the right is from an ‘Edible Arrangement’ and makes a PERFECT base for a cake pedestal by gluing a plate to it.  The FLARED base gives it good balance.

Always need white canisters.  Big glass jar is handy for displaying small items in my booth.

Funky duck pitcher!  Have never seen one like THIS!  Usually they are ‘standing up’.  Have found several duck pitchers, both big and small, like that.  But this one was so unique and cheap I had to get it!

Pretty covered ceramic container.

Little white creamers.  Always need these and watch for them to go to half price.

Don’t usually buy them with designs on them, but this one I liked enough to buy.  The brown and tan one will go with my crock display at Stars.  That little one in the front is for melted butter.  It has a corn cob embossed on it.

How SWEET are these babies?!?!?!  These are BIG 11″ X 14″ pictures in really cheapo frames.  I just love the pouty lower lip on that baby boy!!

That will hold me over for a while.  I’ll be stocking a lot of that stuff at Stars today; along with quite a bit of Christmas stuff.  Even the brand new inventory I am taking in IS included in my 40% off  ‘down-sizing’ sale.