Where have I been?

Without looking, I honestly don’t remember how long it’s been since I’ve posted.  Sometimes LIFE just gets in the way of technology!  First it was computer problems.  Yes AGAIN!  sigh.  And even now only PARTLY fixed.  Enough that I don’t have to hog Michael’s computer for emails.

Then I got sick.  Pneumonia.  AGAIN!  Two veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery long weeks of barely getting out of bed.  Two trips to the ER; one of which my primary care had STRONGLY suggested they KEEP me for a couple of days in the hospital.  ER doc disagreed, so home I went and on to a second cycle of antibiotics.  Still ‘on the mend’ and taking it easy.  Too much exertion and I start coughing again.  But I hope to get back to creating and blogging regularly real soon.

In the midst of all that, I finally replaced my car that died on me nearly a year ago!  Had been driving Michael’s ‘spare truck’ , which is SUCH a gas guzzler.  Gonna LOVE driving my 2004 electric blue PT Cruiser!  So far the only places I’ve been in it is with Michael driving me to the doctor or hospital.

I am READY for SPRING!!!

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HALLELUJAH!!! I did it! All by myself even!!!

My son would be so proud!  In the past when I’ve had computer problems I’ve always had to go crying to him to come over and ‘fix it for me’.  And, of course he’s always happy to help out good ole mom.  Just not patient enough to explain and SHOW me what all and how he fixed things.  (and not that I’d really even remember anyhow!)

All I know is that it’s working now.  Gotta get out to our booths and tidy and stock today (as soon as it stops SNOWING!  Just lightly snowing)  THEN I can get back in here and post pics from the show.  Thank you all for your patience and well wishes.  It’s time to start thinking about and crafting for the spring edition of Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar; coming up in April.


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SLOOOOOOOOOOoooooooo000WW! Recovery!

UG!  I am still basically substisting on hot tea, chichen soup, cold medicine, antibiotics and steroids . . . LOTS of sleeping and coughing in between!  With my chronic asthma, lung ailments tend to take quite a bit longer for me to recover from.  I haven’t even donwloaded the photos from the show yet.
AND as if that weren’t to be dealing with, my computer is giving me grief!  MAJOR grief right now.  Stuck in disc defrag with no apparent way out.  And I can’t update my virus scan because it’s stuck in a foreign language I can’t figure out!

WOE is me!

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