Vintage spool corner shelf

Spool style corner shelves always seem to sell well for me, so I grab them whenever I find them at a good price.

P1190766Even though many of them are the inexpensive ‘kit shelves’, they are quick and easy to make over.

P1190767This one had a little ‘bonus’ feature; keyhole hangers on the top shelf for hanging it on the wall!

P1190768It does take a bit more time to paint the spindles than the flat surfaces, but it’s still pretty quick.

P1190787I try to paint 2-3 small projects at a time.  Paint the first coat on this corner shelf . . . .then work on a second piece while that paint dries.

P1190791Flip the corner shelf upside down and paint the undersides of the shelves and second coat on the spindles.  Work on second project while that dries.

P1190789For the second coat, and to expedite the process a bit, I apply the second coat to the underside BEFORE flipping it back over.  Since I’ve already got two coats on the spindles, they are done; so I can handle them to flip it back over, and while adding the second coat to the topside!  (that is the method to my madness!)

P1190792The spindles have to be ‘distressed by hand’ (with sand paper!)  The shelf surfaces and edges can be done with an orbital sander.  I always use a power sander when possible, since I have such a bad back and hand sanding is hard on my back.

P1190790You can see that I did not distress the underside of the shelves.  All in all, I probably spent a total of one hour painting and distressing this shelf.

P1190859As I already mentioned at the start of this post, this type of corner shelf always sell well for me.  And this one has already sold in my booth at Stars.

LATEST FINDS & 2/3 of the way to my next collection!

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 025

Found another armillary last week while out and about treasure hunting!  Charming little gold frame and a unique old bottle.   I saw another bottle EXACTLY like this at Stars too.  Any know about the history of this unique shaped bottle

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 017Little corner shelf to repaint.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 020Little oval step stool.  I’m always looking for little stools like this!  And they ALWAYS sell!

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 024GIANT playing cards for altered art and collage projects.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 026Cutie patootie teeny tiny mice!  At first I thought they were salt and pepper shakers because they each had 2 extra holes in the top of their heads. Examining the bottoms of them proved that theory wrong, but they were SO cute I just had to buy them!  Will try to fill the holes and use them for cloche toppers.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 030Wood tray.  Trays always sell well too.  AND are very useful in display for grouping a bunch of small things together.  Visually the tray makes it “one thing” so it looks less cluttered.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 022Wood bread box to paint.  Bread boxes have proven to be good sellers for me too.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 033Stoneware bowls.  Another ‘standard’ stock item for me.  Bowls sell much better than plates.  Go figure?!?

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 0362 liter vintage French ‘Le Parfait’ canning jar and 1/2 gallon apothecary jar.

6..18.13 projects Curiosities 031Clear glass bunny dish, stoneware creamer and bell cloche.

6..22.13 Both + projects 112And here’s my armillary 2/3 of a collection display at home. I don’t really care for the shiney finish on my newest one and will probably repaint it.  But will wait until I find my next one before I decide what color to paint it.

From DRAB to shabby chic in less than an hour with ONE CAN of spray paint.

Take one drab brown laminate spool corner shelf

Take one can of good quality white spray paint, shake well and spray away!

Drab to shab in less than an hour!  I turn the shelf UPSIDE DOWN for the first coat of paint, to be sure I get the undersides of all the turnings.  Let dry, then flip and apply second coat right side up.  I didn’t distress this one because it’s laminate, and laminate does NOT look good distressed.  It just looks ‘scratched up’. (and yes, I DID learn that lesson the hard way!)

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Unfinished shelves at the store.

Last Saturday’s ‘Trailer Load Sale’ on the unfinished shelves went quite well.  AND we’ve sold enough big stuff from inside the store  that we were able to ENLARGE the unfinished section and make room for ALL the leftover shelves!


And while not ALL of the exact shelves shown in the above photo are currently in stock, there are THAT many shelves of assorted shapes and sizes in stock on a regular basis now.

And custom orders ARE still available.

* The store closing sale continues until the end of August.  We will be open Wednesdays – Saturdays; 11am – 5pm.   We still have a great selection of products available.  Hoping to get FALL decor out in the next week or two.

We will be closed the 4th of July for the holiday.

‘Do it yourself’ and crafters special sale this Saturday!

The ‘advertised sale’ is from 10am – 2pm only, Saturday, February 7th.


Michael has been VERY BUSY making up another batch of unfinished shelves, and benches, and boxes for the sale this Saturday.  I’ve put all the pictures in a Picturetrail album so that I could use the link to advertise on craigslist too.    (and since I’m in the midst of a MAJOR store rearranging and don’t have a lot of time to post right now, I’ll let you go there to see the pictures instead of posting them all here in the blog)

I’ve got all kinds of little ‘parts and pieces’ and embellishments for sale too.  Those carved wood appliques I’ve been using on the stuff I make are now in stock too! 

We’ve also got individual pieces of NICE reclaimed birch plywood for those who want to build it themselves, entirely from scratch.


And, as always, we’re happy to offer advice on how to get the finished look you are striving for.




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