Spring break project marathon progress report part II

Forgot to post the before picture of this first little chair when I posted the finished one a few days ago:

It was really in near perfect shape to begin with, just ‘dated’ and needing some OOMPH!

Sorry about the UGLY silver tarp and painted table backdrop for this picture!  At least I am remembering to take pictures!  All I did to this child size chair was spray paint it flat black, then sand to distress.  Now it’s nice and primitive!  And the perfect style for hanging on a wall in a bathroom.  Hang your hand towel from the bottom rung and stack washcloths or a basket of toiletries on the seat!

This table came with this drawer:

I popped off the handle (it was stapled in), sanded off the topiary picture and painted it soft pink and added a ceramic rose knob.

Photo layout assistant, kitty Spike thinks that fabric I laid on the rug for a backdrop would look better rumpled up.  He’s a GREAT rumpler!

Well dang!  You still can’t see the pretty knob very clearly!   I’ll have to hunt down the picture of them from the store.  I just LOVE them!

Aren’t these great for a shabby/cottage look!?!?!

This bar stool was a ‘quickie’.  Been sitting in the workshop for AGES.  I distressed the black legs but couldn’t decide what color to paint the seat until now.

I had two of these sweet spindle legged tables.  Base coated them with spray KILZ (faster than sanding for paint prep!)  Then painted them a soft white.  (two coats)

I only distressed the edges and legs, not the top.  I figured the top will be covered with stuff anyhow.  An important part of making your crafting of trash to treasure business PROFITABLE is having procedures and techniques that are time effective.  Why spend the time (which IS money!) on something that really isn’t going to show?

Here’s another creative re-do of the very same table by Tracey of ‘Notes From a Cottage Industry’ (her blog is in my favs list on the right)

Doesn’t she STAGE her pictures just beautifully????  I SO wish I had time to stage every picture as nicely!

Well, it’s day 5 of my six day Spring Break project marathon.  Woke up to 33 degrees and sleet.  But the sun is starting to peek out, so it just might warm up to 40 today!  woo~hoo!  I better get busy while the sun is shining.  This time of year the weather tends to change every 15 minutes!  I’ll post more pics later!

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Spring break project marathon progress report

Kitty Spike is as miffed at this nasty spring weather as we are!  Michael is working injured, so progress has not been as monumental as I had hoped, but PROGRESS none the less!

Michael’s OWIE!  He tripped and scraped his leg (where the redder scrape is) on a wood stake falling all the way over.  Doctor said he very nearly BROKE his ankle!  The lower part of the bruising (which goes clear through to the other side of his ankle!)  didn’t show up until a couple of days later.  He’s still recovering from hurting his back after slipping on some ice in January.  I swear I need to dress him in a PADDED SUIT!

We actually STARTED and COMPLETED this sweet little ‘pampered pet bed’ today.  Lots of the creative folks over on the HGTV trash to treasure message board have been making bigger pet beds out of the backs of chairs.  (sized to fit a standard bed pillow for the mattress)  Michael must have a dozen chairs squirreled away, so it was time to embark upon some chair projects! 

 As I was studying the chair and figuring out where to make the ‘cut’, it occurred to me that we just might be able to make a smaller bed (for a kitty or tiny dog) out of the leg structure.  So, this is what we did:

Here’s the thrift store chair we started with.

Michael cut all four legs off here; right up at the base of the seat.

We removed the cleats from the bottom of the legs because we were going to use it upside down.  We can add the cleats back to what will be the new bottom when we are done.

Support slats added for the pillow, and a couple to create a headboard.

I dug through my box on assorted hardware and found two of these knobs in different shades and thought they’d work as finials on the headboard posts.  Michael attached them to the wrong end of the bed by mistake.  So I did some more digging and found some bigger wood finials to attach to the head posts.

I painted the whole thing flat black (spray paint) and added a 14×14 pillow.  TaDa!!!

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I finally remembered my camera!

March 24, 2008

Here are pictures of our current wares at our space in Stars Antique Mall in Sellwood.

Some shabby cottage . . . some primitive . . .  some grubby . . . some primitive . . . some handmade . . . LOTS of rescued, repaired and repurposed goods, Sophie style!

Old fence sections, cut and hinged together make great little dividers.  The cottagey yellow pie safe was designed and created by us to incorporate the vintage screen door.

Vintage bowback chair and wood table painted pink and distressed to perk them up!

Sophie LOVES this beachy robins egg blue color!

BIG primitive ‘make-do’ shelf filled with yellow ware, crocks, handmade grubby candles and other primitive treasures.

STARS WEBSITE:  http://starsantique.com/

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JUST RELEASED! “Second Hand Style”

March 23, 2008 

Our newest e-book, “Second Hand Style” is now available for purchase!


(ummmmmm, exactly what IS an “e-book”, you ask???  It’s an “e”lectronic book; which means it is only available via the internet.  It’s what poor-waiting-to-be-discovered-artists-and-designers like us use to market and share their ideas and fund further junquetiking ventures!)

I’ve chosen Easter day to launch the new book because Easter represents a new beginning. 

 Why would you want to BUY our e-book when you can get so many of our ideas for FREE here on our blog?  Well, the book is kind of a ‘condensed version’ of the blog.  Everything in one place for easier reference.  And many projects and ideas that are not in the blog.  (but some that are already in the blog) 

Some of the content of the e-book is just new ways to use old things; no painting of building involved.  But most of the projects are fairly simple make-overs of cast offs that you can easily update for your personal use OR great product ideas if you are a store owner.  Lots of good display ideas for store owners too. 

Inspiration.  Motivation.  Creative fuel.  And just plain FUN stuff to do and make!

“Second Hand Style” contains 65 full color pictures and sells for $29.95.

Available for purchase HERE, via our blog only.

PayPal payments only; email payment to folkartoriginals@yahoo.com

Your e-book will be emailed to you from our Picturetrail site as a password protected photo album.

Please see comments below for what those who have purchased the book have said.


I’ve got the BLUES!

Well, I’ve been in a bit of a BLUE MOOD lately.  No, that that kind of blue.  BLUE!  The color blue.  Pretty Robin’s egg blue.  So I meandered about the store to see what I had that I could re-paint.  A couple of white flower buckets, some tin boxes, some white shutters, a paper mache box, some little wood frames.

So, then I had a whole table full of blue stuff . . . . and it needed ‘something’. . . .  a decorative element of some sort.  So I went rummaging through by big box of foam stamps and found this set.  PERFECT!!!

I’m embarrassed to admit that I don’t even remember when or where or WHY I bought these.  I honestly didn’t even know I had them.  But they are perfect and will be getting a lot of use now that I have discovered them.  (the brand name is Making Memories)

These 24″ tin stars were originally rust color.  Then I sponge painted them white.  Now I’ve done blue over the white.  The layers of color add a lot more depth and interest.

Close up

These pretty little embossed tin boxes came to me white, with a red crackle finish on the heavy cardboard lid.  I HATE crackle finishes!  Well, REAL cracked from age paint is wonderful; but I’ve never seen a fake crackle job that I liked in the least. 

I painted several of the lids in assorted pastel colors (several coats to fully cover the red!) and left the boxes white.  Then I decided to sponge paint the box to enhance the embossing of the tin.  THEN I realized what a pretty design was on the bottom of the box.  It’s just too pretty to only be used ONLY as a box bottom!

So I sponge painted both the sides and bottom of several of them and will hang them on the wall as a piece of dimensional art.  Now I just have to find a use for the lids.  Maybe a collage . . .

Love the way this blue and brown box turned out.  Gonna have to do a few sets of these now!

Flower box

Old wood tissue box cover.

Metal flower buckets.

I had already painted this little shelf blue a while ago; just added the brown flourish stamp.

Decorative shutters.

Metal ‘enjoy’ wall words were originally tan/rust.

Another repainted tin star, just a smaller one.

Now today I get to rearrange the store and make room for all this new stuff!

Just arrived at the cottage!

YUMMY cinnamon bun jar candles! 

Coming soon: cinnamon refresher oil and cinnamon bun room spray.

Sweet vintage kitchen towel on a vintage childs chair.

Another vintage child’s chair with laundry goods.

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What a FUN surprise!!!

So, I’ve mentioned that in addition to our store here in Hillsboro that we also have a space out in one of the Stars Antique Malls in Sellwood.  And the first of this month we moved from our ‘small starter space’ (wanted to test the water and get out feet wet before we JUMPED in!) into a bigger space.

 I was just re-reading my last newsletter from Stars and taking the time to clock on the links therein.  One of the links was to a blog called ‘Shop Vintage Portland’, which had recently mentioned Stars.  Of course I had to go check out that blog!  To my delight and surprise, it was a picture of OUR SPACE at Stars that they chose to feature in the blog! 

I’m feeling a tad infamous at the moment!  Here’s the link if you want to check it out:


And I’ll add the Shop vintage Portland blog to my blogroll list on the right so that you can have it handy to peek into whenever you ‘need’ to!