Thinking Christmas

Usually by this time of year I am knee deep in Christmas crafting projects; so I am REALLY behind schedule this year.   Got these little Gold star bowl fillers done the other day:

I’ve had the gold mesh stars for a while now, just didn’t know what to do with them!  First I printed up some words on my compter and cut them into little individual tags and glued one to each star.

Then I happened upon these gold rim ‘pedestal’ bowls I made a while ago and had packed away. (I think I was going to fill these with handmade snowballs!)   The little stars would be perfect in these!

So then I was trying to decide how to package them to sell.  It never works to sell stuff  ‘in sets’ at the antique mall.  (IE the bowl WITH the stars in it.  The stars will ‘disappear!)  So I had to make the stars ‘difficult to steal’.  Cello bags work great because they are NOISY!  hehe

Unfortunately, for the sake of picture taking, cello also creates quite a glare!  (sorry!) To pretty up the packaging a little I added some of my custom basket fluff.  (made using assorted pre-packaged basket filler products and some hand cut vintage book and music pages)

And I used some scrap card stock to make header cards, for a more polished look.

These little stars would be cute to use at holiday place settings; or scattered on a platter of pillar candles for a centerpiece.  Great as a little holiday hostess gift too!

A few quick pictures of what’s new in the store before I get busy with the NEXT show!

The Gingerberry Cottage show in Hillsboro continues until the day before Thanksgiving.  Country Christmas show in Canby ends this Saturday, and Every Husband’s Nightmare  at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro starts next Tuesday. 

Other than that, not a lot to write about.  Here are pictures of what’s new in the store though:

The PINK PRINCESS tree has finally been added to this years tree repertoire! 

Some sweet little white feather trees.

AND I finally moved the lime green and red decorated tree out of the conservatory to where you can actually SEE it and reach the ornaments to buy them!

Lots of ‘gifts to go’!

Sweet stocking stuffers and little gifts for co-workers.

A wee bit of fall decor is still available.






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New stuff in the store 9-22-07

This big beautiful bowl stand was made by gluing (epoxy glue) together a thrift store glass bowl and a stemmed glass.

TOTALLY  Sophie style Christmas cards!

One of a kind hand painted beach sign on weathered wood.

Love these giant green jingle bells!

And lots of great hand made cloth napkins from Creative Clutter!

Christmas tree with all white decorations

Christmas 2007