Trash to treasure shelf

This is a lousy before picture, I know!  It’s such a loooooooooooooong shelf that I didn’t have any place in the house to set it for a good picture where I could get far enough away.

Basically it came to us as a long, badly scratched up shelf (probably 8′) with three brackets.  I’m thinking it must have been part of some sort of ‘built in’ because the brackets were not evenly spaced.  Michael had to remove all the brackets to re-attach them evenly.  And as long as he was taking the whole thing apart, I had him cut a back splash out of plywood to attach. 

Then I just painted the whole thing ‘vintage cottage green’.

And there she is, all dolled up in the store!


Painting marathon day

New stuff in the store 9-22-07

This big beautiful bowl stand was made by gluing (epoxy glue) together a thrift store glass bowl and a stemmed glass.

TOTALLY  Sophie style Christmas cards!

One of a kind hand painted beach sign on weathered wood.

Love these giant green jingle bells!

And lots of great hand made cloth napkins from Creative Clutter!

Thinkin’ PINK!

This vintage shelf we bought at an estate sale some time ago was a nice soft aqua color, and I used it ‘as is’ in the store for quite a while.  Brought it home thinking I was going to freshen up the color with ‘that aqua’ that I have been using so much of.  But then decided that I had enough stuff painted that color for a while!

Was getting ready to paint this chair at the same time

And deciding on what color to paint these two little tables and big round tray.

I only ended up painting the bottom table for now, and the chair and shelf.  Decided to go pink.

And on all three pieces I sanded and distressed after the paint was dry.

On the shelf, some of the aqua shows through.  Although now with the top coat of paint being pink, the undercoat looks more sage green.  Which is fine because I like pairing pink and sage together!

Sanding the table and chair brought up some of the dark wood color.  Kind of that ‘pink and chocolate’ color combination that seems to be so popular right now.