Pumpkins ~ plain and fancy . . .

I wasn’t planning on making any of these big ‘porch pumpkins’ (as I call them) again this year.  No specific reason other than ‘been there done that wanna try something new!’  But then a customer requested some, and as long as I was making a special order for a set of three, I may as well make a few extra.  The first picture is the custom made set, just plain orange. 

She specifically requested a tall (27″) skinny one and then two more sized however I thought best rounded out the group, and in brighter oranges.

The other pumpkins that Michael cut out for me (I draw the shape freehand onto the plywood and he cuts them with a jigsaw.  I just don’t like them to be TOO perfect!) I decided to paint in some ‘different’ colors, like the heirloom pumpkins I see in the country magazines.  Okay fine, they are colors other than JUST ORANGE, but I still wasn’t too thrilled with them.  So I rummaged through my box of foam stamps and decided to lightly stamp a design on them!

It’s kind of hard to see the designs on the bigger pumpkins in this picture, but you’ll see them in the close-ups to follow.  The small pumpkin that the design shows up best on in this picture is actually my least favorite of the whole batch.  (but just you watch!  It’ll be the FIRST one to sell!) On the rest of them I used a shade of paint just a tad lighter or darker than the color of the pumpkin so the design was more subtle.

And here’s the second set of three (because you KNOW I always have to do things in odd numbered groupings!)

For the ‘ridges’ on the pumpkins I just used the ‘edge’ of my orbital sander while I was sanding the surface.  I sanded and made the ridges BEFORE I stamped on the designs. 

The ‘curly vines’ beside the stems are made from rusty rebar tie wire, wrapped around a dowel.  Drilled a hole (1/16″ bit’) put a dot of tacky glue in to hold them in. 

Michael ‘wrinkled his nose’ at the idea of the fancy pumpkins and liked the plain ones better.  It’s not that I don’t LIKE the plain ones, I just wanted something DIFFERENT!

So, whaddya think?  Are the fancy pumpkins gonna be a HIT or a MISS???  Have you ever seen anything like them done in wood like this?  I’ve seen the ‘carved looking’ ones in resin, but mostly with fall or Halloween themes on them.  All the ‘Paris apartment’ themed stuff I’ve been doing for our booth at Stars was kind of the inspiration for these.  I may even do some in black/white for the space!  Do I dare do a turquoise one?!?!

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WOW! Look at THESE pumpkins!!!

I am soooooooooooooooooooooo envious of these beautiful ‘fairy’ pumpkins and gourds.  And I soooooooooooooo wish I’d seen them sooner to make some similarty styled for the store this year!!!  Such perfect ‘Sophie colors’.  Okay, I’m starting my ‘stash box’ of supplies to make some like these for next fall.

See more details in Chez Fifi’s blog here:


So many fun and fabulous ideas . . . so little time!


So, in y browsing of the web recently I saw a picture of a sweet little pink pumpkin.  Don’t know if it was a real one (I’ve heard they come in all kinds of designer colors these days!) or a fake one that was painted.  BUT I WANTED SOME PINK PUMPKINS! 

 I have lots of white and ivory pumpkins that I’ve brought in for fall, so I selected three of them for a ‘Sophie make-over’!

Aren’t they just too cute!!!  Don’t ask me WHY anyone would need pink pumpkins???  But I guess that’s the whole point.  They are ‘just for fun’.

After looking at them for a day I decided they needed a little ‘dressing up’.  So I took this pink berry candle ring, and clipped off a few little sprigs.

Now that’s better!

Literally MINUTES after I added the berry sprigs, a customer bought all three!

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