Glittery gourds

Used these craft store ‘sugared’ gourds to paint and glitter up for some fun cottage style holiday decor.

I used regular craft paint, which covered completely in one HEAVY coat (stippled on with a stiff brush)

Let paint dry, brush on clear varnish and sprinkle on glitter while varnish is still wet. Varnish adheres the glitter just like glue; but is thinner and brushes on easier.  (Plus I accidentally bought some GLOSSY varnish that I can’t use on anything else!)

The pink set was  painted pink with pink glitter. The aqua set was painted various shades of aqua and glittered with white/clear glitter; as are the stars.  IF you are prepared and work FAST, you can just sprinkle your glitter directly over your wet paint!  Save yourself a step and a little $$!

This is another pink set I did after finding some darker pink glitter, and could do different shades.

And while I was glittering anyhow, I added some glitter to these metal star ornaments!

If you get bit by the glitter bug but don’t want to spend a fortune on different colors of glitters, I suggest you start off just buying a clear/white glitter which can be used over any color. The color of your item will still show through, as you can see on my aqua gourds.

TIP:  If you want to minimize the amount of glitter you glittered items will inevitably shed during use,  buy some CLEAR spray paint and give them a good spraying after you glitter.  SOME glitter will always shed, but this final clear coat will keep it to a minimum.