Two-step stool with DRAWER

A little DRAWER in a step stool?!?!?  I love that!


This sweet little stool really didn’t ‘need’ to be made over at all . . . it was in perfect condition; but you know me!!!  I can never leave well enough alone!


I removed the drawer knob and gave the whole thing a good sanding.

Some aqua paint and more sanding to distress.  Another ‘perfect piece’ to use one of my little aqua ceramic rose knobs on!!

And off to my booth at Stars it goes!


Great little piece for adding height to displays in my booth (while it lasts!)


Here’s a little peek at some of the other new stuff in my booth:


Ceramic and stoneware bunny dishes.


Covered duck tureens and a tiny duck pitcher.


Vintage metal plant stand set up as a serving station.


One of my ‘yard wreaths’ (hand crafted using twigs, bark and moss collected from my yard)


A new batch of small frames; some with glass and backings, some without.

A couple more vintage crystal lamps with NEW Paris script shades.


How adorable is this box of vintage cocktail forks!?!?!  (Sorry about the glare!  I had to wrap the box in plastic wrap to be sure none of the forks ‘went missing’)


Stop on by if you haven’t been at Stars in a while.  LOTS of new stuff in my booth  . . . and throughout the entire mall!

August 1, 2008 ~ Here’s what’s new in the store.


And of course, a Halloween tree!  (sorry about the bad photo!)

Some new gift baskets filled with bath/body products:

Ane even some gifts for your four legged friends!

These are the COOLEST things ever!  A doggie water bottle (with a clip even) and a flip down BOWL so they can easily drink!  Perfect for the dog on the go!

Mini alphabet rubber stamps sets make a great gift for the crafter, scrapbooker or cardmaker.  There are a DOZEN different font styles!  Fun to mix and match!

NEW CALENDARS ARE IN!  16 month 2009 calendars.

Gifts for baby:

AWESOME vintage white chest of drawers




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Now THAT’S a coffee table!!!

What a find!  A 44″ solid oak coffee table.  The top needed a little ‘love’ . . .

Okay, a little love and quality time with the orbital sander!

And a bit of new stain and matte varnish . . .

For some reason there was one little spot that came out lighter than the rest of the table.

It’s still a beautiful table!  (can I keep it for myself?!?!?!)

This table can be yours for the incredibly low price of just $150.00.  It’s heavy!  Bring two STRONG helpers (and a truck!) with you to get it home.



FINAL DAY: Spring break project marathon, and yes, it’s snowing again this morning!

Has that been EVERY day for the last six days now?!?!?  I’ve lost count!  We had a few nice sun breaks yesterday and got a fair amount accomplished.  Here are a few more pictures:

This was an old porch post.  Michael cut it in half so I could make two big candle pedestals from it. 

I decided the base needed more WEIGHT, so I added another beveled square plaque (from the craft store)  So the base is now two craft store plaques and a square hunk of 2×6.

Here they are all painted up, but not ‘finished’.  I’ll add candles of course.  Always have to have a candle in a candle holder before I put it out for sale.  But they need some kind of adornment also.  Not sure just what yet.

Old slat seat child’s chairs:

Now in pretty cottage colors!

Michael is back to work today.  I have one more day off, and lots of little things to finish up.  Seems like I’ve been gone from the store FOREVER!


Sophie’s Summer Sidewalk Sale!

This Friday and Saturday, August 10th & 11th

10:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.


All of it at least half price.  Much of it just a dollar!  I’ve been stashing away boxes of stuff for the sidewalk sale since last fall, so there really is a lot of it.  Decor items from ALL the seasons.  A great time to get started on some early holiday shopping!

DON’T MISS IT!  Many other stores in the complex are participating too.

Old windows made into shelves

Yep!  Those are some HUGE old 16 pane windows that Michael dragged home!  We had made shelves out of smaller windows before, but never any this big. 

First Michael had to finish breaking out all the glass.  Then he just built a basic shelf to fit behind the window frame.  We left the frames ‘as is’ with their nice vintage patina.  For the shelf part I used a slightly watered down white paint so it would look a little worn and not too glaringly new compared to the window pane.  As always, I painted all the shelf pieces BEFORE Michael put them together.  MUCH faster and easier that way!

I had a little bit of touch up to do on the sides of the frames once they were put together.  The watered down white paint worked just fine here too.

Decided I wanted some color, but not too much, so I just painted the shelf backing.  And here ya go:

The new storefront

A big part of my objective in doing the store make over was to make sure our store was ‘more noticeable’ when you looked down the row of doors and windows in the strip mall.  All too often I would watch customers go from the gift  store on one side of us to the gift store on the other side of us, but bypass our store.  Now maybe the primitive folk art look just wasn’t ‘their thing’ . . . so, I tested that theory:

When I saw this happen, I’d go and prop our door open so that when they came out of the neighboring store they’d be sure to notice that we were indeed another store there in the middle.  More often than not, that person WOULD come into our store and comment that they had not realized we were here!  They thought we were part of one of the other stores?!?!?

I guess probably because the other two stores each have TWO doors (only one of which allows access) and they just thought my door was another ‘dud’.  Plus the way the daylight hits the storefront windows, you could never really see INTO the stores.   And, all three of us stores would put product our in front. 

The product out in front of the store worked well for me when I was the only store there.  But once everyone else started doing it, I guess the three storefronts just all ‘blended together’.    So, I determined to no longer out product out in front of the store when we re-opened, but still wanted to dress it up a little.

Hence my ‘mission’ to come up with a way to ‘differentiate’ our store from the two on either side.  My first step was to cover the windows.   (the papered up door was just while we were closed)


 (how we did this window treatment in a previous post) Everyone thought I was crazy.  People LOVE to look in store windows.  But you could never really SEE what I had in the windows because of the glare!  AND I hardly ever sold anything that I had displayed in the windows!  It just sat there and faded in the light until I changed out the display.  And it was very hard to see the product displayed near the windows inside the store because of the glare.

I LOVE how the new window inserts made the store ‘feel’ once you walked inside.  LOVE the additional display space it gave me inside the store.  I was worried that covering the windows might make it too dark inside, but it hasn’t at all.  Still get lots of light from above the ‘fenceboard shutters’.

Here’s what I came up with for the new sign, and Michael (smiling even!) giving it a quick coat of additional varnish after he hung it.  We left the old sign up and made this one to fit right over it.  No sense in taking one down, filling holes and then making MORE holes!

But I still had that UGLY AREA below the outside of storefront windows to contend with.  Originally I had made some little primitive picket fence sections to pop in there to disguise it a bit.  But when the neighboring store decided they should do fence too, I took mine out.  I just HAVE to be different!

I had Michael measure and cut some pieces of 1/8″ luan plywood to fit inside the sections below the windows so I could paint them and cover up that ugliness.  My first thought was to paint them the same blue color as I was doing the signage in.  But decided on something more sublte and did a ‘faux stone’ look.   Here’s what I came up with:

The 2′ barn stars are hung on the outside of the windows with suction cup hooks.  figure I’ll change those out seasonally.   Three pretty fall wreaths next???

And a closer look:

Can’t wait till my wave Petunias grow more and are spilling over the sides of the pots!

(how I painted the faux stone coming up in a later entry)

So?????? Does the new storefront stand apart better than before????