Again?!?! Already???

Yep.  Sigh.  I re-did my booth at Curiosities for the second time in a week!  It didn’t really NEED to be worked on again so soon.  BUT, I had to make a trip to Stars because a table sold FIVE MINUTES after I left on Tuesday; and they are having a big Birthday Sale this weekend so I needed my space to be ‘perfect’.  And if I HAVE to make the trip to Stars, I may as well stop by Curiosities since it’s ‘on the way’.

6.7.13 projects both malls 022Most of the time, as I’m driving home from either mall, I’m planning out my ‘next trip’.  What I want to take in, what I want to move around etc.  So I just went ahead and did it all a little early.

6.7.13 projects both malls 046I really wanted to ‘separate’ the primitive stuff from the cottage stuff.  So, I created another ‘wall of crates’ inside the booth that backs up to the original wall of crates that faces OUTward towards the aisle.

6.7.13 projects both malls 056So now I have the outward facing crates full of cottagey stuff, and the inward facing one with primitives.

6.7.13 projects both malls 040It’s hard to get a picture of the wall of primitives because I can’t get back far enough.  After I see how things sell arranged like this, I’ll switch things up a bit to see what works BEST.  This set up, with the back to back ‘walls of crates’ will be sure easy to just flip flop the product.

6.7.13 projects both malls 062Thses two chairs are ‘sort of’ blocking the inner wall of crates full of primitives.  But I figure they are easy enough to just ‘scoot aside’ to reach things.  Gotta maximize the use of the space as MUCH as possible!

6.7.13 projects both malls 051It seems like I always get a GLARE when I photograph this wall!  sigh.  I originally had a bunch of small signs on this wall, but it just felt ‘too cluttered’.  Switched them out for more of my bigger signs . . . 

6.7.13 projects both malls 047And took in this old ‘stair step’ display box to put the smaller signs in.

6.7.13 projects both malls 048And I still have quite a few bigger signs that won’t fit on the walls; so they are standing in a big old vintage brass planter!

6.7.13 projects both malls 052AND (but you can just BARELY see them in this picture!) under the white step rack is another old crate full of the really small signs.  I am ‘not at ALL happy’ with this corner of my booth; but it’s a work in progress.  I want to find more ‘creative containers’ to put batches of signs in; then scatter those throughout the booth.  Until such time though, it’s just easier to have them all in one place!

6.7.13 projects both malls 023This is what took the place of the crates that were on the left side of the entry.   This is a spot that I will change out frequently since it’s the most noticeable when just ‘walking by’.  I’m debating taking another tall shutter in and creating a small walled off space here with more room to hang signs???  

6.7.13 projects both malls 059I moved my ‘greeter’ ( the mannequin!) closer to the front corner of the booth, and stood her up a bit higher.  Found a FABULOUS bright RED tutu for her today!  oooo! la~LA!

6.7.13 projects both malls 042Brought in the washing machine cupboard that had previously been in my space at Stars.  (can’t get back far enough to take a good picture if it!  Laundry room signs seem to be VERY popular, so whay not a vintage laundry machine looking storage shelf?!?

6.7.13 projects both malls 025Not the best picture, but this is my ‘kitty collection’ (well actually there is a bunny and a pig too!)

6.7.13 projects both malls 062That ought to do for a while!  

I need to get OUTSIDE while we have this dry weather and get some furniture painting projects finished up!


Good design . . . wrong color!

We made these little ‘bun foot’ shelves clear back when we still had our own shop.  This ‘granny green’ (as I call it!) color was pretty popular back then, so I used it quite a lot.

 The green worked well with pink, so I used it with the pink quite often.  Alas, the green shelves have just never sold.  Time for a make over!

I knew I wanted to paint them my signature beachy blue, but pondered whether they needed a little more OOMPH???

Finally decided to do a WIDE stripe like I’d done on the big dresser, so that they could work together.

And here they are, in my space at Stars; sitting atop my inspiration piece, the big dresser.

I can totally see these selling together and the shelves being used as bedside stands.


In case you’ve forgotten how I made those cute little bun feet, (or if you just haven’t been reading my blog for that long!)  click here to see the original post and what I used for the bun feet.  Of course you can BUY ready made, unfinished bun feet at a big box home and garden store; but they’ll cost you and arm and a leg!  Mine are very ‘budget friendly’!

Added some o0Oomph to the little blue suitcase


So, it sat like this on the work table in my craft room for a couple of days.  The more I looked at it, the more I thought ‘it needs something more’.

So, I rummaged through my stash of foam stamps and grabbed these.

I decided to stamp the design on the BOTTOM of the suitcase; so if someone wanted it to NOT show, they could sit it flat on the ground.  When adding designs to an item such as this, it’s a good idea to only do ONE side.  That leaves a blank side ‘just in case’ someone loves the piece, but not the added art work.  Either way it’s a WIN!

It’s now in my space at Stars Antiques in Portland.

Outdated pink and brown shelf

This is what it looked like originally.

I had an entire pink and brown section back when we had our store.

Close up of edging detail.  It’s actually a BIG old picture frame we used as moulding for the shelf.

Here’s the picture frame as we bought it:

It was big!  Too big to fit into my small SUV; had to send Michael back to get it.   And gaudy in all it’s black and gold splendor.

When I laid it out to start painting it, I noticed a few ‘peeling spots’.  It wasn’t just some PAINT peeling off.  It was covered with PAPER and the painted paper was peeling off.  So I had to peel the entire thing before I could start painting it!  aaaargggggggggghhhhhhh!!!  Whose bright idea was it to make this monster into a shelf anyway!?!?!  Oh, yea, that would be me!

But I did finally get it all painted up and Michael got it measured for the shelf and cut and sanded all the shelf components.

To make the painting of the shelf boards easier on my and my ever aching back, I painted the interior shelving pieces BEFORE Michael put the shelf together. 

Once all those were painted, Michael built the shelf and I painted the outside brown.

And off she went to be the cornerstone of our pink and brown section in the store.  She hadn’t sold by the time we closed the store, so we took her to Stars.  Didn’t sell at Stars, so we took her to Camas, and built up a whole pink room theme again.


This little table was just re-done in white, as mentioned in  the previous post.

Again, th pink stuff just wasn’t selling, so we put it all at HALF PRICE.  Most of it sold, but not the shelf.  sigh.  I was ready to be DONE with pink and one big pink shelf just looked so out-of-place with no other pink stuff, so we brought it home for a makeover.

And here’s how it looks now.  Very pale gray on the outside and the interior is a slightly darker gray.  Don’t say it!  I know!  It would have been better to make the interior lighter and the exterior darker.  BUT I have a very good reason for doing it this way.  It would have taken me DAYS and a lot of additional back pain to hand paint with a brush the insides of that shelf.  So I used spray paint, and the gray spray paint ‘is what it is’ and that is a medium gray.  And the only other gray I had was this lighter gray to use on the exterior. 

I think it will look just stunning filled with all white components.

I sanded the edges of the frame just a tiny bit to add some depth.  Still mulling over whether or not I want to add some glaze to darken the crevasses.

For now it’s in storage, but will be headed to Camas the next time we are ready for Michael to make a trip with the truck and trailer.


Another table

Another table from this day of shabby shopping last summer, as was the one I showed yesterday.

I had wanted one of these two-tiered tables forEVER.

Because of all the curves and creases on this table, I opted to use SPRAY paint on it. Sanded the top tier, then gave the rest of it a quick dose of spray on KILZ primer. Then one entire can of cream colored satin spray paint.

Did all the distressing with my hand held orbital sander.

I opted to NOT use my beloved RL glaze on this table. Only because I was working on it at the same time as the one I showed yesterday and I wanted to have the contrast, and see which sells first.

It will look much more elegant in our bigger space at Stars in a couple of weeks, with vintage glassware adorning the tiers.

Can’t find a handle that fits???

We run into this QUITE often when we are re-doing old furniture pieces with drawers or doors.    My preference is to look for items that had SINGLE HOLE knobs or pulls if some are missing.  Easy to replace.  BUT, for older items with TWO hole knobs missing, finding a NEW knob or pull that fits those holes can be a challenge, to say the least.

IF you are totally sanding and refinishing the item, you can fill the  just  holes with putty before you paint and then drill new holes to fit your new hardware.  But, if you ‘just need a new pull’ check out THIS cute and simple idea!

Such a fun look.  I might even have to try it ‘on purpose’ and not just out of desperation!

Outdated/updated wall plaque

Thrift store white wall plaque

Painted black and sanded to distress:

And hanging in the store!



FINALLY!!! A project to share!

Just a little one, but a project none the less.   Have had these old electric carriage lantern housings sitting around for quite some time.

I scrubbed them up, scraped off the peeling paint, gave then a dose of fresh white spray paint, and added shells and a candle.

This is the biggest one.  Trying to decide if I want to ‘sponge paint’ on a little bit of sandy brown color to the metal housing of the smaller ones before adding the candle and shells.


Candle lantern re-do

Got this little wood candle lantern base at the thrift store a while ago

Cleaned it up, painted it black, sanded it a bit, added a grubby taper candle and a thrift store glass globe.

I’m guessing it originally had one of the taller ‘more typical’ type of glass globes.  And I have some of those that I could have used.  But this squatty one fit and made it more unique!


Prettied up tool totes

No ‘before’ pictures for these (my BAD!)

This one was originally unfinished.  I painted it black, sanded it, used a foam stamp for the fluer de lis.

This one was already painted blue, but a bit too bright for me.  I dry brushed over it with white, then did the foam stamp design in chocolate brown.

SO, what could these be used for now that they are all prettied up?

In the bathroom to hold toiletries or wash cloths or towels.

On a desk to hold mail or stationary.

In the living room for the remotes.

On the table for salt and pepper and napkins.

What else could they be used for????