Ginormous cubby shelf!

I found this baby at the Habitat ReStore in Bend, while Michael and I were there for my son’s wedding in August.

P1220427I’m not sure why there are those two ‘double’ opening in the middle there!?!?!  I think perhaps it was designed for a specific purpose.  All the wood was very well sanded and ‘ready to paint’.  Just had to dust it off a bit.

P1220426It’s nearly 3 feet tall!  And that’s a LOT of cubbies to paint.  Thank goodness it came sans any backing; much easier to paint that way.

Even without any backing, it took DAYS to get it painted.  I painted all the cubbies first, then added the painted backing.  A backing makes a HUGE difference.

P1220682Lots of room to display thing on it!

It is now in my booth at Stars;  $120.00.


Never enough frames!  I’m always on the look out for frames.  Here are my recent finds:

These will probably be made into dry erase boards since they still have glass.

Fun cubby shelf. 

Great vintage ones that I can sell ‘as is’.

Won’t these be cute to remake for Valentine’s Day?  Paint them white and glaze them.  Maybe even make the heart part into a chalk board for ‘love notes’.

Nice BIG one.

A casuality!  I dropped this one in the parking lot and it broke in half.  Hopefully I can put it back together.



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