After the sale . . .

VERY seldom do I get to see how the items that I make and sell end up being used in their new homes.  So it’s a real treat when I do get to see pictures of what people did with the things they bought from me.  Here are a few custom ordered signs that I made, and how they look in their new homes.

1.1.13 etsy signs boxes 070Distressed ‘NUDE BEACH’ sign ordered via my etsy shop by a mother to be.

icm_fullxfull_30376099_rdt6hvbctasowkwws8soShe was decorating the nursery in a beach theme, and hung the ‘Nude Beach’ sign above the changing table.  Too cute!

6.13.13 signs etsy 003


A friend ordered both of these.  One for a baby shower gift for a relative, and one for her own personal family photo wall that she was starting now there her boys are getting married and having babies.

1013004_10200223381850445_1781226921_nAt the baby shower.

946557_597919186905006_1965622248_nAnd hanging in the baby’s room.

house of Wong pictureAnd the family portrait wall.  (pics from the next wedding coming soon!)

I just mailed out two recent etsy custom sign orders.  Working on eight more right now, and have a couple more to get done before Christmas.  

Who KNEW that ‘sign making’ would become such a huge part of what I do?!?! 


Darn BEES!!!!

ACK!!  I got stung TWICE yesterday.  Didn’t even see ’em coming!  Had walked outside and was barely ten steps from the house and got stung on my right hand index finger, almost on the knuckle.  Went back in.  Put a baking soda paste and some ice on it.  Michael had come home, so I warned him to be careful if he went back out.  

Then I needed to go back out to put something outside to dry, flapping my hands and arms all the way to AVOID getting stun again.  Didn’t help.  Got it again on my right forearm.   Took Benadryl and got the ice pack back out to put on my arm.  They are even itchier today.  Hand looks like I was in a boxing match; knuckle all red and swollen.  The one on my arm isn’t as red,  but I’ve got a tennis ball size knot, that itches like mad!  

Remembering last year, it was about this time when I got stung on the chest and ended up needing steroids for a month!  (apparently I hadn’t gotten the whole stinger out, and they CONTINUE to release venom!)  I’m afraid to put anything on them for the itch because last year the doctor said, ‘all the anti-itch stuff’ I tried made it worse.  Cortisone cream, Benadryl cream, calamine lotion, lavender oil . . . 

Anyone got a good HOME REMEDY to help the ITCH!  The only thing that helps right now is an ice pack.  But I can’t sit around and hold ice packs all day!

Have gotten a few projects finished up in the last week.

This little apothecary chest has gone in my  etsy shop.

PERSONALIZED Cottage signs available on etsy too.

Personalized wedding signs on etsy.

Custom name plaques for kids rooms or ANY room; also on etsy.

Starfish peg rack on etsy too.  This is a close up picture of just a PART of it, to better show the detail.  It had FIVE starfish and four pegs.  I have a similar ‘beachy blue’ one in my booth at Stars too.

FINALLY finished up this thrifted bread box!  It’s been painted and sanded for MONTHS whilst I pondered HOW to decorate it.  Finally decided to go with the beach theme.  (was considering a Paris stencil)

This is what it originally looked like.

Had the same issue with these vintage wood canisters.  Sanded, painted and sanded them again and then ‘got stuck’ on what to do as the finishing touch.  

Took me forever to find ‘just the right starfish’ in graduated sizes for the fronts of these, but I love how they turned out.  These and the bread box will be going to Stars.  


CUSTOMIZED / PERSONALIZED SIGNS now available in my etsy shop

Customized signs are available to order again in my etsy shop!    

See the listing  HERE  for ordering specifics.

Since I can only show 5 pictures in the etsy listing, this post is just an extension of the listing, to show more examples; and how some of the signs look displayed in a store setting:

As you can see in this picture, the WHITE lettering just doesn’t show up as well as the black.  But I CAN do white lettering.

I use 2″ letter stamps for these signs.  How BIG a custom ordered sign will be TOTALLY depends upon how many letters it contains.

With this letter set that I use, there is NO CHOICE of capital vs. lower case letters.  There is ONE version of each letter only, as shown; and all the same height.

My custom signs can be created to suit just about ANY decor style!  Shabby chic, folk art primitive, beach cottage chic, Paris apartment chic, country cottage, French Country, whimsical or elegant!

It’s a MULTI-STEP process.  Cut, sand, paint basecoat, paint topcoat, sand, letter, sand, touch up edges, varnish!  whew!

I can do ANY color.  It’s BEST if you can SHOW ME the color you want; preferably select your color from what you see amongst these sample signs.

One or two lines?  Depends on the words you want and HOW they will fit best.  Signs LONGER than 36″ will be quite spendy to ship.  I don’t mind MAKING them if you don’t mind the high shipping cost.  I only charge EXACT shipping cost; and refund any overage paid on shipping after order has shipped.

Shades of blue.

Primitive and cottage colors.

More color examples.

Same lettering; different size borders.  I will usually make the custom signs with a border like the size shown on the red pantry sign.  If you want LESS or MORE of a border, just ask!

Wider border.

Want a GROUP of signs?  Like above, or Live, Laugh, Love below?  I can do that.

A few SYMBOLS are also available, and priced the same as the letters @ $2.00 each.  There is the above fleur de lis.  A heart. A star. A starfish and a scallop shell.



Two stars.


More color samples and size variations.

The ‘SWEET SHOP’ font is NOT available.  (sorry!)

Custom order your sign via my etsy shop HERE.

Signs, signs, everywhere SIGNS!

LOTS of new signs recently listed for sale in my etsy shop.  Here are just a few:

And about TWENTY more!  Click on the link at the top of the post and have a look!






LOTSA new signs now in my etsy shop

Finally got some finished signs listed in my etsy shop:



The sign making marathon continues

Here are a few of the first batch of signs hanging in the store:

And on to the next round!

And the start of getting that batch hung in the store:

New batch of signs in the store

I can also create custom ordered signs!  Just ask.


BIG game boards.  Lost more in the works in all sizes and colors.  Custom orders available on these too!




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New signs from old fenceboards

And I’ve still got FOUR of those wonderful old blue boards to make more!