Pumpkins: plain, fancy & funky!!

Made this batch of plain pumpkins a couple of weeks ago for a wholesale account:

I wanted something ‘different’ to put in our spaces at Stars and Camas though.

This pile of cut out pumpkins sat for WEEKS, awaiting inspiration.

I love the different things the big wholesale companies do with pumpkins.  Different colors, different designs carved onto them.  Decided to use that as my inspiration.  Painted them cream, tan and black.

And used foam stamps to add designs to them.

And here they are, on display in Camas:



And some little glittered and painted gourd centerpieces:

Silver and grey on a grey pedestal plate.

Black and white in a black wire spider basket.

And at Stars with the beachy blue decor.

And some black and brown at Stars.

These wood proch pumpkins are ‘free standing’, and have a ‘make-do bracket’ on the back, like this:

Michael cut the brackets out of scrap wood; 2×6’s for the smaller ones and 4×4 posts for the larger ones.  He attached ours using an ‘air nailer’ throught the front.  It leaves ‘barely visible’ nail holes.  If you don’t have an air nailer, you could use a weather proof industrial adhesive.  **IMPORTANT TIP**  Do NOT line your bracket up PERFECTLY EVEN with the bottom of your pumpkin.  It needs to be about 1/8th of an inch UP from the bottom.  Otherwise your pumpkins will TIP FORWARD.  You want them to ‘lean back’ just a TAD.

GOTTA have some pretty turquoise glittery ones too!