Oval pedestal table

I showed you this third oval table in the last post about the nesting tables.  Here’s the ‘how I did it’.

I’ve had this old pedestal sitting around for quite some time; pondering what to do with it.

This oval piece of wood was in a batch of stuff that was left behind at Michael’s house when I moved last summer; that I recently picked up.  It was the perfect size to use as a table top for the pedestal.  Since the pedestal was a dark brown, I did a dark brown base coat on the oval.  Two coats of aqua and lots of sanding.  I wanted his one SUPER distressed.


I painted the base aqua and distresses it to bring out all the pretty detail.  Once both were painted, it was time to put the two together.


Fortunately for me this pedestal base already had a cross bar for attaching to a top already in place.  (had it not come with one, it’s pretty easy to make and attach one)  First ‘found center’ on the underside of the table and marked it.  Then I glued the base to the top with e6000; and let that set overnight.  Then two screws on either side of the cross bar to.  Most people will JUST use screws.  I prefer to ‘glue and screw’.  (and if you’ve ever watched “Holmes Makes it Right”, Mike Holmes is a proponent of ‘glue and screw’!)

And here is the finished table in my booth at Stars.  I especially like that it is MUCH more distressed than the other two.


This is the current front view of my booth; the trio of tables is right behind this stuff.

Rescued oval coffee table

This poor neglected coffee table!  It has been awaiting a makeover for YEARS!!!  (seriously!)  We picked it up at a yard sale a couple of summers ago, I sanded the top then couldn’t decide what to do with it.  Sometimes I just have to wait a while for something to ‘speak to me’.  Well, this table just wasn’t very talkative, or maybe it’s that other projects were screaming to me . . . I dunno!

Regardless, it remained un-re-done and in the way for so long that Michael got tired of it and put it up in the rafters of the workshop to get it out of the way and of course then every time I wanted to work on it he wasn’t home to get it down for me (and it’s HEAVY!). 

Alas, we had a beautiful sunny Sunday and I told Michael I was having a PAINTING MARATHON and to get that sucker down because it was getting painted!  Along with a whole mess of benches and shelves.

I didn’t know yet what I was going to do with those HOLES on either end, but figured I’d paint it anyhow and FORCE myself to come up with a solution.  It’s really a nice SOLID wood table; probably maple.  Looks like it had those little ‘rails’ on either end; or maybe wood buttons.

I painted on a light coat of black, and sanded to let the wood show through, then applied a coat of matte varnish.

For the holes I decided to attach little wood stars.

And here’s the finished product displayed in the store:

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