Just add paint!

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 065LOVE this style of wood box.  I’ve found several of them over the years.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 066

 Depending on how you paint them, you can really make them go with ANY decor.

2.2.13 stars Michael etsy 067

This is one of those wood/resin type bowls.  Not sure what the skinny trench bowl is made of, but I envisioned it painted beachy blue and filled with seashells.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 061A couple of coats of paint and some sanding and voila!

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 063Might use this one in my booth at Stars and fill it with white dishes.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 060Same paint and sanding for the other two.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 058Except I didn’t sand the insides of these two.  On the rectangle shaped one I was able to use my orbital sander to sand the inside.  No electric sander of any kind will fit inside these round and oval shapes to sand them.

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 057YOU (literally YOU) could hand sand the insides, but with my bad spine I can’t handle that kind of manual labor.  So I settle for unsanded insides.  The bowls are usually filled with stuff anyhow, so you won’t really notice the insides haven’t been distressed.

Can you tell that I ma using a LIGHTER shade of my beachy blue color this year?  I WISH I could give you the color recipe, but I just mix a little of this and a little of that until I get the color I want.




Old wooden bowls

I’ve been painting old wooden bowls for a long time.  They are plentiful at garage sales, thrift stores and estate sales.  Some I’ve painted just plain colors.  Some I paint black first, then a color, then sand and distress.  If I’m feeling VERY patient, I’ll even paint a design inside the bowl.  (Painting on a curved surface is a SLOW process!)

I had a big ole stash of bowls that I wanted to do ‘something different’ with this time though.  Here’s what I came up with. 

Dug out some old wood candlesticks that were painted in ‘out of style’ colors and overpainted them black.  You can buy these unfinished at craft stores.

Got out some wood bases from my stash (these, too, you can buy at any craft store)

Basecoated the bases black, painted the bowls (which I forgot to take a ‘before’ picture of !) black also.  Then picked out an assortment of blues and greens to paint all three components.  Sanded them, epoxied them together and here is the finished product:

I’ve used them in my current ‘birsnest’ display and filled them with eggs, but the blues would be pretty filled with seashells too, or even a candle (but not to burn!)  Or pretty glittery ornaments at Christmastime!

OUR WEBSITE:  www.cscrafts.com/aj.html

Old wood bowls

Old wood salad bowls like these are plentiful at garage sale and thrift stores.  With just a little bit of painting and sanding you can update them to go with any color scheme.

If they are HEAVILY lacquered, you’ll need to sand away the sheen before painting them; OR use a spray on primer like KILZ.    The finish on this particular stack  of bowls was worn enough that I was able to go straight to painting.  I had another smaller set of bowls that I sprayed with the KILZ first.

I painted both sets various shades of aqua, then sanded and distressed them a bit.  The bigger set has dark finish showing through, and the smaller set has the white primer coat showing through.

Here’s what they look like inside:

I just LOVE how these blue bowls look on this green cupboard!!