Just a few more aqua tables . . .

Nothing new or different or exciting.  Just some more old tables that I repainted aqua.  Same old, same old!  But HEY!  They SELL!!


I can’t even count how many of this exact same style of tables I have done over the years!  A very basic, simple style.  One of those put it together yourself ‘kit’ tables.

P1160364The top had a fair amount of warping from water damage.  I suppose I could have spent HOURS sanding it to a perfectly flat surface.  But the more time I spend on a project, the more I have to charge for it.  Sometimes it’s worth the ‘investment’ (of time and effort); sometimes not.  In this case it was not.  You just can’t charge that much for a little table like this.

P1160365So I ‘worked with’ the flaws and distressed the rest of the table accordingly.

P1160367Very similar to the previous one, but not water damaged; and this one had been base-coated (POORLY so! very splotchy) with white.  I thought about continuing with the white, but then I remembered how many times in the past I have had to haul white pieces back home from my booth, to repaint aqua, because they didn’t sell!

P1160371Just a few bits of distressing on this one as I didn’t want a lot of the white to show through.

P1160374BIG, oval Danish style coffee table with lovely curved legs, but quite a scratched up top.

P1160376I was dealing with ‘weather issues’ when I painted these three pieces.  It turned really DAMP out overnight and I found them COVERED with stuck on gnats the next morning!!!  ACK!!  And the paint was WETTER than the day before.  Had to wipe off the first layer of paint and finish painting them inside the house.  Turned the washer/dryer into a make-do painting station.

I REALLY got behind on my furniture painting last summer because it was SO dang hot outside!!  I just can’t handle working outside in over 90 degree temps; which we had for MOST of the summer.  Hottest summer on record for Oregon, I think they had said.

Consequently, no really BIG furniture pieces for me this year.  sigh.  Oh well, the small ones always sell better.  But the big pieces LOOK so fabulous in my booth!

P1160382All three of these tables have gone to my booth at Stars Antique Mall in Portland.


One fine day

This time of year (and the preceding 7 months really!) ‘nice days’ are few and far between.  I watch the evening news weather reports and literally plan my week around it, IF a ‘nice day’ is predicted.  What IS a nice day to a Pacific Northwester?  Any day that is DRY and warm enough to work outside wearing a jacket.   SUNSHINE is not definitive to nice days here.  Monday was a GORGEOUS day!  SUNNY and warm!  I’ve had ‘outside painting projects’ piled up for MONTHS, awaiting a day like that!

Sweet little desk.  This one was going to have to be SPRAY painted in order to get paint into that open drawer space.  Need to be sure I have a NOT windy ‘nice day’ for spray painting.

Another spray paint candidate.  When I tried to straighten that dowel it popped right out!  Ended up leaving them out, after trying unsuccessfully to permanently attach them.

Yep, another one to spray paint!  Lucky for me, spray paint was JUST on sale and I got 4 cans of white.  Spray paint is getting SO dang expensive.  The cost to spray paint an item is something to consider when selecting project pieces.

Lightly hand sanded this one to distress.  Still debating on applying ‘something’ on the desktop area.  Old book pages maybe?  OR I’ve got lots of old floral wall paper samples.  OR I could stencil a design on??

Just may leave this one ‘as is’ and not distress it.  Still thinking on it.

Need to sand this one for a bit MORE distressing, and may stencil a design in the center.  Looks a tad bare without those decorative turned dowels.  It took 3 cans of spray paint to cover these three pieces.

This one I had primed previously, but ran out of painting time.  I have another similar, but BIGGER 2 tier drum table  like this.  Can’t wait to see how they look stacked together!

This table had a shiny varnish, so needed to be primed (or sanded) before painting.  Due to all the details, priming was going to be quicker and easier than sanding.  THIS is how ‘heavily’ you need to apply brush on primer.  It does not need to completely cover the surface.  Just quickly ‘slap it on’!

After 2 coats of paint.

And distressed.

Michael built the 2 bigger benches for me.  I built the little pink one YEARS ago!

Couple of little thrifted benches.  ALWAYS on the look out for little benches and step stools like these.  They are great for adding height to displays AND they always SELL well!

Painted and distressed.

This one is more of an ‘end table’ size than a bench.  Just lightly distressed it.  Pondered painting stripes on the top.  May still do so.  Most of the striped aqua/white stuff I did last year sold quickly.

Forgot the before pis on this one!  Was just stained, no varnish; so a very quick sanding was all the prep it needed.

Distressed and ready to go.

Stencil something on the top maybe????

Not bad for ONE days work, eh??


Busy getting ready to deliver to the show on Sunday, and kind of forgot to post in my blog!?!? 

This is the BIG shelf I got at the estate sale earlier this month, and hadn’t yet taken a picture of because it was still in the back of my car, waiting for Michael to help me remove it.  Is that the PERFECT ‘Sophie color’ or what?!?!  How’s that for serendipity?

Michael got this awesome old door.  It’s pretty grubby, dark wood color on the other side and still has house numbers on the back too.  (It’s too heavy for me to even turn around to take a pic of the back!)  The white paint on this side is very cracked, and worn away in some spots.

After I cleaned it up a little and did a little power sanding; can you see what color is peeking out from underneath?  Serendipity, indeed.  Not quite sure how we are going to use this door.  will have to get to it after the show.

The shelf ‘seemed to be’ in pretty bad shape at first glance.  Very grimey and dirty; but most of it came off with soap and water, and the rest with a bit of sanding.

The undercoat is white, so it distressed quite nicely.  For now I’ve taken it to Stars, but it’s NOT for sale.  It’s PILED full of small  stuff:

A few more small pieces I just finished up that are destined for the show:

Sturdy little 2 tier table or plant stand; before distressing.

And after distressing.  I was amazed at how closely my paint color matched the vintage shelf!

This table was originally black, hence the dark distressing.

This little table had a lighter, ‘blonde’ finish and a routed design on the top.

After distressing.

Both of these will be going to the show.  The turquoise stuff has been selling SO well at Stars that I don’t have a whole lot of it left for the show; but I HAD to hold back a few pieces of our ‘signature color’.    In fact, I was just at Stars re-stocking today and by the time I got home they had called to tell me that three more pieces of the turquoise furniture had just sold!

The ones that got away!

A couple of recent pieces managed to ‘escape my new papering addiction’!

Sweet, petite half-table.  I just LOVE these things!

The top was pretty bad, but the legs are in great shape; and it IS solid oak!  Had to sand the top quite a bit to get out all the scratches.

Then a good 2 coats of my trusty flat black spray paint!  The reason I chose NOT to paper this table is the top is curved, notched and beveled.    would have been difficult to get the paper to perfectly match that outline.

Oak is probably my FAVORITE wood to ‘hand distress’, using a sanding sponge, as shown’.  I just wanted to lightly distress this piece, so it was easy with the sanding sponge.  For MOST of the pieces I distress, I use an orbital (electric) sander.  With my bad back I can only do the super easy stuff by hand.  ***SPECIAL HINT:  I ALWAYS use COARSE sand paper!  Yes, ALWAYS!!!***

And there she is, all finished.  I may end up going back and applying a quick coat of matte varnish to the top.  But, again, this one was whisked away to the storage garage the other night.

This was the second escapee of the day.  Another little 3 drawer chest.

It escaped being papered because I wanted to use THESE fun knobs.  And the knobs are too white to go with any of the papers.  ***SPEED PAINTING TIP: Use cheapo $.99 a can flat black spray paint as your base coat.  It’s dry almost instantly and ready for the top coat.  Then you just need one, VERY quick coat of paint. 

I found these awesome knobs at Michael’s craft store!

WHAT KIND OF PAINT DO YOU USE?  I get asked that a LOT.  I ONLY buy Ralph Lauren brand paint on my furniture pieces.  I’ve tried a few less expensive brands and paid DEARLY for that mistake.  It may cost a little more to BUY RL brand paint; but it’s LESS costly to USE!  You need fewer coats, get better coverage and it goes on like ‘soft butter on warm toast’.  That difference you pay to BUY it, will save you a lot of TIME and EFFORT down the line.