A few more Christmas banners

P1170325Switching from NOEL to JOY for this batch of banners.

P1170328And used some gold glittered reindeer ornaments on either end.

P1170327Black crepe paper rosettes with oval paper centers and gold glitter letters.

P1170330The metallic blue letters I used on this one don’t LOOK very blue in the picture, but they are a very close match to the light blue crepe paper rosettes.

P1170331Decided to not put anything on either end of this one.

P1170332I kind of like this ‘simpler’ style.

P1170334The reindeer ornaments that I used on the first (and next) one; came in a pair; like this.


Can you see the cute tiny jingle bell necklaces they have on?  Only problem is, they both face the same direction!?!?

P1170336You probably can’t really SEE this, but I took a picture anyhow!  The backs are completely glittered, so I thought maybe I’d just remove the jingle bells so I could face one the opposite direction.  WELL, the bells are just ‘wired on’ with a very thin gold wire that is twisted to stay in place.


I just untwisted it, and it easily pulled out of the two holes; flipped it over and put the bells back on the back side!  Easy peasey!  Ready for another banner!

P1170338Decided to try attaching the banner ribbon to the reindeer’s LEG on this one (as opposed to the MOUTH on the first one)  AND left the clear hanging loop (attached to the antlers) on these to hang from.

P1170325Here’s the first one again.  Ribbon attached  at the mouth and hung from the antlers.

Which banner  placement looks better to you’; attached at the MOUTH or LEG??

P1170341Back to the second reindeer banner now.

P1170340I was a bit ‘iffy’ regarding using the kraft color rosettes on this one, but I DO like it now that it is finished.

P1170338Time to pack away all my Christmas supplies now and get started on VALENTINE stuff.  (seriously!)