Before I forget! The drop leaf lamp table: before & after

The white drop leaf lamp table sold before I even had a chance to post the before and after!  If I don’t do it now, I’ll forget about it!

Drop leaf lamp table BEFORE.

Drop leaf lamp table BEFORE.

Here is what it looked like when I bought it.  And yes, that IS laminate on the top!  Contrary to what many believe, laminate CAN be painted.  It just takes a little more work.  A little sanding to remove the sheen, and a GOOD primer.  (I use KILZ.)

P1190310The drop leaves were NOT laminate!  Yea!  Still a bit of extra work involved for the drop leaves because they need to be painted top AND bottom (because the bottom shows when the leaves are down.

Clean innards!

Clean innards!

Don’t forget to check the drawer innards to be sure they are clean!  (Do ya like my ‘painting shoes’?)

P1190338The ‘bad’ thing about painting laminate is that it does not distress well.  So be sure to keep that in mind when you buy pieces that have laminate.

P1190339You don’t want to ‘overly distress’ the non laminate areas of your piece either.  Since the top of furniture usually get the most wear, lightly distress your laminate top and you that as your gauge as to how much to distress the rest of it.

P1190340This drawer was clean enough that I didn’t NEED to paper it, but I like to anyhow.  EVERYONE always opens and looks into drawers, so I like to give them something to look AT!

P1190341A drop leaf takes nearly twice as long as a regular table to paint because of the extra leaves.  Typically I can paint an entire table ‘all at once’.  Flip it upside down first and paint the lags and undercarriage.  Then stand it upright an paint the top and apron.  Let dry and repeat.

With a drop leaf, you have to paint the undersides of the leaves when you do the legs; but then you have to let all that dry before you flip it and paint the top because you can’t put the leaves down when they are still wet.  AND you have that little ‘notch’ on the top that the leaves lift onto, so you need the leaves down when you paint the top.  I hope that made sense.  The moral is, you’ll need more time than usual to paint a drop leaf!

P1190342Be sure you put both leaves up while you are sanding so you can be sure it looks balanced when it’s opened up like this.

P1190343And that is how I painted the white drop leaf lamp table that sold in less than a week!

Estate sale and thrift store finds

I really am trying my darndest to ‘use what I have’  and get rid of the inventory that I have boxed up and stored and not buy a LOT of new stuff.    Still, it’s a good idea to ‘get out and look’ on a regular basis.  You just never know when you might come across that ‘perfect piece’.  Furniture though is one thing that I don’t have a huge stash of, so I picked up a few things last week at an estate sale and the thrift store.P1150090Thrifted little step ladder.  I really prefer them to be more naturally grubbied up and paint splattered.  But when you can’t find grubby; you can always CREATE grubby.  These little ladders always sell well and are great for displaying on.

P1150091Little wood step stool.  I already did one just like it for my booth at Stars.  Gonna keep this one for myself so I don’t always have to drag out the folding kitchen two-stepper!

P1150089These little carriers always sell well, AND they are great for displaying multiples of things in.

P1150015Neat old wood bench.

P1150026I broke one of my own rules when buying this piece.  I normally don’t buy pieces that the legs need a lot of work on, simply because they have to be hand sanded and it’s very time consuming and labor intensive.  If I can’t make over my pieces in a timely manner, I don’t make any money doing this.  BUT, it you are buying pieces for yourself to keep, the time element really doesn’t apply.   I just might have to KEEP this one!

P1150025See how scratched up the edge is there? It’s like that in several places on the legs too.  I think maybe a baby tiger was teething on it!

P1150017Sweet little drop leaf end table.

P1150021It opens up to quite a bit of room.  I’m really liking (and HUNTING for!) drop leaf items lately.  Nice that they don’t take up a lot of space, but can provide extra space when necessary.

P1150029A cast iron candle pedestal that will probably become a small table base.

The FIRST actually HOT day of the year!

Seriously, I think this is a RECORD late date in the year for it to get HOT.  Hot enough for me to wish the AC at home wasn’t inoperable!  Yesterday was the perfect ‘work outside day’, a little overcast, nice breeze and wonderfully tepid!

Got this little stand painted; still deciding on whether or not to distress it.

One of Michael’s ‘make do’ tables with a bar stool base.  We usually use plywood for the tops; just happened I’d recently found this nice butcher block top at a thrift store to use instead.

Nice drop leaf table. 

This one needed a bit of repair work before I painted it.

Old wood kitchen canisters with DOVE TAILED sides!!  I really hated to cover up the dove tail work with paint, but the old decals were really grubby and HAD to be sanded off.  And if I’m going to do THAT much sanding, I’m GONNA paint!

Also got a couple of ‘built from scratch’ pieces that Michael built painted.  A crazy productive day.  Making up for it today in the heat!  I can handle about 20 minutes outside then I have to go in and cool off.  Rest of the finished pictures coming soon!