One last Valentine craft!

I thought this flat back ‘half bottle’ was interesting and would led itself to an interesting alteration.


My initial thought was to decorate the flat side; then I had this idea!

P1180257I glued some paper to the flat side with the design facing toward the INSIDE of the bottle.

P1180251It’s quite IMpossible to photograph it well because the flash glares on the glass in the front.  You’ll just have to trust me that it looks pretty cool when you see it in person.

P1180259I really did try taking pictures from EVERY angle!  You can at least SEE the paper in this one (it just has some scribbled writing on it.)

P1180260Still trying to get the ‘perfect picture’!  To no avail!

P1180252I did the flat glass things on top of this one.  BUT I had to use three of them, because the neck on this one was very concave, so I glued (e6000) the first one curved side down.  Then the second one ‘flat side to flat side’, then a small one on top.

P1180253Tied on a little key with some sheer white ribbon.  Made this one all white, so I can leave it out AFTER Valentine’s day.  Would make a cute little wedding or anniversary gift, no?

P1180255You can see the topper better in this picture.

And that is the last of the Valentine themed items for me.  My Valentine craft supplies have been packed up and taken to the storage garage!

Time to start on spring the Easter things!

Altered jars

P1070393Finished another batch of altered jars.  


Two layers of scrapbook paper and a vintage prescription label (bought on etsy) on this one.

P1070396Sheer ribbon and a vintage key around the top.


Very vintage looking.

P1070398Two layers of papers and a ‘flat key’ embellishment.  I found these flat keys at the craft store in the scrapbook section.  I think it was a package of 8 assorted sizes and styles.  PERFECT for projects like this as they are flat on the back and easy to glue to a flat surface, but still ‘raised’ enough to look fairly realistic.

P1070397And some ribbon around the neck.

P1070400A little chipboard bird-cage on the label of this one.  A tiny repro skeleton key around the neck.

P1070399Added a vintage white ceramic knob to the lid of this one. (glued on with e6000)

P1070402These have all available for purchase in my booth at Stars.

P1070401Stars is open seven days a week; 11am – 6pm.

Little fixer upper

Found this at the thrift store.  (this pic was taken AFTER I had sanded it) I think it was originally an IKEA mirror, with the mirror missing.  Doesn’t matter.  I just CANNOT pass up frames!

So I sanded off the shiney brown finish and went rummaging through my box of wood embellishments to get inspired.

What I found was THIS; a little broken piece that came off a sign.  Glued it on with a dab of e6000 and let it dry.

Then spray painted it pink.  (I needed a wee bit of a break from all the Robin’s egg blue stuff I’ve been painting lately, as you see in the background!)

I may search out some pretty pink ribbon to make a hanger for it.

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