Updated little armoir

5.13.13 mancave ETSY 025Cute little armoir I found at the thrift store.  Knob on the right drawer was broken off (but stashed in the drawer!)

5.13.13 mancave ETSY 026I was unable to remove the knobs and put on all new ones, so I crossed my fingers and glued the broken one back in place with my trusty e6000 adhesive.  It worked!

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 005I decided to go with white spray paint for this one; and leave the inside blue.  Just taped some paper to the insides of the doors while I painted.  The paint coverage was fine, but now that the crystal knobs were all white, it was a little bland.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 007After a bit of rummaging through my craft supplies I happened upon some little fake rhinestones.   Put them on each of the knobs and a few more good measure.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 008The contrast of the blue inside shows up much better in person.  Glad I decided to leave it.

Haven’t decided which mall space this will be going to just yet.