For the past several emails I have sent out to the list, I have gotten an extremely high number of ‘returned / undeliverable’ ones from certain email servers. 

If your email server is:




the emails I have tried to send to you have been bounced back.  I’m not sure why this is all of a sudden.  Perhaps your server recently upgraded their spam protection and you need to somehow ‘approve’ the store’s email address in order to receive the emails from me???  Maybe there is some adjustment you need to make in your email settings.  You might want to contact your server and ask. 

I DO know that there is nothing I can do from my end of things.  The only way I can send the emails to so many people at once is by sending them ‘in bulk’.  But I send them ‘bcc’ (blind carbon copy) so no one else sees any of the addresses. 

So, if you are on the email list, but not getting emails every two weeks, and you WANT to get the emails, you need to do a little detective work with your email program and/or email provider.

If all else fails, and you really, REALLY want to get the emails but can’t figure out how to get them via your current server, you can always sign up for a free email account with Yahoo.  I actually PREFER using Yahoo for my email rather than our server.  This way, if our server is down, or if I need to work from a different computer, I can.   I’ve had all kinds of ‘server problems’ over the years; but never a problem with using Yahoo for my email.

Sorry for the inconvenience!  Ain’t technology grand?!?!?! 


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