Updated vintage cedar boxes

P1240125Forgot to take a ‘before’ picture on this one, but it’s pretty easy to imagine what it originally looked like.


The outside of the lid looked pretty much the same as the inside!  These old cedar boxes are pretty heavily varnished, so a good sanding was necessary before painting.

P1240734Sanded.  Painted.  Sanded again.  Carved wood applique painted and added.  Matte varnish.


And of course, a ‘little something’ inside!


I had this EXACT one when I was little.  Still have it ‘somewhere’ filled with little treasures from my childhood.


Same steps as the first one.  Sanded.  Painted.  Sanded again to distress.


Decided to line the bottom of this one with some pretty scrap book paper.


The hinges and clasp were not removable, so I just painted over them, then sanded away some of the paint afterwards.


After trying out several different embellishments, I settled upon this tiny metal plate that reads ‘live  love  laugh’.  Glued it on with e6000.


If my hands were less arthritic, I would have done more ‘detail sanding’ around the carvings on the lid to enhance them a bit more.  OR you could add an antiquing medium to bring them out more.  I’m TRYING to stick with the ‘less is more’ mantra in my make-overs right now.  Choosing to slow down before life and old age FORCE me to do so.

A few new paper pretties

Well I haven’t had time to break into my new GINORMOUS Costco pack of embellishments, but I did finish up a few other little projects to show you.

OUR WEBSITE:  www.cscrafts.com/aj.html

More playing with paper . . . .

This is one of the vintage repro post cards we just got in.  I simply plopped it into this pretty glittery pink picture frame.

I got these journals over a year ago.  Love the aged, lined paper inside, but the covers just ‘didn’t grab me’.  And obviously didn’t grab many of my customers because I don’t think I’ve sold a one of them!

Time for a make-over!  I started with these assorted embellishments purchased at the craft store:

Then rifled through my paper stash to find papers that suited the embellishments AND the color of the covers of the journals.  Slapped on some paper and embellishments and VOILA!

Close up of each one:

And a few more framed paper craft thingys:

Left space in the middle for a photograph on this ‘baby girl’ one:

I REALLY need a new (better!) digital camera so I can take close up pictures!  sigh.  Maybe, someday.

FOR SALE: Huge bundles of assorted papers & embellishments!

I have TWO of these paper crafting packets.  I spent more than eight hours cutting, compiling and assembling these ONE POUND packets.  They may not look like much packed up all tidy in these 8×10 pattern bags . . . .

A SOLID POUND OF PAPER FUN for just $29.95!!

Here is what all each packet contains:

Vintage papers; including pages from hymnals, old blank ledger pages, vintage graphics, vintage cookbook pages and lots more!

Vintage color pages; including scenery pages, vintage comic book pages and some vintage Valentine cards.

Assorted smalls and embellishments including; nine yards of fun fibers, tickets, holiday bags, alphabet stamps, assorted playing cards, note cards w/ envelopes and plain manila tags.  Also an envelope filled with fabric embellishing flowers.  (it just took me SO LONG to neatly place them in an envelope that I didn’t want to take them out (and then have to put them right back in!) for the picture!

Assorted new papers including; 6×6 and smaller sheets of handmade papers, new papers, scraps and bits, a few newly printed vintage style images and colored index cards.

LOTS of new acid/lignen free 6×6 sheets!

This item can be shipped in a flat rate priority envelope.  I have FIVE sets, all mostly the same, but some variances in paper designs.  I will be putting some other smaller paper packets in Sophie’s on-line marketplace, but probably not any more this gigantic.

(so that others know it’s taken)  Then proceed immediately with payment:
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Email your payment to:  folkartoriginals@yahoo.com 
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