Shabby chic end tables at Curiosities (outdated – updated)

Temporarily being a ‘one computer household’ isn’t leaving me much time to blog lately!  Mostly been busy working on little Christmas projects for my booths.  Lots of half-finished projects from last year.  Nothing really new and exciting  . . or even ‘blog worthy’!

FIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIInally got this pair of end tables finished up:

Got them a while back; the time I found several tables for $1.00 each at the GW outlet store.  (which reminds me!  I need to stop by there again soon!)

10.25.13 BOTH + etsy + projects 007I had already base coated them with white paint, so I decided to stay white.  For some, lately, I seem to be getting asked why I don’t ever do other colors besides ‘my blue’.  Um, well . . . .mostly because the blue stuff SELLS!!

10.25.13 BOTH + etsy + projects 001But then of course I start questioning this method of madness and wonder if I SHOULD do more whites once in a while.  Can’t hurt to try, eh?  So, these got painted a creamy white and distressed.

10.31.13 both malls 080And are now in my booth at Curiosities; $59.00 each.

Last week at both malls I spent most of my time packing up left over Halloween stuff and PREarranging in preparation of taking my Christmas stuff in this week.

10.31.13 both malls 071This big vintage rusty enamel top table with chrome legs is $95.00 at Curiosities.

10.31.13 both malls 070I just took in this HUGE black upcycled  tray too; surrounded it with all my primitive kitchen wares.

10.31.13 both malls 088And I FINALLY found some old frames to paint!!  I cannot believe how long that ‘frame dry spell’ lasted!?!?!  Frames are ALWAYS on my “look for” list; but I’ve not found any for ages!  Found a few more AFTER these too!  Sure hope this plentiful frames trend continues; as they too always sell well for me.

10.31.13 both malls 096Christmas decor coming next!!

Finally! . . . .PICTURES!!

Here’s whats new in my space at Stars:

Lots of great Valentine goodies and awesome vintage enamel top table in my booth at Stars.

Great patina, just the right amount of rust here and there.  Table price is $125.00.

HUGE vintage #1 locker.  I should have had Michael stand IN it to emphasize how BIG it is.  Great industrial chic storage space.  A one of a kind and once in a lifetime vintage find!  Priced at $165.00.

I couldn’t resist hanging  a sweet cherub wall vase on the grubby locker!

White wicker child size chair.

Little round metal table.

My very favorite new addition to the booth!  Those two ginormous aqua candle lanterns.  All the other stuff in the booth detracts from the awesomeness of them a bit.  I’ll move them ‘front and center’ the next time I switch things around.

They’re big enough to really create a ‘vignette’ in each one.  I’m absolutely DRUNK with excitement over the different display possibilities!  This first time I filled them both with clear glass pedestal dishes with cloche tops and little glass hearts under the cloches.

After taking these pictures, I realized that CLEAR stuff didn’t really display very well because of all the glare from the lantern glass.

Plus, they just don’t SHOW UP very well.  Oh well, I have a multitude of other display ideas to try again soon.

Close up of the little glass heart orns on the pedestals.

So, a week went by and I changed the display in them my next trip in.

Put all my white cherub statues/vases inside the lanterns; and added a battery operated votive or two.

Better.  For now.  I foresee RED going in to them next week!

LOTS of new hand stitched felt ‘conversation’ hearts.

SWEET vintage reproduction Valentine cards.

Gotta have some GLITTER!

Pretty gift packaged sweets for your sweetie!

Guilt free chocolate candy CANDLES.

Altered Valentine candy box.

More zero calorie chocolate candles.

Two tier vintage dessert plate.

Cupcake trinket boxes.

Vintage style red pom pom ribbon and cute little cupid baby.


Pair of vintage plaster cherubs.

Large bull pitcher and little bull creamer.

Eiffel Towers.

Tiffany blue PARIS suitcase.

Wood slat picnic baskets; one with lid, one open top.

More hand stitched hearts in neutral shades.

Need shopping therapy???