Recent finds

Went to an awesome estate sale last week and found some great stuff!


I won’t even tease you by telling you how LITTLE I paid for all of this!!  But I WILL tell you about the great folks that put on the estate sale; Kathy’s Estate and Moving Sales.  Truly the nicest estate sale people you will EVER meet, and they have VERY reasonable prices.  Sign up for their email list to receive email notification with PICTURES of each of their sales.  If you are extremely ‘bargain minded’ as I am, be sure to go on the LAST DAY of the sale when all items priced under $50.00 are 50% off!

I can never resist a cute little vanity chair!  Be sure to check UNDER the seat to see if it has screws for easy removal and recovering.  That little wood stool might end up getting paired with the big cutting board to create a little side table.  I never pass up little wood step stools!

I have NO idea what I’m going to do with those two tall white floral arrangement stands, but they were too fabulous to leave behind!  That sweet little picnic basket came with a ‘pie shelf’.  It’s pretty rare to find them with their original pie shelf, which is super handy for not squashing your picnic food!  OOPS!!  I forgot to take the stuff that I had them pack inside the picnic basket out for the picture.  It was some vintage milk glass dishes.

Some other recent finds:  cute oval night stand, pair of kid’s chairs (another things I never pass up!) a basic and boring end table, a big sturdy bar stool and a solid oak cubby shelf with scalloped detail.

Set of three wood nesting tables, funky old spice rack, little (jewelry box size) chest of drawers, shelf/hutch with heart cut out (which will be done away with!) and wood crate with metal reinforced edges.

Cute little red end table I found on “Next Door’.  Vintage wig head with VERY elongated neck (because it was for long hair maybe?!?!  IDK!)  Leopard mannequin torso.  Wicker and nesting tables with wrought iron legs, and two cubby shelves with drawers, one with wicker and one with wood.  But I probably won’t keep the drawers with them when I sell them.)

Yes, I have been on a bit of a furniture buying spree.  Reason being that all of a sudden in the last two months I’ve sold a LOT of furniture from my booth at Stars, and I depleted my ‘back stock’ of replacement pieces when I restocked my booth.  NOW I just need a few ‘not so durn HOT’ weather days so I can get outside and paint, paint . . .PAINT!!

Oh my!  Just got another email from Kathy’s Estate sales and it looks like another great sale that I might HAVE to hit tomorrow!!




Latest Estate sale finds

We don’t get out to estate sales very often anymore.  It’s just too ‘hit or miss’ as to whether or not it’s worth the trip with the price of gas these days.  This is why I love estate sale companies that offer email notifications WITH pictures to preview!  Kathy’s Estate Sales  is one such company, and actually the ONLY one we ‘bother with’.  They are very nice people.  Price things very reasonably and always have GOOD STUFF!  Here’s what I found at their last sale:

P1090717Little PINK storage chest.

P1090721I had actually only opened up the TOP couple of drawers before I grabbed it to buy it.

P1090718Look what I found in the bottom drawer when I got home!!!

P1090719Ooooohhhhhhh  . . . . I am so very tempted to KEEP this one to store my craft supplies in!!

P1090723Such pretty wood grain patterns on this piece!!  The door will have to be worked on (it doesn’t close)

P1090739And there is a pretty big gouge in the veneer on the top AND it’s warped quite a bit.  (but we CAN always take the old top off and replace it)

P1090737And such pretty FEET.  You know how I love feet on furniture!

P1090738Pretty crystal drawer pull, but the pull for the door is missing.  This might be a good candidate for some of those other old pulls I got recently.

P1090740The inside of the door is pretty chewed up too.  STILL was worth it for the price we paid.  Another great thing about Kathy’s estate sales is that on the last day of the sale (usually Sunday) everything under $50.00 is half price!  And they will take bids on the higher priced stuff.

P1090724This is probably the most expensive item I have ever bought at an estate sale.  Bear in mind that I am ALWAYS shopping for items to re-sell at the antique malls; so MY top price has to be LOW enough to ‘up’ to cover rent, commission, gas and a bit of profit.

P1090729OOPS!!  A little too close on that picture, but the claws have actual GLASS balls under them.

P1090730At least THREE of them have glass balls!  This one has a wood replacement.  sigh.  Didn’t notice it at ALL until I turned it upside down at home.

P1090726Very intricate carved details on the center support post.

P1090727And legs!

P1090728And the seat rim.  It ‘used to’ be a piano seat that you could raise and lower, but it’s been changed to a fixed height.  Not sure if I should LEAVE this one as is, or paint it white or aqua??  It’s probably not a ‘collectible’ piece due to the flaws; but it’s still pretty cool looking ‘as is’.  But all those intricate carved parts would really POP if painted a light color then distressed!  To alter or not to alter?!?

P1090731Grubby little foot stool with cute feet!

P1090732Looks like it was ‘meant to be upholstered’ but just never got covered and was used for years ‘as is’.  Again, I can’t decided if I should leave it as is to sell, or upholster it?  Maybe with burlap?

P1090733LOTS of neat old frames at this sale too!

P1090734Round frame.

P1090735Oval frame.

P1090745BIG old gold frame.

P1090744In incredibly good shape for as old as it is.

P1090746Can’t really even TELL how old it is until you look at the back.

P1090743And one last frame.    I’m probably going to take these frames to the antique malls ‘as is’; since I have been finding quite a few at thrift stores lately to re-paint.