Packing and purging and buried in boxes!!

Still packing away for my upcoming move, getting rid of as much as I can; setting some stuff aside for a garage sale at the new place and will still probably need to ‘contribute more’ to the garage sale stack as I unpack and try to find room for it all.  Of course, the majority of what I have excess of is craft supplies and project pieces.

P1210234Empty shelf in my craft room.

P1210235Boxed up etsy inventory.

P1210236And MORE etsy inventory!  It really did NOT seem like that much when I had it stored on the shelves!

P1210237Dining room.

P1210238Even having to stack on top of furniture in the living room.

P1210239Craft room and a little more etsy stock.

P1210240Boxes stacked in the closet.

P1210241And on the bedroom dresser!!

With all that packing, of course I have not had time to work on any projects.  And unpacking and figuring out how to arrange the rooms and where to put things is going to take a ‘good while’.  SO, don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for a while.

Then, once I get settled in and can take the ‘down time’, I’ll finally be getting my carpal tunnel surgery.  And again won’t be doing projects or blog posts for a while!  ( I tried to type with my brace on and it is IMPOSSIBLE!  And I am far too impatient to do the ‘one finger typing’! )

I’ll try to do mini updates on my Facebook page whenever I can.  Hope you all have a wonderful summer!!

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New signs in my etsy shop

Just added a new batch of signs to my etsy shop:

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 013 4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 013Small size MAN CAVE signs.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 023In assorted colors and sizes! Also available in my booths at Stars and Curiosities.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 025Two sizes of SIMPLIFY signs.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 030And different colors.  The SIMPLIFY signs also stocked in both booths.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 043

In two sizes and other colors.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 047Princess sign is ONLY on etsy for now.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 051Available in some pretty new colors.  I also have a matching “Prince” stencil; just no signs made yet!

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 055Two sizes and several colors of Memories sign.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 068Mini Happily ever after sign (shelf sitter size) on etsy only.

4.30.13 etsy signs SIGNS 072Relax!  


THANKS for all your comments!

I really appreciate the time so many of you took to reply and offer me input and suggestions regarding the product storage AND ‘diet’.  I have read them ALL twice, and will probably read them again several times.  Please forgive me for not individually replying to each comment; but I DO want to respond to your comments/concerns/suggestions in a manner that ALL readers can see.  Your comments are not only helpful to ME, but will benefit many others who are too shy to comment:

Atkins vs. South Beach:                                                     

While I’ve not ‘studied’ the South Beach diet, I ‘believe’ it is a spin-off of Atkins; based upon the glycemic index and BALANCING good and bad carbs.  The book I got is ATKINS FOR LIFE, which has FOUR levels of menu suggestions.  Starting out with the minimal amount of carbs (FRUIT INCLUDED!) for the weight loss phase, then you can build up and gradually add more carbs; just GOOD and fiber rich carbs.

Processed foods

I typically use them QUITE sparingly.  Did more so when we had the shop and I had less time to cook.  But I KNOW they are not good for you EVER, on any diet; or for just basic nutritional purposes.


I could easily become a vegetarian.  Was on an ‘almost’ vegetarian (ate some fish and chicken) diet for nearly a year after my first spine surgery; in an effort to rebuild my health.  I lost weight after the surgery just because I didn’t have an appetite.  Stayed at that lower weight (lowest of my adult life!) until my second surgery.  The routine blood work prior to my second surgery came back with HIGH cholesterol?!?!?  I was totally befuddled!  The ONLY ‘bad thing’ I was doing that could potentially raise my cholesterol was not exercising.  (hard to exercise when you are bed ridden in a full torso brace for six months!)   AND eating a lot of CARBS, like whole grain brown and wild rice; ten-grain hot cereal.  Carbs ARE an issue for me.  I’ve always known it.

I just (2 weeks ago) had my twice a year blood work done, so it will be interesting to see what, if anything, the Atkins plan does for my cholesterol.  AND I just was my primary care doctor yesterday, and told him I was going to do the Atkins diet.  So, I have his approval.  I also had my thyroid level checked not long ago, so I know that is out of whack and a contributory factor to the weight gain.

Artificial sweeteners

I’m convinced that NONE of them are really ‘good for you’.  I USED to drink diet soda, but gave up soda completely a few years ago to avoid accelerating bone loss from osteoporosis.  I used to like  the taste of sweet and low sweetner, but only used it in hot or iced tea.  Suppose I can try to learn to like it again; since the coffee creamer I use is too high in crabs for THIS phase of the diet.

AND I don’t like the idea of COOKING with any of the artificial sweeteners.  I know that Equal (aspartame) is really bad for you when cooked.  I’d rather go without sweets all-together for this phase.     Then in the maintenance phase go back to using raw sugar in my tea.  And sticking with fruit based/whole grain type desserts.

ALTHOUGH I am REALLY going to miss my daily cup of yogurt!!!  Bought some sugar free pudding to make if I MUST have something creamy!   Thank goodness I can still have my beloved Jalapeno Ranch salad dressing in eh weight loss phase!

Storage tubs

I do have some clear tubs to store my etsy product it, but I still can’t SEE it through the tub because I have to WRAP most of it to prevent damage.  The task of re-sorting through ALL of them SEEMS daunting; but probably really won’t be all that bad.  PLUS it will remind me of how much stuff has sold and hopefully motivate me to crank up the crafting!  (I’ve been more in the mood to THRIFT than craft lately!)

Speaking of crafting!!!  Have any of you watched CRAFT WARS???  I was SO excited when I saw the promos.  After watching the actual show twice, I’m OVER it!  It’s SO lame!!!  Build a functional bird house out of the stuff in the JUNK DRAWER????  Seriously???  Such a shame because we really need a good CRAFTING show!  sigh

Okay then, I’m off to start sorting bins and chopping lettuce and veggies so I can easily throw a salad together.

Again, thank you all so much for your input and encouragement!


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New items in my etsy shop

Quick highlight of some of the new items in my etsy shop.  (click on ‘my etsy shop’ to go directly there)


Just for a couple of days, hopefully.  I need to go over and edit and update the shipping prices on over 100 items, to accommodate the recent postage increase.  In the meantime, only my e-books will be up for sale in my etsy shop.  Sorry for the inconvenience!

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WHERE is our summer?!?!?!?

It’s been raining for almost a week now.  sigh.  I really COUNT ON being able to get a lot of furniture painted outside this time of year, to hold me over for the long, wet winter when I can’t paint outside.  Feels like we had a week of summer and it’s FALL already.  But I guess this isn’t as bad as the crazy heat wave so much of the res of the country in enduring right now.  SO, since I can’t work on my painting projects, I’ve been working on listing new stuff in my etsy shop:

A very shabby chic pair of vintage cast plaster cherubs.

Vintage soup tureen WITH the plate and ladle!!  (almost NEVER find them with the ladles!)

A couple of different sets of three vintage apothecary jars.


 Bentwood canisters with vintage postcard labels. 

Two different tea light birds with nest in a jar.


 Trio of vintage pretty bottles.

 Vintage wood bowl with five handstitched vintage quilt hearts.

Two different sea glass wreaths.


Pair of vintage clear glass vases.