Every Husband’s Nightmare Spring Show

The show opens tonight for preview, from 5-8pm with a $3.00 donation.  The rest of the week, admission is FREE.  Parking is always free.  Now that the old exhibition hall has been demolished, the show is in the Cloverleaf Building, at the back of the fair complex.  Tuesday – Friday hours are 10am-8pm.  Saturday. 10am – 5pm.

I delivered MANY boxes and bins and old suitcases filled with inventory!  Turning that, into this:


I brought mostly farmhouse rustic decor to the show this year.  Including lots of crates and trays made from upcycled old weathered fencing:

Decorative shutters and shadow boxes too.

My items will be very easy to find.  Most of my product is displayed on the tables directly to the left after you enter the building.


I didn’t make the weathered wood potting benches, but they are pretty fabulous!  Great for indoor decor use or outdoor garden work!  Those dried hydrangea are from my garden.


I brought quite a bit of Paris chic decor too.





The rest of the displays were still ‘in progress’ when I left, so I didn’t get pictures of the rest of it.  Lots of great spring home decor and Mother’s Day gifts, vintage, hand-made and upcycled goods.

Pictures from the show

Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar is now officially OPEN for business.  Tonight, 5-8pm  for Preview Night, there is a $3.00 admission charge, which entirely goes to the Washington County Food Bank.  Parking is always free and admission is free for the rest of the week.  The NEW LOCATION for the show (since the old exhibit hall has been demolished!) is the Cloverleaf Building at the far back of the fair complex.  You enter off 28th, which is right behind Albertsons.

Here are pictures of the items I have in the show:

P1370236LOTS of cute journals at really great prices, $5 – 8.00!  Perfect little gift for a co-worker or work part gift exchange.



I brought HUNDREDS of these handcrafted vintage sheet music rosette ornaments this year.  Last year I only made one box of them and they sold out after the first two days.  I made she to make PLENTY of them this year.  These make great package toppers too.  Priced from $1.00 – 2.00!

UNIQUE wreaths, wall and door decor in lots of different sizes and styles!

I scoured thrift stores and estate sales all year to curate a huge assortment of vintage salt and pepper shakers to make these cute snow folk!  I bet you can’t buy just one!  Fun upcycled Christmas ‘trees’ made from vintage aluminum Jello and tart molds.

Unique gift boxes make great decorative items too.  They are the perfect container for a gift card.

P1370055Throw pillows with REMOVABLE holiday decorations so you can still use them AFTER the holidays are over.  The wreath is even ‘separate’ and can be used otherwise!

Decorative weathered wood shutters with removable wreaths too.  Take the holiday wreath off and add different decorations for each season.

P1370267They have somewhat been ‘buried with product’, but I’ve got some wonderfully grubby step ladders, 4′ and 6′.


I use a 6′ ladder in my garden and put planters with wave petunias on each rung.  Buy the end of summer it looks like a waterfall of flowers!

Handcrafted mini cupcake ornaments.  TOO cute glittered high top sneaker key chains.  Red glass jar lanterns with metal candy cane ornament attached.  BIG gold glitter reindeer: these have glitter on BOTH sides.  Perfect for window decor and you don’t have to look at the ugly bare side from the inside!  Hand stitched red and turquoise vintage style ornaments.

Hand painted signs.  Pink or white shabby chic stockings.  Adorable red truck with Christmas tree ornaments.  Hand stitched grey wool felt Scottie dog ornaments.

Hand crafted banners.

And a few photos throughout the rest of the show.  There is SO MUCH MORE than I could ever show you in pictures.  You need to BE THERE and see it all in person to really enjoy it.







And of course, the infamous FOOD AISLE!  And this is only one side of it.  There are always samples out for you to taste test before you buy!

The show runs through Saturday, November 17th.  Open 10am -8pm weeknights and 10am – 5pm on Saturday.  HELPFUL HINT:  If you prefer to avoid crowds when shopping, come in the evenings!!


Every Husband’s Nightmare is now open at the Washington County Fairplex in Hillsboro.  Free parking and free admission.  HOURS: Tuesday, Nov. 14 – Saturday, Nov. 18.  Open 10am – 8pm weekdays and 10am – 5pm Saturday.

Some areas were still being set up when I took pictures, so there is LOTS MORE than what my pictures show.

 I had a LOT of left over hand painted signs after closing my etsy shop; so I’ve REDUCED SIGN PRICES by up to 75% at this show.  Signs that were originally $19.95 are now just $5.00.  The rest of my signs are now just $10.00 or $15.00.   And I stocked a lot of signs for this show!  Great gifts and stocking stuffers!!

Here is some of my additional product at the show.  The rest of my items are ‘blended in’ throughout the show, according to color or theme.

Three aisles of locally made food products at the show; with samples for tasting.

Aisles of hand crafted jewelry, hand made soaps, felted animals and lots of sweet things for baby.

Ornaments galore!  Not only on these displays, but also throughout the show!

Fall decor if you need a little something more for your Thanksgiving table.  Look at that FABULOUS set of vintage lockers!

Beach decor, red and turquoise Christmas decor and some fun vintage reproduction dish towels!

Neutral tones with black, metallic and glitter accents.

Traditional red and white Christmas . . . and cottage chis pastels.

And as always, lots and lots of fabulous vintage!  these pictures really only show a ‘snippet’ of what all you will find at the show.

 If you want to avoid shopping crowds, come in the evening hours.

Every Husband’s Nightmare Spring Bazaar . . . .

Opened TODAY and runs through Saturday at 5pm at the Washington County Fairgrounds in Hillsboro.  Here are some pics of the signs that I took to the show:


Not sure how well I like how I have it set up, but not sure how ELSE I could do it either!?!?!


I sure two of the 8′ tables set ‘back to back’ to create one large square table; with a shutter facing outward on each of the four sides.


I’ve got too many signs to really use the shutters to HANG them on; except for the little bit of extra room ABOVE the ones ‘stacked on end’.


Had to take some of the really long ones and just pile them in a tub; and/or prop them at the end of the tables.  (can’t hang things on the wall of this facility!)


I’ve got this one small ‘tiered’ stand that helps a little for some of the small signs.


I’ll take an inventory again after the show to see which signs sold the best and probably weed out some that didn’t sell well for the next show.  (AND I’ll have some ‘holiday themed’ signs for the fall show to make room for)


Keeping the ‘piles’ in order will probably be a challenge.  I’m sure they’ll get mixed up as people look through the stacks.


Short or actually ‘building walls’ to display them on, this was my best guess.  Plus I have to be able to HAUL my display pieces in my car!

And that’s IT for my items at the show!!!   NOTHING like what I used to do.  But that’s life!  My bad back is just getting too old to haul as much stuff as I used to!

P1130533Here are some pics of the rest of the show.  )some of my signs are also placed throughout the other displays also.)






























So get in while the gettin’s good!  Open 10am – 8pm Wed Friday and 10am – 5pm Saturday.

***HELPFUL HINT:  If you prefer to AVOID the crowds, shop in the evenings!

More pictures of my area at the show:

Don’t forget, this is the LAST TIME I will be participating in this show.  I’ve had to step down for health reasons.

My decision has NO REFLECTION on the show.  It is a wonderful show with the most personable owner I have EVER worked with in all my years of doing craft shows; and I’d continue doing it FOREVER if I were physically able to!  (seriously!)

If you are in the Hillsboro vicinity, and are an antiquer or hand crafter and have been considering getting into doing shows, I HIGHLY recommend this show.    Just be sure to VISIT the show to be sure someone else isn’t already there and doing the same thing as you; and to see how your wares would ‘fit in’.

Feel free to contact me for advice on participating in shows.  For specific info on Every Husband’s Nightmare, you can contact Jackie Lee .  

On with the show . . .

Vintage advertising and handcrafted wood letters.

Beach collectibles and accessories.

OH so shabby rusty corner shelf.

Garden goods.

Three different shabby white picket fence sections make great headboards!

BIG OLE grubby garden ladder.  Fun garden accessory to fill with potted plants and birdhouses.

Little four pane window shelf for your collectibles.

Grubby little step ladder to use as a display shelf.

Half round shabby beach coffee table or foot of the bed bench; two tier drum table in back.  Handcrafted Paris chic finials.

More beach treasures.

Several pieces of black furniture; small round table, half round table, rolling vintage TV cart, wire corner shelf, 2 little step/foot stools and a small display shelf filled with paper crowns.

It’s all about the CROWNS this show.  Crowns are everywhere!  A whole shelf full of vintage sheet music decorative crowns here.

Silver glittery crowns on the heads of pretty white birds on pedestals.

Vintage sheet music paper crowns on little ceramic birds.

On little feather birds.

On a cherub wall plaque and a bird topped cloche.

Silver glitter crowns on little white piggy banks.

On some of the white ceramic cherubs.

Vintage rusty 3 tier metal cart (with electrical outlet!) and vintage pink wicker shelf.

Good night moon wall plaque; big word cloud chalk board,big faux wall clock and vintage plaster wall cherubs.

I call this chair ‘the throne’!  That over stuffed seat is soooooooooooo comfy!!!

Vintage shabby chic doll cradle.

Blue and white striped folding table.

Vintage white cherub lamp base.  SO Paris flea market chic!

Lots of great stationary items and sets.  Great prices on great gift items!

Journal and list pad sets, note cards, sticky notes.

Vintage suitcases; ALLIGATOR on top!

A matching pair!  These tweed suitcases are in VERY good condition; especially clean insides!  Great to use as an end table or bedside table.   Extra storage space bonus!

Primitive wood chair, big turquoise frame. handcrafted altered art  lamp and shabby chic folding card table.

Yes!  ALL the shelves with stuff on them on these tables ARE for sale!

Vintage book pages decoupaged on the top of a table and stool.

Beachy bistro table with starfish around the rim and vintage wicker shelf filled with beach collectibles.

Shell topped pedestals and sea glass wreath.

Remember, the show is open until 8pm!!    

Take home a pizza for the hubs and kiddos and head out for some spring shopping therapy!

Show pictures

SO, here’s what I’ve spent the last 2 days doing:

As you approach my space.

On the outside left.

On the outside left.

Front and center when you walk in.

Beachy bistro table and chairs.

I’ll try to post the rest of the more detailed pics tomorrow.  Right now I just want to put my feet up!

Recent projects & Spring show dates

Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar is right around the corner!  

Mark your calendars NOW so you don’t forget.  Tuesday, April 24th – Saturday, April 28th

At the Washington County Fairplex in Hillsboro.


Prettied up old wood roll top bread box.

Shabby Paris benches.



Old wood candelabra: I added an extra piece of wood to the base to balance it out better.



A few more pictures from the show

Not a lot of time to post before I head out to Stars, but here are a few more on my area:

This is ‘inside’ the area, after you walk through the lattice doorway.


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Pictures from the show

These are ONLY pictures on MY area of the show.  By the time I had set all that up I was too pooped to take pics of the entire rest of the show.  Will try to get those pics later this week.  For now, here’s what we brought and how we set it up:













Every Husband’s Nightmare Bazaar opens ONE WEEK from today!!! 

November 16-21, 2010

Washington County Fair Complex, Hillsboro, OR

Weekdays 10-8, Saturday 10-5, Sunday 10-3


Mark your calendars, hire a sitter and plan a fun day of holiday shopping with the girls!    Great gifts, holiday and home decor.  Handcrafted, vintage and collectibles.  Local gourmet foods (with samples to try!)

The ONE and only ‘complaint’ I hear about this show is that ‘at times’ the check out line can be long.  They (show staff) do their best to schedule extra cashiers during the projected busier times; but sometimes it’s just hard to GUESS exactly when everyone will decide ‘it’s time to go to the show!’

That being said, you can pretty much EXPECT to wait in the cashiers line on Saturday and Sunday.  So if you want to get ‘in and out’ quickly, I suggest you come in the late afternoon or evening.  It’s very ‘quiet’ during dinner hour.  You can see everything without having to look over someone’s shoulder or getting elbowed out of the way; and walk right up to the check out counter. 

I’ll be there every day, at various times, restocking and straightening our space; and possible helping with traffic at the check out. 

This is the ONLY show we are doing anymore,and we’re gonna ‘do it up good’!