Sophie’s Annex Premier Display

Got my additional 2’x8′ wall space at Stars all set up yesterday.  It’s very difficult to take good pictures because of spatial limitations.  There is simply not enough room in that back aisle for me to step back far enough to take a good picture of the entire booth.

This is the little sign that I made explaining that there will be an entirely new theme displayed in the space every month.  This first display is kind of a mixture of farmhouse, galvanized stuff and garden-ish things.  May’s theme will be ‘Happily Ever After’.


This picture makes it look even smaller than it actually IS!  The purple border on the floor outlines my space; and the shutter door on the right hand side, which I put up to divide my space from the one next to me.  The big ladder is not a terribly effective use for this limited space, but it works so well with all the baskets et all.  The ladder IS for sale.

This is as far back as I can go to take a picture, but you get the idea.

This is what all is displayed on the ladder.


BIG jar filled with dried hydrangea (from my garden!) on galvanized metal tray.


Jar of assorted dried botanicals, another galvanized tray (I have three of them the same size) The metal bird-cage thingys on a pedestal are supposed to be for candles.  I put some mini glitter chandeliers in them.


Burlap curtains, valance and cafe.  I’ve had these curtains forEVER, but have never HUNG them to display them.  There are more of the curtains in bundles right beneath the hanging ones.


Hand crafted paper wreaths and small olive buckets with pale blue rims.  I also have some olive buckets with red rims.


Cloche with wood base is filled with three nests.  Glass jar is filled with assorted moss and bark, gathered from my yard.  I have LOTS more of the nest, egg and botanical items; just no room for them yet.  Will be adding more to my big booth after Easter; and as room becomes available in this space.


One of the several garden trugs available sitting atop a small grubby step-ladder.  Those are big burlap bags in the rusty basket under the ladder.


Another trug, vintage canning jars, that third square galvanized tray, a nest with eggs and a bird skeleton; stack of buckets behind the bird.  Under the trug is an old rolling mop bucket that I upcycled into a storage bucket with a padded seat.  The seat lifts off to store things inside.


Big olive bucket and awesome long narrow galvanized trough.  Burlap pillow cases in the shabby metal urn to the right.


There’s the aforementioned red rimmed olive buckets!  A cute little glass and galvanized house and electric grubby candle.  Three more garden trugs under all that, and an old tool tray on the right.


I’ve got LOTS of these rusty wire mesh baskets.  Galvanized storage box with blue lid inside.

P1350530Stack of buckets, vintage and upcycled.

Remember, this ALL GOES AWAY the end of April.


We’re havin’ a HEATWAVE!

Summer took it’s sweet ole time arriving here in the Pacific Northwest, and now it’s here with a vengeance!!!  Mid to upper 90’s all week.  Hit 99 here at home today.  I know that’s nothing compared to many parts of the country, so I shan’t complain any further. 

Let’s do some JUNKIN”!

These are the things I found during our daycation.  Vintage rolling TV cart?  I totally remember having one like this!

Darling little round table.  Fairly well damaged top, but a  little time and elbow grease will turn this into a beauty. 

LOVE the tapered edges on this table!

Lots of elbow grease needed here too!

Wonder how many layers of paint I’ll discover when I start sanding this one?!?

Almost TOO rusty old corner shelf.  What, you didn’t know there was such a thing as ‘too rusty’?  Well, for LOOKS, no; but structurally . . .at some point things will rust all the way through.  The remedy?  A clear spray coat will halt the rusting process, but not hide any of that beautiful rust!

A few shutters and a table leg.

NOW if it will just cool down enough that I can stand to go outside and paint!

I broke it!!

See the tallish nekkid statue in the middle of the two stools there?  It’s one of my all time favorite finds!  It’s actually a lamp base, with a hole in the top and one on the back side for lamp works.  I liked it as a just a statue though.

She was a little scuffed up when I found her, so I gave her a good dose of satin white spray paint.

She originally went to the Junk Salvation show.   Didn’t sell there, so I took her to Camas. Didn’t sell there either, so I packaged her back up for a trip to Stars.  Upon arrival at Stars I discover she’s got a broken arm!!!  I was crushed!

The entire left arm, snapped off at the shoulder!  I tried just gluing it back on, but you could REALLY tell it had been broken.  Alas, it was destined to go where ALL my good but damaged stuff goes . . .into my personal collection!  Then I was working on some faux finials and the light bulb went off!!  Why not cover up the repair line with some drywall compound?!?! 

Initially I was thinking that I could just plaster over the repair line, but it was too noticeable.  So, I just lightly plastered over the WHOLE THING, as if that was how it was meant to be, and freshened up the paint job.

I actually think I like this raw and rustic look MORE than the original smooth finish!

And here she is, awaiting her new home at Stars!  (with a lower price, of course!)

Another do-over; QUICKIE!

Another sweet little table that I’ve ‘schleped’ from place to place without selling.  So simple, pretty soft curves; would go with ANY decor.  For some reason, it just kept getting overlooked.  time to haul it home for a make over.

I opted for the fastest and easiest re-do for starters, and just gave it a good once over with the sander, to shabby it up a bit.

We’ll see how it goes, and if it STILL doesn’t sell; I’ll rePAINT it my signature beachy blue, later on.

Right now, it’s nestled amongst the rest of the white furnishings I’m currently featuring at Stars; and priced at $32.00.

Updated pics of our space at Camas Antiques

Pictures from the spring show will be up tomorrow, so be sure to check back!

In the meantime, here are pics of my recent re-do of our space at Camas Antiques:

We just reduced the price on this BIG vintage window pane shelf to $499.00 (down from $629.00)  I don’t have the exact measurements, but it’s approximately 6′ tall x 6′ wide.  LOTS of room to display collectibles.  Makes a great room divider too; just slap some paint or wall paper on the backside and voila!

The backing on the front side is covered with vintage book pages.  Nice and neutral to go with any decor.


LOTS of vintage chenille bedspreads in shades of white and cream.  Even a NEWER, hard to find KING SIZE one!

A few Easter decor items still available.


This vintage kitchen cabinet is wonderfully shabby, and has lots of storage space!


An old wire lamp shade form makes a fun ‘cloche’.

This cherub statue is actually an old ceramic lamp base, with the holes for the electrical works all set to be ‘wired up’.  I kind of like is ‘as is’, but it would be very easy to convert to a working lamp.

How sweet is this little farmhouse style childs bow back chair?!?


And ‘la piece de resistance’ of our current collection is this extremely shabby old farmhouse table with original warped wood top.  If you are one who says, “the shabbier, the better!”  This table is for YOU!


Lots of great little lamps.  These are vintage lamps with NEW shades.  It’s hard to tell in the picture, but these shades have clear sequins sewn on top of the fabric.  How fun!


Pottery Barn inspired BIG shabby wood wall clock face.

Reproduction clock, battery operated.

I just love old whisk brooms like these.  Always thought it would be really cute to make a ‘kitchen curtain’ out of them by hanging lots of them on a curtain rod over a small kitchen window.

Thrifting and rummage sale finds

Torn between leaving this as a lamp (it DOES work) or making it into a big finial.

DRAT!  My ‘best find’ and the picture is blurry.  Double darn!  This, and a lot of new white pieces will be going to Camas.



These are tiny little cutie patootie crocks.  Might have to keep them for ME!  (for a while at least; until I get MORE and have enough to do a whole display of them.)


Espresso cup and ever so tiny creamer.



These will be painted white and glazed with RL tobacco glaze for an antiqued look.

Do you LOVE this pink/gray color combo?!?!? 

You know what??  I have NO IDEA what these things are for!!!  Do you?  I just buy them because the are cute;  because a lot of people seem to collect them.

The picture really doesn’t do this ‘pear’ creamer and sugar bowl justice.  Very simple, yet elegant.

Pretty little tea cups.  LOVE the bases.  Might fill them with assorted individually wrapped teas; or maybe some Easter grass and chocolate eggs!

I better get busy pricing this stuff and get it ready to stock our booths next week!

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