New ‘fauxzen Charlotte’ project

I’ve been trying to think of a new way to use my faux Frozen (fauxzen) Charlotte’s.  So, I decided to look back in my blog to see what all I had done with them in the past.  I honestly FORGET about some of the projects I’ve done, until I SEE them again!

Wow!!  A lot more than I thought I had done!  I’m not sure there IS anything NEW left to do with them!?!

P1260811And then I come across some square shaped brown glass jars that are the perfect size for a mini Charlotte collage!

It was a pretty quick and simple project.  Vintage book pages background and wings; die cut crowns from metallic paper.  I tied some tea stained cheesecloth on the top and added some cute little charms.  Bam!

Mini mixed media easel collages

I did the ‘backgrounds’ on these a while ago, along with several others.  Set them aside for a while until I decided what MORE to do with them.

Assorted scrap papers, book pages, sheet music and pattern tissue papers.  No real ‘method’; just layer upon layer upon layer until it ‘feels’ right.

This is what the easels looked like when I bought them at Dollar Tree several years ago.

I decided they would make cute backgrounds for the Fimo fauxzen Charlotte’s that I make.  It’s really handy having the attached easel.

This first one I added just a ‘bust’; with kraft cardboard wings and cut one of my mini sheet music crowns in half to glue the flat side to the backing.

Some Monarch butterfly wings and a paper crown on this one.

Monarch butterfly wings #2; the other half of the previous sheet music crown and letters cut from a book.


I’ve only taken this one to Stars; saving the rest for ?????

Altered little memory box

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 010Simple little hinged lid box from the thrift store.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 009Rather generic design on the lid.  Nothing to get excited about.  But the price was right and it was in good condition.  One of those ‘blank slate’ sort of projects that you could do just about anything with.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 012I got out one of my ‘fauxzen Charlotte’ clay dolls and gave her a gold crown and attached a kraft heart to her back to serve as wings.   Dug through my paper stash and gathered a bunch of neutral tone pieces; then cut them into graduates sizes.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 013Played around with the positioning of the papers a little.  Symmetrically arranged?  Off center and at angles?  However you arrange it, just be sure to put all your layers in place before gluing to be sure you really like how it’s going to end up looking.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 020After I had it all put together and glued in place, I decided it needed ‘something more’.  Just a little something more.  Rummaged through my embellishments and settled on this little metal ‘Memories’.

6.4.13 projects CURIOUS Stars 021And, OF COURSE, the final touch on ANY box I alter is a handful of my signature ‘basket fluff’ mixture.  It’s just always nice to have SOMETHING in there for when people open the box.  (and you KNOW everyone will always open the box and look inside; even IF the tag ready “EMPTY BOX”! )  If you don’t have the time to put together a fancy paper mix like this, even just a piece of crumpled tissue paper is better than nothing.