Old UGLY green plastic ewing box re-do

Started with this ugly green plastic faux wood grain sewing box:

Tossed out the top tray, gave it a good scrubbing.

A light coating of KILZ spray primer; then several coats of cream color spray paint, inside and out.

Decided to let ‘my new’ love’ work his magic on it.

It took a fairly STIFF brush to get the glaze down into all the creases.

Just brush it on, then wipe off the excess. I was surprised how quickly this stuff ‘sets up’. I had to wipe off each side AS I finished it. and not wait and do the whole thing at once.

I ended up ‘papering’ the insides with some torn up old book pages and applying some of the RL glaze. (those pics have not been downloaded yet. sorry!) Not sure I like how it turned out, and MAY have to re-do the inside. It’s a bit ‘streaky’. Not sure if that’s because the glaze doesn’t work well on paper, OR if it doesn’t mix well with the adhesive I used for the paper.)

P.S. Here’s the pics of the papered and glazed innards:

BEFORE I added the glaze:

With the RL glaze:

Don’t think I’ll be using the RL glaze over PAPER anymore.  I liked this better before.  Too late to change it now . . .  but now I know for next time.  And YOU can learn from my mistake.