MORE fun with felt!

I’ve been looking at all the cute felt foods on etsy of late, and wanting to try making some of my own.  Still stuck in ‘cat mode’ right now though.  But these cookies look like as easy project to try next:


See the entire post on this blog.

I did attempt to make a mini cupcake a while back.  Can you say EPIC FAIL?!?!?

Actually is doesn’t look so bad from THIS angle, where I have it PROPPED up.

Here’s what it looks like sitting on its’ own!  How pathetic is that??  Lesson learned?  Add a piece of cardboard in the bottom before stuffing it to prevent the base from puffing.

I really wanted to get some of these ‘faux goodies’ done FOR Valentine’s Day, but with the Junk Salvation show coming up very SOON, I probably won’t get to them this year.  Maybe Christmas cookies for NEXT year?   And a head start on Valentine cookies for next year too,