OUTDATED / UPDATED: old prints

6.14.14 projects etsy 001I really LIKED these vintage prints when I bought them several years ago.  They ‘worked well’ with the primitive kitchen area I had set up in our shop.

6.14.14 projects etsy 002Alas, no one else shared my vision or saw their charm, so they went into the ‘make -over’ pile.  And there they have sat for YEARS!  I’m sorting through all that old stuff and I have to ‘use it or toss it’ (into the donation box!) I actually put these in the donation box due to lack of any inspiration as to what to do with them.  Had a ‘brainstorm’ for what to do with them that night and pulled them out the next day.

6.14.14 projects etsy 091Ta~DA!!  Some new paint, a bit of sanding and some e6000 and fingerling starfish.

6.14.14 projects etsy 099Variegated shades of aqua/turquoise.

6.14.14 projects etsy 094Simple beach cottage decor.

6.14.14 projects etsy 095I just might put these in my etsy shop.  Sold all the similar starfish designs I had on etsy previously; and have even had people contact me from the sold listings to see if I had more.

I really could have used these for some of my signs too.

New goodies in my etsy shop:

I PROMISED myself that I’d list more stuff, and more regularly, in my etsy shop once I had ‘retired’ from doing shows.

Here’s a brief look at what’s new. CLICK HERE to visit my etsy shop.to see OVER a hundred other items currently listed

Kraft journals with collage designs on the front, and lined kraft pages.

Embellished faux Frozen Charlotte dolls on the fronts; similar to the Charlotte’s I recently individually packaged to sell at Stars.

When I get another batch of the Charlotte’s made, I’ll list some as supplies on etsy.

Framed starfish

Inexpensive blank frame from rummage sale; thick frames work best for this project.  No glass or backing needed.

Painted the frame beachy blue, sanded for a bit of the brown to show though to shabby it up a bit; then glued on a white fingerling starfish using e6oo0.  The satin bow can easily be removed.  Just wanted to give it a try.

Slightly better look at the distressing.  (It NEVER shows up as well in photos!)  I bought my starfish on-line.  Can’t remember which website.  Just browsed until I found the cheapest ones.  These fingerling starfish are a popular wedding item right now, so prices have really gone up!  Your best prices will be from a site that does NOT mention they are for wedding supplies’.  I also bought a few of the bigger ‘knobby’ starfish and used some big  scallop shells I had on hand to frame similarly a while back.