More crafting . . .

Vintage wicker picnic basket, as found.

And here after a ‘five minute dry brush paint job’!  I LOVE dry brush painting!

The latches and handles take a ‘little more time’ to work on, but STILL it’s a very fast process.  You’ll find the instructions for dry brush painting under my FAQ’s category.

I just might have to KEEP this one for myself!

Thrifted gallon jar without the lid (which usually means they are CHEAPER!)

  I just added some burlap ribbon (Hey Beth?!? Recognize this stuff???) satin ribbon and old keys to dress it up a bit.

Big ole jars like this are very useful for displaying small stuff in my booth at Stars.

Cloches with metal shell on top.  I’m not really sure WHAT these metal shell things were originally.  They are quite heavy, and have a ‘slit’ in the top, so maybe place card holders?  These cloches already had a little ‘stem’ , so I  glued the knob on top of the stem, then wrapped the stem with ribbon.

Making some ‘full size’ vintage sheet music crowns.

This one is mine, and displays on the wire hat display in my living room.

This one is for sale at Stars.

Slightly smaller ‘Winter Queen’ crowns are also for sale at Stars.

Front of crown.

Winter Queen tag hangs slightly off to the side.

Happiness Queen crown for sale at Stars.

Silver plastic glittered crown.

The plastic glittered crowns are ‘real’ size and for sale at Stars.

Black plastic glitter crown with silver tinsel trim.

You probably already noticed these table top trees in the last pictures from Stars.  These are just closer up views so you can see the decorations.    Lime green metallic tree with ice blue decorations.

Light blue tree (was white, I spray painted it blue!) with lime green and clear blue decorations.

LOVE how these 2 trees look side by side!  Sure wish I had a third tree to round out the grouping!

Little cherub candle holders in the front.

I filled the candle holes with ‘soft’* styrofoam peanuts and glue.  (* the soft styro peanuts are more spongy, as opposed to the ones that CRUMBLE and make a mess if you scrunch them!)

Took the bases off some little flocked white bottle brush trees, added a bit more glue to the candle hole and inserted the trees into the compressed styro.

LOVE the face!

A snowflake and gem for the top of the tree, and a crown for the cherub OF COURSE!

Better shot of the white tree tops.

One for sale and Stars and one for my etsy shop.

Sweet white cherub with little bird and little crystal angel mini candle holder; just add crowns!

Vintage porcelain baby shoes and bleached green bottle brush trees.

Stuffed the shoes with the soft popcorn styro peanuts and glue like the previous project.  removed the base from the tree and glued  and screwed it into the styro in the shoe.

Little stars on top are the perfect finishing touch!

Thrifted finial with added embellishments.

New items on etsy

 Two quick reminders first:  Today is the LAST DAY of the spring craft and antiques show at the Washington County Fairgrounds; doors close at 5pm.  And don’t forget the Grown-ups Easter Egg Hunt tomorrow at noon at BOTH Stars antique Malls in Portland!

 And here’s what I’ve recently listed in MY etsy shop:













After I’ve recovered from the spring show, and have both booths restocked, I’ll be doing some SERIOUS STASH PURGING, and listing LOTS more stuff on etsy.  Will be getting rid of ALL my grubby candles and all the primitives left over from the show.  To make the most of the high cost of shipping, I’ll be FILLING ‘flat rate priority mail boxes’ and selling the contents as a ‘grouping’ of items.  If you aren’t already subscribed to my blog; this would be a good time to do so!

Going GRAY

No, not ME; personally(thanks to L’Oreal!)  
My product.  I’m venturing into painting some small items gray.

This gaudy gold paint HAD to go!!!  Instead of doing my ‘usual’ white with Ralph Lauren tobacco glaze, I decided to try gray!

Mixed up my own ‘medium gray’ color.  It almost looks greenish in this photo, but it IS gray.

Added the RL glaze, which really brings out the detail.

Debated leaving it ‘as is’ to sell . . . .

Then I remembered this broken bird I’ve been wanting to find a way to re-use. 

Added some Spanish moss to the urn and plopped the bird right in.

Just right!

Found this little resin finial at the thrift store, and decided to paint it gray too.  When trying a new color or style, I always try to do several items instead of just one.  Makes more of a ‘statement’ AND people are usually looking for coordinating items to decorate with.

Painted it the same gray as the above urn.

And added my beloved RL glaze!

I had painted these items a lighter gray a while back.

And of course, added RL glaze!

Took them to my space at Stars.  But the taller one with the bird on top, broke in transit.  Had to take it home for repair.

When I went back to Stars, just four days later to bring the bird finial back in; the other two had already sold!  Guess someone besides just me is liking the gray!  So, that’s why I had to make 2 more gray pieces, so I can display them with the bird finial to make my ‘group of three’.  Because you KNOW the rule of odd numbers for decorating, right???

So the rest of the gray pieces will be going to Stars soon.  Along with the new aqua chest and some BIG aqua candle holders.

* 4.5.11  Edited to add picture of items on display at Stars:

TWELVE days till showtime!!!

We had a glorious SUNNY and almost warm day here in the Pacific NorthWET yesterday!  I got lots of painting projects for the upcoming show done yesterday and hope to get some more done today.   I can always ‘crank it out so much faster’ when I can work outside; than in my cramped craft room.

Here are a few newly finished items.

I’m really LOVING making these finials.  One magazine recently stated finials are in the ‘top ten’ of collectibles this year.




This is a BIGGIE!  Faux concrete ball.  My flash went off in this pic and washed out all the cool looking creases.

Here you can see them a little better.


For now, these are all being boxed up to take to the show on February 5th.  After that, any leftovers will go to our booths at Stars and Camas Antiques; and IF I can fit them into shipping boxes, to my etsy shop.

Have YOU caught ‘finial fever’?  Should I be thinking about doing an e-book on finials and faux concrete balls??

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A few new things at Stars

A shabby beach end table.


All that new shelving took up more space than I was expecting.  Gotta STACK up some of the furniture now!

Shabby beach coffee table.

And again, had to stack.

Little decorative shutters.

Little sea glass wreath hung in a frame.

Jars of shells.



Spring doings ~ Ballard inspired

Recent doings from my craft table:

Thrift store candle holder and dollar store bird.

Attach the bird with some e6000.

Spray painted flat black; then ivory; then lightly sanded to distress.

A simple companion piece.  Dollar store ceramic bowl with finial attached with e6000 and painted the same as the bird piece.

Lightly sanded with a coarse sanding sponge.

Perfect companions!

Inspired by these Ballard birds:

  I Made it Without my Hubby Link Party

Faux Finial Frenzy!

I haven’t posted many pictures of these babies because I am saving them up for me next e-book.  (Gotta sell some of my “how to’s”  every once in a while to afford to buy more craft supplies!)  But I’ve been spending SO much time on them that I don’t have much else to share right now. 

So, here are pictures of some of the faux finials I’ve been creating lately:





The tall vase above is a real poured concrete piece.  The rest are my ‘faux’ designs.















The bunny above is ‘the real deal’.  A poured concrete garden statue.  The balls are my ‘faux’ process.  Pretty close, eh?








Watch for the complete how to e-book coming soon!

Linking up to Frugalicious Friday at Finding Fabulous for Less blog.

And Show and Tell Friday @ My Romantic Home.

Refreshed ~ Restocked ~ Rearranged!

It’s been a VERY busy first couple of weeks of February at Stars!  Of course a lot of Valentine goodies were sold, and FRAMES!  I always stock a lot of empty frames, but nearly sold out of ALL of them in the last two weeks. 



I went in on Monday to pull the Valentine leftovers, and restock.  Brought LOTS of new frames:  


How cool is THIS frame!?!?  


Some beachy~blue frames.  


SO many frames I was running out of creative ways to display them!  Hence, several of them just ended up on the floor and propped against a wall .  


Three MATCHING white frames.  It’s very seldom that I find matching frames.  I personally prefer the ‘mixed look’ as opposed to the matched look.  But every so often a project calls for matching frames, so I grab them when I can!  


More white frames and some pretty pink ones.  


Mixing black and white for a classic look.  


I really need to get this LONG turquoise frame hung up.  It’s such a great size; about 4′ long!  Would be awesome hanging on the wall and filled with a collage of other frames photos or art.  Due to minimal wall space, it’s just tucked behind the table for now.  


I’ve even resorted to DOUBLE hanging some of them!  


Turquoise accessories.  


Hand folded and hand cut vintage book paper shred.  This stuff looks SO awesome stuffed into jars and bowls.  Handcrafted, one of a kind shabby chic  treasure chest.  


Can you see the paper shred in the jars here?  



Vintage book pages wreath.  



Lots of vintage bottles; some with repro vintage labels.  



Sweet little apothecary chest.  









Finials and faux garden statuary.  



















In the works . . .

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