Early Christmas gift to myself!

Look what I found sitting on my porch the other day!

P1240362Can you see on the box WHO it came from???

P1240363YEP!!  I followed my readers advice and splurged a little and bought myself a Keurig Mini Plus.

P1240376In RED!  Isn’t it adorable?!?!?  I really, REALLY wanted a turquoise one and did a LOT of searching for it.  Either the turquoise was sold out in the Mini size or they don’t make the mini in Turquoise.  That’s okay, I like the red and turquoise color combination.

P1240377And my toaster is also red, albeit a considerably different SHADE of red (the toaster is ‘candy apple red’ and the Keurig is more of a ‘burgundy’ red).  Red is a really difficult color to match.

I can actually have people ‘come over for coffee’ and not be embarrassed to serve them instant coffee now!  The only ‘issue’ now is to find which brand and blend of K-pod I like the best.  There are WAY too many options!!!