MORE old book pages papered furniture

Hey!  I forewarned you that this stuff was addictive!  Plus I’m kind of in ‘last minute craft show panic mode’ and WHATEVER is fastest and easiest is how things are getting done these days!

Sweet little vintage night stand / end table.  LOVE to curves along the top of the drawer, and at the bottom.  Pretty cool drawer pull too.  (although it did get replaced with one I liked better!)

ONE $.99 can of flat black spray paint, a little sanding along the edges, a few old book pages (same book as I used on the desk; not as old/yellowed as the gate leg table) 

And a new white ceramic drawer ‘pull’!

This one is a LOT more modern styling than I usually go for, but it was CHEAP, so I figured, why not!?!

Trying to paint around all those little slats with a brush takes WAY too much time.  So “.99 a can flat black spray paint” from Home Deopt to the rescue again!

And more of those old book pages; applied with good ole fashioned liquid laundry starch.  (Vano or Sta Flo; one of them has a ‘blueish tint’, but still dries clear)

Rain headed our way this evening!  I’ve got about seven half-finished projects sitting outside that I’ve got to get finished up real quick!