STILL in ‘collage mode’ . . .

P1110043Getting a few ‘Valentin-ish’ ones made.


P1110040These wood hearts with wings were purchased unfinished from Dollar Tree several years ago.  Glued vintage sheet music to it first then embellished a bit.

P1110045Just slightly altered gift box.  Such a sweet faces little cherub on this thrift store box, I HAD to buy it!  I filled it with my custom blend of paper shred (as I do with ALL my gift boxes) and added the love definition on the left side, the stamped ‘bliss’ tag and gave her a hand cut gold glittered crown.

P1110050Super simple bird collages.  Scrap book embellishment birds mounted on old book pages in repainted and antiqued thrifted frames.

P1110054More birds in similar frames but with a more layered background.

P1110056The birds have a little bit if shimmer to them.

P1110058Old dictionary pages and scrap-book paper with script writing for the background.


More layers of papers and paper lace on this backing.


Having used up all the birds I had, it was time to move on to the sea life embellishments.  Seahorse in a tiny frame and pair of starfish on dictionary page with tea stained backing.


Seahorse and starfish.

P1110145Seahorse and sand dollars.

P1110141Sea shells.

P1110142In the past, I have also done assemblages like this using REAL shells.  Leave the glass out and use a sand paper or burlap backing to glue the shells to.  (for gluing on bulkier things like that I use e6000 adhesive)

P1110171Another KEY collage?!?!?  This one is just a sticker though.  I’m really trying to USE UP a lot of the scrapbook paper and embellishments I have ‘invested’ in over the years.  I buy a lot of this kind of stuff but so seldom actually USE it.  And I am NOT even a scrapbooker!  I just love the STUFF!!!!

P1110173Paris chic fleur de lis.

P1110174These metal fluer ‘charms’ (BIG charms!) I bought at the craft store.

P1110175Wishing now that I had bought more of these when they had them.  Thinking they would be neat to use on furniture.

P1110176Metal pocket watch ‘charm’ bought same as the fleurs.  Wonder what they were intended to be used for???

P1110178Bought these glitter crowns a while back from a wholesale website and had NO IDEA how I would use them.  finally came up with this.

P1110179I hand stamped the saying.

NOW, I really have to start doing some OTHER kinds of crafts!!!

Now that I’ve figured out how to do white lettering on black backgrounds . . .

 . . I’ve gone on somewhat of a black sign making binge!!

5.5.13 signs etsy 028This was my first try with gold paint for the lettering.  The lettering came out a bit faint and hard to read unless you are at just the right viewing angle.

5.5.13 signs etsy 078The BIGGEST problem with stencil painting is if you have too much paint on your utensil, you lines will ‘bleed’.  So I couldn’t load MORE paint on my applicator sponge to darken this cool gold paint.

5.5.13 signs etsy 072

BUT, since there IS so little paint on your applicator, it dries very quickly.  So what I did was go back over the whole thing with a secondary application to get my color darker.  Worked like a charm!

5.5.13 signs etsy 029Then I did some Ivory lettering on the black backgrounds, using the same ‘2 coat’ technique.

5.5.13 signs etsy 036

ALL of these signs are available for purchase in  my etsy shop .

5.5.13 signs etsy 040

5.5.13 signs etsy 046

5.5.13 signs etsy 056

5.5.13 signs etsy 081

5.5.13 signs etsy 102And I did do some in my regular cottage colors.

5.5.13 signs etsy 024

5.5.13 signs etsy 050

5.5.13 signs etsy 098

5.5.13 signs etsy 007And my FAVORITE newest stencil design!

5.5.13 signs etsy 141And a slightly smaller 20″ x 10″ version for my etsy shop.

These signs will also be going into my mall booths over the next couple of weeks.


Outdated vintage magazine table – UPDATED!

Forgot the before picture, sorry.  But really not much to see.  It was that really dark stained knotty pine, and the top was pretty badly scratched up.

5.5.13 signs etsy 012I gave it a good sanding, then spray painted the whole thing black.  On items like this, where there are lots of slats and hard to reach interior parts, SPRAY paint is a real time saver.

5.5.13 signs etsy 013After my spray paint dried, I hand sanded (using a sanding SPONGE) around the edges and the grooves on the top so some of the original brown showed through to distress it.

5.5.13 signs etsy 015Then the HARD part!  Deciding what to paint on it!  At first I thought about using the three lines as part of the design, but it just didn’t feel right.  So I did a laurel wreath stencil with the bird with crown stencil in the center.

5.5.13 signs etsy 018Then with a foam stamp, added a fleur de lis on each side.

5.5.13 signs etsy 019Sanded over the stenciled on design just a tad before applying a matte varnish to the table top.

5.5.13 signs etsy 016And DONE!  This will be going to my booth at Curiosities in Beaverton.

Recent projects

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 049Cute little faux snake-skin bag I found on clearance at Ross (on Senior discount day of course!)

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 048Really a perfect size for toting scrapbook supplies in!

2.12.13 etsy projects 014

 I stenciled on PARIS and attached the felt chandelier tag.  Took me about 5 minutes.

2.12.13 etsy projects 018BIG ole basket!  I think this one came to me via a friend wha had picked it up at a garage sale because it was filled with all kinds of sewing trims and lace.  The basket WAS covered with floral fabric.  I took the fabric off ages ago, kept the trim I could use, and tossed the rest in the donate pile.  Then the basket was just a ‘catch all’ in my craft room for a while.

2.12.13 etsy projects 025I’ve been starting to ‘think spring’ as far as my projects go, so I just dry brushed it white.  I think I have another old white wicker basket with a lid that this one will stack nicely on top of in my booth.  Maybe fill it with throw pillows?

2.5.12 signs finds etsy 051Know what this is????  It’s an old calendar holder!  Been seeing a LOT of these at thrift stores lately and passed them up for lack of knowing what the neck to DO with them.  Michael brought this one home so I decided to experiment.

2.12.13 etsy projects 022Looking at it laying on a table, it reminded me of a TRAY.  So I set about to turning it into a tray.  First I painted and distressed it; then added handles to the ends.

2.12.13 etsy projects 020

While I had my PARIS stencil out for the snake-skin case, I used it for this too; then also added a little fleur de lis emblem.

2.12.13 etsy projects 021Distressed a little bit again and varnished.  Trays always seem to sell well for me in my booth.

2.12.13 etsy projects 024Forgot the before picture for this one.  It was a brick red with paint spilled on it.   Gave it a good sanding, painted it my beachy blue color.

2.12.13 etsy projects 023Then stenciled on this diamond pattern, and a quick coat of varnish on the top.  This one did NOT get distressed because I didn’t care for the red paint showing through.  I could have sanded more of the red paint off and/or painted on a primer.  But sometimes ‘time is money’ and when you are making things to sell you need to be careful how much time you spend on a ‘small ticket’ item.  Besides, not everyone loves the distressed look!

2.12.13 etsy projects 030Another little step stool that I didn’t get a ‘before’ photo of.  It had purple legs and a white top with some kiddie pictures on it.  Sanded the top, painted the whole thing white.

2.12.13 etsy projects 029And I had this chandelier stencil out using it to make some plaques, it was a perfect fit for the top of this stool.  Again, I varnished the top only.

2.12.13 etsy projects 069Here are the chandelier plaques I made using the same stencil.  I took one of these to Stars, and the rest are in my etsy shop.


Updated wall plaques

Picked these up thrifting last week.

Nice and heavy, neat design.  LOVE the cracks!

Lovin’ the colors?  Notsomuch!

Sorry, I missed one photo, the step right BEFORE this one.  First I spray painted them flat black.  Then, VERY lightly oversprayed them with ivory.

Just wanted the ivory paint to ‘hit the high spots’ and not get all the way down into all the cracks and crevaces.

Next I used a stencil sponge to highlight the raised parts with black craft paint.

Be sure to dab off as much paint as possible before applying to your object.

And next, some shiny gold paint!

I used a very DRY brush to apply this.  Rub n’ Buff would have probably worked well too.

These are headed for my space at Stars.


Let’s see if I can do a side by side ‘before and after’??

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August 18, 2008 ~ Here’s what’s new in our space at Stars Antique Mall




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Thrift store accent table re-do

Found this sweet little accent table at the thrift store.

Well this picture sure  turned out terrible!  But there is a small boo-boo on the edge, you can kind of see it.  I sanded that out and sanded the top and edges.  Painted the whole thing black, then sanded to distress it a bit.  Decided to stamp on some fleur-de-lis to go with the Paris apartment theme I am creating at the antique mall.