I got my wings!!!

Have you seen those AWESOME big pairs of carved wood decorative angel wings that are so popular in the decorating magazines lately?  Have you COVETED a pair of your own as badly as I have been coveting them?!?!  I got a pair!!!!  They’re not the carved wood kind, but a very ‘reasonable facsimile’!  Check them out:

2.22.13 stars wine rack etsy 033I hung them above the old door head-board in my shabby chic white bedroom/ craft room.  They are a bit ‘shinier’ than I was expecting, and much more detailed than I thought they’d be.  But I’m still thrilled beyond words to have them.

2.22.13 stars wine rack etsy 034It’s kind of  a  burnished metal (aluminum maybe?) material and heavier metal backing.

2.22.13 stars wine rack etsy 036Here’s the picture from the catalog, showing them hanging the way I envisioned hanging mine above my bed.  But, they only have ONE hanging hole on the back and will only hang like I have them on my wall, using that one hole.  I’m a tad ‘annoyed’ at that fact, and may yet write a compliant letter to the company.

2.22.13 stars wine rack etsy 035

I didn’t  like them hung this way at ALL at first, but now it’s kind of growing on me.  Besides, hung the other way might not look right with the ceiling angle I am dealing with.  Can you see where the ceiling angles higher to the right?

2.22.13 stars wine rack etsy 037I have NO IDEA where this catalog came from, but I sure am glad I ended up on their mailing list.  They have a lot of other very cool stuff too.  Kind of a cross between Ballard Design and Pottery Barn but MUCH better prices!  The wings ran me $89.00 for the pair WITH shipping.  Not bad.  I’ve seen the big carves wings for $300.00 per WING!

The website is   www.countrydoor.com    if you want to take a peek.  I think the wings are still on sale until June.