Blank canvas


Everything except the stuff I use on a daily basis is packed.  The movers come on Saturday.  I’ll go over with a carload of the ‘difficult to pack and fragile stuff’ every day; and then one load from nearby ‘storage garage’.  Touch up the cleaning (I KNOW they clean everything but I just HAVE to wipe out every drawer and cupboard before I can start putting stuff in.  And I want to put down shelf paper.

P1210243View of the living room from the front door.  Well, THIS room is going to be quite the ‘challenge’ to arrange and decorate!  Is that the UGLIEST fireplace you’ve ever seen or what?!?!  And it the CORNER!!  And what’s up  with how that wall just out???  Behind that part of the wall is the coat closet.  Would it have really killed them to make the closet 2″ narrower to give the living room a straight wall?!?!  sigh. The wall on the left side is a ‘floating wall’; open at the back to the hallway and open at the front to the dining room.  (the kitchen is on the other side of that wall.)  I’m actually debating ‘closing off’ that opening by putting shelves in front of it. It’s a ‘straight shot’ from the front door, to that opening, but by the time I put FURNITURE in the room, it’ll be an obstacle course to even get to it!  You can still get to that hallway from the kitchen.P1210242The side wall is fairly long.  The front door is just to the left of the windows you see on the right.

P1210244Yep.  That IS the dining room!  All 9′ x 10′ of it!  (That is SMALLER than my booth at Stars!)  I’m probably going to make this my ‘office’ area.

P1210245Good thing I am only cooking for ONE in this tiny kitchen!  By the time I put a toaster and microwave on the counter I’ll have NO counter space at all.  And cupboard storage???  HA!!  I just may end up putting BOTH of my big shutter cupboards flanking either side of this end of the kitchen.  OR buy or build some sort of kitchen rack to put against the wall on the left.  (on the right side it’s open to the living room)  This doorway to the hall is only 3′ (width of the frig!) from the one in the living room that I want to block.  To the left in that hall is the door to the garage.


Just as you walk through the opening at the back of the kitchen, garage door to the far left then craft room door.


This is the ‘bigger’ bedroom, but not by much!  It will be my sewing and craft room, as the only logical place to put a bed has a VENT smack dab in the middle of it.  Perfect spot for my craft table though.


Looking forward and to the right from the kitchen opening: TINY bathroom and what will be my bedroom.  You can see a sliver of the linen closet on the left.


Looking out at the living room from the hallway.  hat is the coat closet door on the left.  This hallway cracks me up!  So many doors in one small space.  There are EIGHT doors/doorways in this tiny ‘hall’.  Entries from the living room and kitchen, 2 bedrooms, bathroom, garage, coat and linen closet!     The wall you can see on the right is just behind the kitchen.

P1210250The smaller, ‘my’ bedroom.  The door is open in this picture.

P1210251Just enough room for a queen size bed and two night stands.  There is a sliding glass door that goes out to the patio on the left.  Yep!  You have to go through the bedroom to get to the back patio!  Cracks me up because this place is almost exactly like a duplex I lived in YEARS ago in Beaverton.  Same funky back living room wall with the jutted in and out spaces at the back.  Exact same kitchen and dining room.  Sliding door to the deck was in the bedroom.  But the fireplace was centered on the side wall instead of the back corner.  And it had a little laundry room.

I didn’t get to SEE this place until  after I had signed the lease.  So I had been ‘using’ the former duplex that had I lived in as my ‘visual’ for size.  Spot on with that idea!

And NOW for my FAVORITE room!

P1210258The garage!  Washer and dryer will go at the back.  Bought a small chest freezer, which will go on the wall to the right of the door.

P1210263Single car width (12′) and 25′ long.  But there will NEVER be room to park a car in here!  It will house my scroll saw, 1″ and 4″ belt sanders, drill press, metal work bench, shop vac etc.  I’m HOPING to have enough room to leave an ‘open work area’ towards the front so that I can give furniture makeover workshops.

I have a feeling that even with ALL the ‘purging as I packed’ (and donating to GW!) that I did, that I am STILL going to have to ‘get rid of’ a lot MORE stuff.  And by ‘stuff’, I mean craft supplies!  But at this point, I can at least hold on to the stuff and have a garage sale.

P1210267Nice little ‘garden plot’ just off the back patio gets full afternoon sun.  I’m thinking this will be perfect for planting a little vegetable garden.  (only half of it is ‘mine’,  rest is the neighbors.)


Shady flower bed along the side which faces NE.  Perfect for a ‘shade garden’, or maybe LOTS of hydrangea bushes!  (after I’ve called for ‘cable locates’ of course!)

P1210266My lovely front yard!  A landscape service is supposed to take care of the lawns, but this looks pretty neglected to me.  Even the WEEDS are brown!  And pine cones all over the place.  A dose of weed n feed before the next rainfall and a little bit of watering should green it right up.

P1210271From under the tree, looking towards the front door.  Can you see my little ‘flower chair’ there in the corner?  soon it will be overflowing with pink and purple petunias!  I’m thinking a couple of hanging baskets of wave petunias might be in order too!  It’s a bit too late in the year to plant anything new in the ground, so I’ll have to settle for annuals right now.  But room for more flowers or pretty ground cover along the walkway in the front.  That ONE shrub just might have to GO!  It’s overgrown onto the driveway AND unless I park ‘just so’, it blocks my car door when I back in!  The neighbors have a big ‘kiddie pool’ on their side of the driveway, and those are their garbage cans.  I think I’ll store mine IN the garage.  No place else to really put them with how things are laid out.  P1210270Here you can see how that front garden space goes all the way around to the side.   

And that concludes your preview tour of my new home!  It’s VERY small.  But ‘it’s time’ for me to downsize and simplify my life.  It’s quite quirky and will be a real challenge to ‘make my own’; but I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge!

Will be packing up the computer for transport tonight, so I’ll be ‘off-line’ for a while.