SALE @ STARS! 25% off everything in our space! FOUR DAYS!

The big antique show is coming to the Expo Center this weekend and that ALWAYS means a SALE @ STARS!  As with ALL sales at the antique mall, the sale % offered is up to each individual dealer, and WE always offer 25% off!

The sale starts FRIDAY, July 8th and runs through Monday, July 11th.

I was just in yesterday to restock, so the booth is JAM-PACKED with goods!

Just added this awesome gate leg table with old book pages papered top.  During the sale it will only be $98.00!!  And it’s VERY roomy when you open up both sides!













Latest finds

What’s this kind of table surface called???   I can’t for the life of me think of it!

It was a good week for TABLES.  This little one has already been painted Robin’s egg blue.

It was a good week for finding things that DON’T need any fixing up too!  Hard to tell in this picture, but this table has an ENAMELWARE top!  Very cool.  The rest of the table looks fairly newly constructed and painted.  No idea WHERE one would find such a nice big slab of enamelware to use?!?!

Was a good week for ‘legs’ too.  This assorted bundle will probably become candle holders or wreath stands.

More legs!  One is missing one of the ‘feet’.  It was probably ‘there, somewhere’ IF I had wanted to dig for it.  I can still make good use of it without all the feet.